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Architecture Internship | Types and 5 Tips on How to Apply

Architecture Internship: Architecture can be an exciting and engaging career. But without the proper experience, it can be difficult to break into. Global Experiences can guarantee you the right architecture internship.

Architecture Internships | Types and 5 Tips on How to Apply

In this article, we have carefully discussed some types of architecture internships. Also, you will learn some tips to guide you as you prepare to apply for architecture internships.

Best Architecture Internship

Are you majoring in architecture? Would you want to know what it’s like to work as an architect on a day-to-day basis? If yes, then listen up. There’s no better way of finding out than by doing an architecture internship.

In fact, this field has a lot of great internships to choose from. Each of which will offer you significant insights into what it’s like to work in the field. Some of the best internships for architecture majors include:

  • Architectural Model Making Intern

This is one of the best architecture internships. From scaling drawings to assisting with prototypes, an architectural model-making intern assists in the making of architectural models.

This role will give a hands-on understanding of how modelling works and why it’s such a crucial part of architecture. And this is in addition to being creative and requiring attention to detail,

  • Property Development Intern

This is one of the best architecture internships. A property development intern gains experience in the field. And this is done by researching development sites, visiting prospective ones and interviewing potential clients in order to assist in the writing of business plans.

Interestingly, because this role is so cross-functional, you’ll learn how to work with architects and contractors, while managing development projects.

  • Design Intern

This is one of the best architecture internships. A design internship is one of the most diverse internships you can take on since. It depends on the design firm you choose. This can be focused on including interior, landscape or stage and set design.

However, the responsibilities vary depending on the type of design internship. They may include assisting with client presentations, participating in design teams, or even developing and visualizing concepts.

  • 3-D Rendering and Interior Design Intern

This is one of the best architecture internships. If you’re interested in broadening your knowledge of interior design, note. A 3D rendering & interior design internship gives you the experience you need to make it in this profession.

During your internship, you’ll participate in client presentations, update resources and communicate with vendors, or even in creating quality 3D visualizations.

  • Transportation Intern

This is one of the best architecture internships. As a transportation intern, you’ll learn more about what keeps your city or nation going. By becoming a transportation intern, you’ll be taking on projects that teach you how to apply new technical tools.

Also, you will handle projects that analyze data and make presentations. Best of all, you’ll be getting some deep insights into how transportation systems work. And you be applying skills from your major to help make those systems even more effective.

  • Architectural Design Intern

This is one of the best architecture internships. An architectural design internship familiarizes you with the a-day-in-the-life of an architectural firm. You’ll get an around-the-clock view of the office.

The above is with your duties ranging from assisting higher-ups in aspects of architectural design to making client presentations and working with a construction team.

Also, you may assist with general logistics and research out-of-state rules pertaining to design and construction.

  • Urban Planning Intern

Architecture Internships

This is one of the best architecture internships. An interest in the optimal use of land and community welfare translates well into an urban planning internship.

As an urban planning intern, you may work for a public department or private firm. There your responsibilities will range from assisting in field investigations/ surveys to reviewing site plans.

By taking on an internship related to your architecture major, you’ll be able to figure out what career path you want to focus on after graduation. And with so many great options, from design to urban planning, you’ll be sure to find something that works for you.


Tips on How to Apply for Architecture Internship

As you plan to apply for architecture internships, note. Here are ten pointers that’ll see you through your application process!

  • Don’t Be Generic

Landing an internship is not a one-step act. It involves a process of elimination. And many sets of eyes will see your application. Though you may only be interviewed once, your application is going through multiple stages in the backend.

The best way to avoid being eliminated is to stand out from the crowd. Don’t follow the cookie-cutter resume and portfolio format that everyone is doing.

Show something that grabs the attention of potential employers, such as an independent project or a live installation or design that you’ve built.

  • Do Your Research

Instead of getting a list of architects and applying to all of them, take some time to do your own elimination. Don’t apply to a firm you know nothing about. Go through the websites of different firms and see their work.

If it doesn’t inspire you, you shouldn’t be applying. Make sure you are a good fit for the firm you’re applying to. Try to find out about the team and work culture.

You don’t want to be stuck at a place you don’t enjoy and that makes you miserable for 6–9 months.

  • Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Network

Start early on and cultivate a network of people in your profession who would be genuinely interested in helping you. Many times, professors and visiting faculty will notice an exceptional student and recommend them to firms.

This increases your chances of getting selected. Even if you apply on your own, most firms will not hire anyone new without speaking to their faculty or previous employer.

Make sure you provide strong professional references. And they must be familiar with your work and ethics (not your relatives or friends).

  • Don’t Wait till the Last Minute to Apply

Tips on How to Apply for Architecture Internships

Many candidates apply a good 2–3 months in advance. If you wait or put it off, chances are the firms you’re eyeing will already be full up.

  • Follow the Application Format

Many firms will not even consider applications that disregard the application guidelines they’ve given. Applying to the wrong address or sending multiple applications to all the email addresses on the website is a big turn-off.

Other Tips on How to Apply for Architecture Internship

To apply for the architecture internships, you must:

  • Be professional and courteous.
  • Also, be genuine and specific.
  • Have someone you trust look over your application before you send it.
  • Don’t hesitate to apply if you don’t meet all the criteria.
  • Follow up, but don’t be a nuisance.

We believe you have learnt a lot on the page. Now do your friends a favour and share this information with them.

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