12 Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Customer Service Interview Questions: In the UK, being a customer care representative is very demanding, and getting to the position you have now involves following certain steps.

Customer Service Interview Questions

The interview that follows the application influences your likelihood of being hired and joining the desired organization or firm.

Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Listed below are some customer service interview questions for you

Ques 1: Tell Me About a Time When You Went Above and Beyond What was Expected of You for a Customer

As in line with the STAR approach, start by outlining the situation. Don’t just dive straight in with what you did.

Refer to instances where you handled client issues or successfully finished work using best practices and diligence rather than just because it was your duty.

You should show proof of a first-time resolution when dealing with such a circumstance. For instance, the management was pleased with how you handled the matter and gave you great feedback.

Ques 2: Describe a Situation When You Had to Deal With a Difficult Customer

Start by describing the factors that made the customer challenging to work with. Had they previously had a poor encounter with a different business or even one of your coworkers, for instance? To describe how you developed a rapport with the client and earned their trust.

Finish by describing how you and the customer could resolve the issue without needing to escalate it to your boss.

Here, the interviewer wants to make sure you handled the situation appropriately and accepted responsibility for the problem.

This entails establishing reasonable deadlines and bringing the problem to a satisfactory conclusion.

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Ques 3: Outline Circumstances When You Had to Think Creatively to Solve a Customer’s Problem

Here, you want to describe a scenario where you took responsibility for a customer’s problem and arrived at a solution through your own initiative.

Outline the situation and the issue, the various options open to you, and why you chose the one you did.

For these types of questions, it’s important to strike the right balance between being innovative and not going completely outside of established rules and procedures.

Ques 4: Has There Been a Time When You’ve Worked Well Under Pressure? Can You Tell me About it?

Set the setting once more. From where did this pressure originate? Was there a task or a deadline? Was it just you, or was the entire team under pressure?

It’s fine to acknowledge experiencing stress during the circumstance in your response. But do describe how you kept things under control.

For instance, you set aside time to fully assess the problem, organize tasks, and carry them out.

Ques 5: Has There Been a Time When You’ve Worked Well Under Pressure? Can You Tell me About it?

As part of your response, it’s perfectly acceptable to admit to feeling stressed during the situation. But do outline how you maintained control. For example, you took time out to properly assess the situation, prioritize tasks, and execute.

Don’t worry if the result was not completely successful. But be sure to show what you learned from the experience.

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Ques 6: How Do You Manage Change?

Customer Service Interview Questions

Any call center environment must adapt to change as the sector works to develop best practices for its stakeholders and customers.

Give some instances of how you handled or were impacted by changes. What was your main concern, what did you hope to accomplish, and how did you do it?

Be aware of the issues encountered and the lessons we learned during and after the shift.

Ques 7: How Have You Utilised Customer Feedback to Your Service

The interviewer will look for an example of where you have taken this insight and subsequently developed, implemented, and improved your sales process.

This could be through introducing training, post-sale procedures, a change in marketing communications, or other process improvements to ensure that the cause of any future complaint is eradicated.

Ques 8: What Is Your Experience of the Whole End-to-End Feedback Process and How Do You Ensure This Feedback Improves the Service to customers?

The answer to this will depend on the job you’re interviewing for and your experience.

I would recommend thinking about a specific instance and then discussing this. However, I will outline the process stage by stage and, if there are areas that need improvement, focus your answers on the solutions instead of the problems.

Ques 9: How to Deal With a Difficult Customer?

Customer service interviews will include the “How to deal with a difficult customer” interview question

For example–“Can you give me an example of a difficult customer you had to deal with and how you used your skills to successfully overcome the problem they had?” or “Describe a time you had to deal with a difficult customer and how you handled the situation.”

Have an answer prepared and make sure it is one where you resolved the issue, not one where you had to refer the customer to a higher authority (it’s amazing how many people do this).

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Ques 10: How To Deal With an Angry Customer

There will often be a question about how to deal with an angry customer. A typical question would be “Name a time you had to deal with an angry customer” or describe a recent situation when you had to handle an angry guest or customer.

There are two things that they are looking for here. Therefore, the first is to see what your customer service skills are like. The second is to see if you lose your temper or if you can keep your cool.

It may help to answer that “the customer is always right” and that it is your duty to help customers out of a difficult situation.

You can describe the steps where you helped to calm a customer down, show some understanding, empathy, patience, etc.

Ques 11: How Do You Deal With Work Issues? Would Anyone Know You Were Having a Bad Day or Would You Keep it to Yourself?

Morale is infectious–whether positive or negative–and, when working in a team-orientated environment like a call center, it’s important that there is always an air of positivity around.

It’s therefore vitally important to ensure that if you’re having a bad day. However, you contain this and don’t let it influence the morale levels of the team and the productivity and efficiency of the overall operation.

Ques 12: What Key Factors Drive You?

Tread carefully on this question. Whilst the truth may be that you only get out of bed every morning in order to pay your rent, this is not what your potential employer wants to hear.

This question gives you an opportunity to discuss what has attracted you to this line of work and what inspires you to persevere through the tough times.

In a sales role, this could be the adrenaline rush of meeting daily targets, whilst in a customer-service role, this could be the personal satisfaction you gain through helping people.

Talk about the benefits the company offers and how they suit you at this point in your career. Also, for example, if you are joining the company as a graduate, discuss how you plan to use their highly structured training scheme.

Also, comment on the company’s reputation and try to refer to a recent success you have seen on their website.

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