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9 Best of Mercy Chinwo Songs You Should Listen to 

Have you listened to the best of Mercy Chinwo songs? If you have not, then you should. Hold one; do you even know the best of Mercy Chinwo songs? I think we should begin from there.

9 Best of Mercy Chinwo Songs You Should Listen to 

Get ready to learn about the best of Mercy Chinwo songs in this article. But first thing first, who is Mercy Chinwo?

Who is Mercy Chinwo?

Before you learn about the best of Mercy Chinwo songs, who is she? Mercy Chinwo is a Nigerian gospel musician, singer, and songwriter. She won the Nigerian Idol Season 2 in 2012. She got married to Pastor Blessed in August 2022.

She was born in Port Harcourt Rivers State, South-South of Nigeria. Mercy was born on the 5th of September 1990. She started singing at the age of eight. And she was a member of the children’s choir at her church.

The Dawn of Mercy Chinwo’s Great Career

Mercy continued in the choir until she graduated from the adult choir. At the adult choir, she became the choir’s music director.

In 2012, Mercy Chinwo auditioned for season two of the music talent competition Nigerian Idol.

Her musical prowess made her a standout contestant. And she eventually went on to win the competition.

After winning Nigerian Idol, she went on to acting and got her first role where she played Lucia. This was in the 2013 Yvonne Nelson’s movie titled House of Gold.

The movie featured Omawunmi, Ice Prince and Majid Michael. Also, the movie won two awards.

These were the Best Picture at the Ghana Movie Awards and Best Ghanaian Movie at the 2013 City People Awards.

Mercy Chinwo’s Career Growth

Before you learn about the best of Mercy Chinwo songs, note. Mercy Chinwo fully kick-started her music career in 2015. And this was with her first single titled Testimony. The song narrated her growth, the process and how far she had come.

A year after the release of Testimony, Mercy Chinwo released her second single Igwe. And in 2017, she earned a record deal and was signed to Gospel Music Label Eezee Conceptz. Following her record deal, Mercy Chinwo has gone on to release monster hit gospel records.

Her songs Chinedum, Excess Love and Obinasum are one of the most popular gospel songs in the country. In 2018, Mercy Chinwo released her debut album titled The Cross My Gaze.

Mercy Chinwo’s More Albums

The album houses sixteen tracks with four featured artists; Chris Morgan, Fiokee, Olaitan Odoko, and Shady B.

Following the success of the debut album, Mercy Chinwo released her sophomore album “Satisfied” two years later. Satisfied housed fifteen tracks. Also, it had three features; Chioma Jesus, J.J Hairston and Youthful Praise.

The project contained hit singles like Obinasom, Na You Dey Reign, Akamdinelu and Chinedum.

What You Should Know about Mercy Chinwo’s

What You Should Know about Mercy Chinwo’s

Before you learn about the best of Mercy Chinwo songs, note. Mercy Chinwo sings mainly in English, Efik and Igbo language. She thrives with the soulful, praise and worship gospel music style.

Her music has won her a number of awards:

  • The Best Gospel Artiste at the CLIMAX Awards 2018.
  • She won three awards at the first edition of the Africa Gospel Awards Festival.
  • Award at AGAFEST 2019.
  • Africa Gospel New Artiste of the Year.
  • Africa Gospel Female Artiste of the Year and Africa Gospel Song of the Year.
  • Also, in 2020 she was the Gospel Artiste of the Year at the AFRIMMA Awards.

Her music and achievements put her on the list of the greatest Nigerian gospel music singers.

List of Some Mercy Chinwo’s Songs


  • The Cross My Gaze (2018)
  • Satisfied (2020)


  • Testimony (2015)
  • Igwe (2016)
  • Excess Love (2018)
  • Omekanaya (2018)
  • No More Pain (2018)
  • Chinedum (2018)
  • Power Belongs to Jesus (2019)
  • Äkamdinelu (2019)
  • Oh Jesus! (2019)
  • Obinasom (2020)
  • Kosi (2020)
  • Tasted of your power (2020)
  • Na you dey reign(2020)
  • Yahweh (2021)
  • Yahweh (2022)
  • Onenemma (2020)

The Best of Mercy Chinwo Songs

Below are the best of Mercy Chinwo songs:

  • Excess Love

This is one of the best of Mercy Chinwo songs. It is a real No.1 hit. It brought the young star a good deal of her fame. It was released in 2018. And it has taken Mercy’s existing popularity to a new level.

Now people started to recognize her not only as a gospel singer who also plays in Nollywood movies but as a statement in Nigerian gospel music.

  • No More Pain

A song with a title like that just can’t be left without attention. It is pure Christian faith and trust in the Lord who takes away all the pains and grief from His children.


  • Chinedum

This is one of the best of Mercy Chinwo songs. It is an uplifting hit. And it has only increased the popularity of the “Excess Love” author.

The young singer has become an idol for many gospel lovers with this lovely song about Jesus and the love each believer has in his or her heart.

  • Igwe

As the name and the lyrics suggest, this song is about our heavenly father who’s the only God for every Christian believer Testimony

This is one of the most uplifting songs composed by Mercy. In fact, this is one of the best of Mercy Chinwo songs.

It speaks about the never-ending hope every Christian has in their heart. This is hope for the better, the light of faith, and the strength to move on, no matter what.

  • Omekannaya

The Best of Mercy Chinwo Songs

This lovely gospel is dedicated to Jesus, the Son of our Lord. He saved humanity. The song conveys the gratitude people have in their hearts for His sacrifice. It is also one of the best of Mercy Chinwo songs.

  • Bo Ekom

This is one of the best of Mercy Chinwo songs. The melodic gospel titled Bo Ekom praises the Lord, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus.

  • Imenem

It is almost like the Igwe hit. This gospel cheerfully praises the Lord, the only one who reigns in people’s hearts. Interestingly, it is one of the best of Mercy Chinwo songs.

  • Regular

This song features Fiokee. The song speaks about the new hope. And this is born every day with the words about a stone rejected once by builders, which now becomes a cornerstone.

It posits that everything can be better with the mercy of the Lord. This is one of the best of Mercy Chinwo songs.

  • My Responsibility

This gospel song is adorable. It tells us about the main responsibility of each believer. Also, it reminds us to be faithful, glorify the Lord, and keep on thanking Him for everything.

Now, one may ask, “Can I find the best of Mercy Chinwo songs with lyrics on the Web?” Of course! These hits are available together with their lyrics on the Internet.

A pleasant bonus: most of these songs are provided with music videos. As such, you can watch them. Also, you can enjoy the charming looks of the young singer.

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