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Top 9 College of Education in Nigeria and Their Tuition Fees 

College of Education in Nigeria: There is a long list of College of Education in Nigeria for students who want to be professionally trained teachers. Furthermore, if you want to get a Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE), you should look into the colleges listed below. Keep reading!

Table of Content

1. About College of Education in Nigeria

2. Differences Between College of Education and University

3. Top 9 College of Education in Nigeria and Their Tuition Fees

4. College of Education in Nigeria & Cut Off Mark (2022)

College of Education in Nigeria

About College of Education in Nigeria

The College of Education is a teacher-education program for professionals. Colleges of education formed part of the Nigerian educational system after the country’s independence in 1960.

It established them to train primary and secondary school teachers in order to deliver the finest instructors to Nigerian students who are well-versed in the teaching profession.

In Nigeria, teachers are in great demand and will continue to be so.

Differences Between College of Education and University

A college differs from a university in that a college provides courses in a single field. As a result, a student who wishes to learn more about the specialism might apply for admission.

Language, Education, Science and Technology, Art, and other disciplines are examples of such disciplines.

Some government universities in the nation have faculties of education; those that don’t prefer to absorb State College of Education to supply these services.

While prices may be higher in universities with a faculty of education and higher in privately recognized colleges, government educational institutions are very inexpensive.

Top 9 College of Education in Nigeria and Their Tuition Fees 

Below is a list of the top 10 colleges of education in Nigeria and their school fees:

1. Federal College of Education Oyo

The Federal College of Education special (FCES) is one of the top best College of Education in Nigeria.

However, it is located in Oyo State, Nigeria. It was created and accredited in the year 1977.

The school’s aim is to provide a place for handicapped students to get a quality education.

Tuition Fees

The current information regarding their tuition for entrants and every other financial engagement is as follows:


  • Tuition― N15,000
  • Caution―N1,000
  • Developmental Levy― N7,000
  • Examination Fee― N 10,000
  • Handbook― 1,500
  • Registration―N5,00
  • Card― N1,000
  • Insurance― N500
  • Library― N1,000
  • Matriculation―N5,000
  • ICT―N5,000
  • Medical―N2,000
  • Laboratory― N2,000
  • Practicum― N1,000
  • Sport― N1,000
  • Total― N58,000.


  • Utilities― N5,000
  • Nhis― N2,500
  • Administrative Fees― N5,000
  • Total― N12,500


2. Federal College of Education Technical Asaba (FCET Asaba)

This is yet another great educational institution that has been added to the list of approved institutions.

The Federal Government of Nigeria established this institution in Delta State in 1968. It has been operating under the FG’s administration since then.

They established it with the goal of promoting vocational education, which comprises Science and Technology, the arts, business, and social science.

Tuition Fees

Though their admittance fee was not displayed on their website, being a Federal college, its quote is not beyond N100,000.

To apply, CLICK HERE

3. Federal College of Education, Kano (Fce Kano)

In 1961, the Kano College of Education in Nigeria was established. It was a joint endeavor between the Northern Ministry of Education and the United States Aid International Agency at the time.

The school started off tiny, operating out of rented premises owned by Giwale.

Tuition Fees

Currently, as of the time of this compilation, the Federal College of Education, Kano, is yet to update its tuition list. However, here is a 2020 drop-down for freshers.

  • PRE― NCE SCIENCE―16,050

To apply, CLICK HERE

4. State College of Education, Gindiri (Coe Gindiri)

State College of Education, Gindiri is one of the College of Education in Nigeria. Plateau State’s Gindiri area is located there.

It established its State College of Education with the objective of developing outstanding instructors in science, technology, agriculture, art, and other fields.

Its education begins its shaping from the first day, based on its aim.

Tuition Fees

The school campus is now closed owing to crises among the school’s undergraduates at the time of publishing.

As a state school, though, you should expect it to be more than N50,000 and approximately N60,000 each session.

To apply, CLICK HERE


5. Tai Solarin University Of Education (Tasued)

Tia Solarin is a worthy addition to our list of Nigeria’s authorized educational institutions. The institution was established in 2005 anD was later accredited and promoted to a university by the country’s Education Commission.

Of course, before it became a complete university, it underwent a thorough review of its facilities and personnel.

