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France Visa Application Process in Nigeria Update

The France visa application process in Nigeria is thoroughly explained in this post. It lays out the actions and processes required to successfully obtain a France visa in Nigeria. 

France Visa Application process

What is the France Visitor Visa?

You must apply for a visitor visa to France if you are a Nigerian or non-Nigerian national who does not also hold citizenship in one nation that is exempt from the requirement for a visa.

The France Schengen visit visa or France Schengen visa type C are other names for it. Also, the license required to come to France temporarily is known as a France Visitor Visa (also known as a Short-Term Visa).

You have three months to travel to France once you receive your visa. This is the standard sticker visa, which is stamped onto the passport once it has been approved.

More Details!!

It shows that you might be allowed admission into Napoleon’s country, where the best wines are produced (alias France).

In addition to allowing you to visit France for family and friends, the France visitor visa also permits you to travel there for business and leisure (tourism).

You require an inviting host in France in order to apply for a France visitor visa from Nigeria. Therefore, there are various France visas available. However, we also know them as France Schengen visa type D or Long-Term Visas.

They Include:

  • Student/Training Period/Education Visa,
  • Family Stay/Private Stay Visa,
  • Re-Entry Visa, Marriage Visa,
  • Employment Visa and others.

These visas are for long-term visits.

How to Apply for France Visitor Visas in Nigeria

France Visa Application process

You must get the most recent or updated web browser in order to access and complete the online application for a visitor visa to France in Nigeria.

1. Gather Documents

Assemble the aforementioned supporting materials. Get hotel information and your host’s contact information.

To complete the online application form, you need this information. Then compile further supporting evidence.

2. Fill Online Form

Register for an online account and complete the application. The completed application and document checklist can then be printed and downloaded.

3. Submit Application

The France Embassy uses a third-party business to collect the paperwork for visa applications.

Operating the Visa Application Center is VFS Global Limited. To submit your application, go to VFS.

4. Collect Your Passport

As soon as your passport is prepared for pickup, VFS will notify you. As soon as you submit your application, you may also monitor it.

Utilise the tips provided to get a visa that will transport you to your fantasy country.

What are France Visitor Visa Requirements in Nigeria?

France Visa Application process

I’ll suggest that you take the visa eligibility exam so that you can determine whether it will approve your upcoming France visa application in Nigeria.

When requesting a visitor’s visa to France in Nigeria, there are a few prerequisites or supporting documents that must be provided. The following documents:

1. International Passport

a passport that is valid for six months and has at least three consecutive blank pages

2. Passport Photograph

35mmx45mm passport photo on white background. You need two copies of these.

3. Visa Application Form

It is essential to submit the visa application form. This is an online form and you should fill out and print it.

4. Receipt of Application Submission or Checklist

You must download both the completed online visa application form and any related receipts or checklists.

Your visa fee (60 Euros) and the list of required documents are contained in this paper.

5. Invitation Letter

For a business visa, this is required. You must get the invitation letter from the host, the conference’s organiser, or the French business.

6. Schengen Insurance Certificate

The insurance certificate must attest that the coverage can cover accidents or emergencies up to EUR 30,000. The insurance policy must come from a recognised insurance provider and is not expensive.

7. Hotel Reservation

A hotel reservation is necessary when you do not have a host who would accommodate you. Even if your visit is for business, you still have to present the hotel reservation document.


8. Flight Reservation

They should list your arrival and leave dates from France on your flight reservation. In this document, you should also see the airline, PNR, and arrival city.

Please take note you must never buy a genuine ticket when applying for a France visiting visa in Nigeria.

9. Introduction Letter from Employer

Your employer should confirm in writing that the company employs you and have the authorisation to travel during the scheduled visitation time.

10. Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate counts as social connection proof to Nigeria, which is another need.

11. Birth Certificate

Your child’s birth certificate strengthens your links to Nigeria even further. It is required for the granting of a visa.

12. Cover Letter

When applying for a France visiting visa in Nigeria, you wouldn’t have to go to an interview.

For this reason, you must include a cover letter outlining your travel itinerary and current status in Nigeria.

13. Bank Statement

The France embassy requests three months’ worth of bank statements to determine whether you can afford your trip and have a reason to go back to Nigeria.

14. Other Documents

Other documents could be real estate records, investment certificates, certificates of incorporation (if you run a business), retirement evidence (if you are retired), etc.

What are the Types of France Visitor Visas?

You can only apply for France visiting visas for specific, as was previously stated. You can apply for a France visiting visa if you need one for travel, product inspection, or short-term study.

The following are the France visitor visas:

1. Business Visitor Visa

To attend a conference, examine goods before shipping, or attend a business meeting, you can apply for a France business visitor visa.

You must get an invitation letter from a conference organiser or business in France as part of the requirements. This lends legitimacy to your intended itinerary and visa application.

2. Tourist Visitor Visa

You can travel to France with a tourist visa to take a holiday or take time off from work. There is no requirement for an invitation letter throughout the application procedure because it is only for tourism.

However, in order to show that you have a plan for lodging in France, you must provide a hotel reservation. You can also include a tour voucher with your visa application.

However, paying for tour guides is not a requirement for applying for a visa and does not ensure approval.

3. Airport Transit Visa

If you’re taking an Air France flight and have a lengthy layover in Paris, you could need an airport transit visa. If you don’t have a visa for the US, UK, Canada, or Schengen region, this is especially true.

However, if you find this article about France visa application interesting, you can share it with your friend and loved ones. Thanks for reading to the end.

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