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International Foundation Degree Scholarship 2022

Foundation Degree Scholarship: For their Foundation Degree Scholarship, the University of Westminster is currently accepting applications from students who meet the qualifications. For all students, it is a fully financed scholarship.

Foundation Degree Scholarship

About the Foundation Degree Scholarship

The scholarship has a maximum four-year term and a total value of £6,000.

Students who successfully complete the yearly professional development session and continue on to the next year of their course will receive £1,500 for each eligible year of study.

The scholarship is disbursed in January of each year into the bank account you specify, or they may apply it to the tuition you pay directly to the university in November of each academic year.

If a student is in a repeat year or a placement/sandwich year, they will not be given the annual allowance.

Benefits of the Foundation Degree Scholarship

£1,500 each year for a maximum of four years toward maintenance expenses or tuition fees.


Requirements for Foundation Degree Scholarship

1. Have an offer for a full-time undergraduate study at the University of Westminster beginning in September 2022 and qualify as a Home student for tuition.

2. Make less than £25,000 per year in household income. Candidates must have requested the maximum amount of student aid from the Student Loans Company (SLC).

This includes requesting financial aid based on your household income (means testing) and giving the university permission to share your information in order to have your claimed household income validated.

3. Show development potential in your supporting statement

4. You are not eligible to apply if you already have an Honours degree.

We encourage students who fit the following requirements to apply:

  • You are a student of color, Asian, or another minority ethnicity.
  •  You are an estranged student, a young adult caregiver, or a care leaver.

Click here to apply

Application Deadline 

July, 8 2022

Frequently Asked Questions on Foundation Degree Scholarship

Below are the FAQs on Foundation Degree Scholarship

1. I live outside of the Foundation’s target countries. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

To be eligible to apply, you should be permanently resident in one of our target countries of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon or Palestine.

You may apply if you are temporarily living outside of your country for study/work purposes but are normally resident in one of our target countries. 

The Foundation is more flexible with Syrian candidates because of current circumstances in that country. Palestinians living in Israel may apply.

2. I obtained my first degree (or a subsequent degree) from a university outside of my home country. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

Yes, however, priority is given to candidates who have not previously studied outside of their home country.

3. I have not completed my undergraduate degree. Can I still apply?

Yes, provided that you are in the final year of your undergraduate degree. You must upload transcripts of your studies so far.

4. Will I be interviewed?

If you are shortlisted you will be interviewed in Beirut, Amman or Ramallah 

5. What costs are covered by the scholarship?

The Foundation provides fully-funded scholarships, which include tuition fees, full maintenance/living costs for the duration of your course, an arrival allowance, visa and healthcare surcharge fees, and one economy return flight.

A separate funding arrangement is in place for students who are selected to study at either the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge, and for Chevening partner scholars.

6. Does my undergraduate degree mark meet the requirements?

The Foundation asks candidates to have the equivalent of a UK Upper Second Class (2:1) degree or above.

It is not possible to draw exact parallels between education systems or take into account the different marking systems at all universities in the Foundation’s target countries.

7. Who can write a reference for me?

You must provide three different references: one must be from an academic, one from your current or recent employer and the third from your voluntary activities.

If you do not have a professional referee then the Foundation will accept a second academic or voluntary reference.

Please refer your referees to the Saïd Foundation Guidance for Referees. They will not accept certificates in place of reference letters.

8. My proposed university requires an application fee. What should I do?

The Foundation cannot pay application fees or ask universities to waive application fees on behalf of candidates. If you cannot pay a university’s application fee, you should contact them directly for guidance.

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