The institution is now the first of its type to provide two educational certificates: a bachelor’s degree in education (B.Ed) and a National Certificate in Education (NCE) (NCE).

To apply, CLICK HERE

Tuition Fees

  • UTME (United Application Fees‒N7,200
  • De Application Fees‒ N10,200
  • Acceptance Fees‒ N30,000
  • Hostel Fees‒ 40,000
  • School Fees‒ 66,000

6. College of Education, Ikere Ekiti (Coe Ikere Ekiti)

This school is located in Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. This is another state-run approved college.

The Ekiti state government has run the school since its foundation to prepare students to become exceptional teachers in their particular fields.

The goal of establishing Ekiti College of Education is to improve the educational system. With this purpose in mind, the school administration has taken the necessary steps to provide a positive atmosphere for its employees and pupils.

Tuition Fees

The Ekiti College of Education in Nigeria has not posted its tuition fee as of the moment of this publication.

As someone with an interest in attending this institution, it is recommended that you approach the admin block for further inquiry. However, expect the rate to be within N100,000.

To apply, CLICK HERE

7. College Of Education Warri (Coe Warri)

This college is one of Nigeria’s state-accredited educational institutions. The reasons for the establishment of this school are fascinating.

The lack of secondary schools in the current region was the first factor. Second, the now-defunct Bendel State was responsible for bringing it to reality.

Tuition Fees

While the fees for studying at the College of Education in Warri are subject to change, we have compiled a list of the current rates.

Freshmen should expect to pay between N70,000 and N80,0000 every session tuition if it accepted them into the institution.

To apply, CLICK HERE

8. FCT College Of Education, Zuba

As the name implies, this institution is located in Nigeria’s Federal Capital, Abuja. It was founded in 1996 under the supervision and support of the state government.

Since then, the institution has continued to provide Nigeria with outstanding professors.

Tuition Fees

FCT College of Education, Zuba is one of Nigeria’s most affordable educational institutions. Here is their current education rate for freshmen.


  • Tuition: N11.700
  • Medical Fee: N2,000
  • Insurance: N500
  • EduportalFee: N2,000.
  • TOTAL: N16,200


  • Tuition: N12,700
  • Medical Fee: N2,000
  • Insurance: N500
  • EduportalFee: N2,000
  • TOTAL: N17,200

To apply, CLICK HERE

9. Alvan Ikoku College Of Education, Owerri

Alvin Ikoku College of Education in Nigeria is one of the best college of education. Alvan Ikoku is a federal college in Owerri, Nigeria’s capital city. When the Eastern Nigeria Government existed, the institution functioned.

When the government established the college in 1963, it was known as Advance Teacher Training College.

The College has evolved into a full-fledged University of Education. Ex-President GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan initiated and brought this renovation to fruition in 2015.

Through its association with the University of Nsukka, the University previously provided participants the opportunity to train for a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Tuition Fees

All of the financial obligations that a first-year student must make to begin his educational career at the university are listed here.


  • Registration―N1,000
  • Library―N1,000
  • Sports―N1,000
  • Examination―N2,2500
  • Caution―N1,000
  • Medical reg―N500
  • Student welfare―N500
  • Development Facilitation―N15,000
  • School I.D.―N1,000
  • College handbook―N1,700
  • Portal access fee―N6,000
  • Orientation material screening―N1,300
  • Sug―N600
  • NHIS―N2,500
  • Departmental school levy―N1,600
  • Course form―N700
  • Fee pass―N100
  • College ceremonial song―N250
  • College jubilee documentary―N500
  • Turning point book―N500
  • Stamping duty―N50
  • Accreditation fee―N3,000
  • Total fees―41,850
  • Bank commission―N650
  • TOTAL―N42,400

To apply, CLICK HERE

College of Education in Nigeria & Cut Off Mark (2022)

  • Alvan Ikoku University of Education― 100
  • College of Education Warri― 120
  • College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti― 100
  • FCT College of Education, Zuba― 100
  • Federal College of Education, Asaba (FCET) ― 120
  • Federal College of Education, Kano― 100
  • Federal College of Education, Oyo (FCES) ― 120
  • State College of Education Gindiri― 120
  • Tia Solarin University of Education― 100

We believe you learned something from this article, College of Education in Nigeria. Please feel to drop your comments or opinions concerning this page. Also, share this information with your friends.


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