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FBI Internship Program And Eligibility 2022/2023

Are you interested in a career with the FBI Internship but unsure if you have what it takes, or if once inside, you’ll realize it’s not for you? The good news for students is that there is an excellent method to get an inside look at how the FBI operates while also obtaining useful experience that may look great on a resume or lead to a job straight after graduation.

FBI Internship

These opportunities can be obtained through FBI internship programs. Learn about FBI internships, the options available to you, and the unique career prospects available to students from all walks of life.

FBI Internships

FBI internships provide an insider’s insight into the FBI’s activities and provide opportunities that are not accessible elsewhere.

Best of all, they’re tailored to each individual student’s talents and mindset, and they can even lead to a job straight after graduation through the Bureau’s College Hiring Initiative. However, getting such experience is a very competitive procedure.

Currently, the FBI has three internship programs:

1. Honors Internship Program

2. Collegiate Hiring Initiative

3. Visiting Scientist Program

Honors Internship Program

This competitive 10-week paid program is designed for both college freshmen and graduate students.

Interns will work alongside FBI personnel in Washington, DC, or in local field offices around the country. If they qualify, students from a wide range of academic disciplines can benefit from the firsthand knowledge and experience of FBI agents.

The application period for this program begins in August, and applicants must be current full-time college students who are US citizens and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.95.

You must also satisfy all background check criteria and be qualified for Top Secret security clearance.

College Hiring Initiative

The FBI’s college hiring initiative is a recruitment program for graduating college students or those who have earned a bachelor’s degree within the last two years. This initiative brings in fresh experts who can use their particular abilities to assist FBI operations.

Assistance roles might include assessing procedures, assisting with security assessments, providing business support, and many other essential activities inside the Bureau, as well as an easy road into formal FBI career pathways and other exceptional prospects.


Visiting Scientist Program

The FBI Visiting Scientist Program permits you to work inside the FBI Laboratory, which is one of the most advanced crime labs in the world and the hub of the FBI’s Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit, or CFSRU.

Faculty, recent graduates, postdoctoral fellows, and current graduate and undergraduate students interested in gaining exceptional work experience are welcome to apply.

Participants in the program will conduct research and assist with research efforts using cutting-edge scientific technologies and equipment. The program lasts one to five years.

How to Apply

Students may learn more about applying for any of these important positions by visiting the FBI’s employment website, which includes a full look at the prerequisites and the application procedure. Check out FBI internships now if you’re interested!


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