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How to Cut a Cigar Perfectly

How to Cut a Cigar: You could have already bought a cigar if you’ve read our primer on cigar varieties. Before you can begin smoking, though, there is a crucial step to master: how to cut a cigar.

How to Cut a Cigar

How to Cut a Cigar

It is impossible to see the interior, which comprises densely folded tobacco leaves. The finest leaf from the cigar as a whole is placed around the remaining leaves to form the wrapper.

Contrary to cigarettes, which contain a paper wrapper, a cigar’s whole composition is tobacco; the band or label is just a brand indicator.

On a fresh cigar, the “foot” is already open on one end. A little strip of tobacco leaf that is distinct from the main wrapper covers the opposite end or the “cap. Before you may light a cigar, we must slice it open since the cap end will go in your mouth.

Importance of Cutting a Cigar Correctly

There are several ways to cut a cigar, but the most important part of cutting them is doing it correctly.

Why? Because a poor cut can ruin your cigar or diminish the experience. Therefore,  in some cases, a poor cut could lead to the wrapper unraveling entirely!

Depending on the method and skill in your cut, it could limit your ability to draw from the cigar or make it awkward to enjoy.

Types of Cigar Cutters & Cigar Cuts

How to Cut a Cigar

However, this isn’t an exhaustive list of the types of cigar cutters out there, but if you’re using something other than these, you’re a real connoisseur, and won’t need this tutorial anyway.


Definitely the most typical kind of cigar cutter. Typically having two blades, it attacks the victim from two sides rather than just one, unlike a real guillotine. 

There is no need to cut corners because even the stainless steel variety, which costs only $10, will last for a very long time.


It has a bullet-like appearance and performs as advertised by poking a hole in the cigar’s end rather than cutting a piece off. Punch proponents claim that it enhances the flavor of the cigar while also causing less damage to it. 

These are less prevalent, but they are useful because they can be kept on a keychain and won’t unintentionally cut off fingers.


It’s simple to improvise cutting a cigar in a pinch. Use your pocket knife to make a simple but efficient cut if you have one with you, which you should. 

Therefore, in the absence of even that choice, use your chompers to bite off just the end to create an even more sloppy cut. 

Naturally, there will be a rough opening, so feel free to smoke the stogie backwards, starting from the end that wasn’t just cut (for that matter, if you’ve made a horrible cut, you can always smoke it backwards).


How to Make a Perfect Cut

How to Cut a Cigar

Check out the perfect ways on How to Cut a Cigar see list below.

1. Locate the Cap

The cap, as was already said, is simply a tiny bit of tobacco that covers the end and holds the whole thing together. It’s fairly simple to find. You only want to clip this, nothing more.

2. Position the Blades Right on the Cigar, Just Inside the End of the Cap.

You want to position the blades a couple millimeters in from the end of the cap. 

3. Make a Quick Cut — no Lollygagging.

I cut too timidly on my first few cigars, resulting in flayed cuts. Cut the cigar quickly and firmly to ensure a clean, smooth smoking experience. 

However, it may not be perfectly straight that’s just how it goes but it’ll most likely at least be clean and leave fewer little tobacco flecks to end up in your mouth.

4. Keep Your Cutters Sharp

All bladed tools have the same characteristic: they won’t function properly if they are dull. Your cutters also fall under this. 

Cigar wrappers may be trimmed fast and easily, so they won’t get full very easily. However, keep an eye on your cutter and watch for any symptoms of deterioration.

The cutting blade might need to be replaced, or it might just need to be sharpened. In any case, don’t let a worn-out cutter cost you a favorite cigar!

5. Don’t Bite Off a Cigar Head

The cigar bite is something you’ve probably witnessed in a movie or even directly in front of your eyes. Although it may appear spectacular on the big screen, it is actually frowned upon in real life.

Beyond the potential for social embarrassment, biting a cigar usually results in an acurate cigar head cut. In a perfect world, you’d receive a cut that could have been made more quickly and easily with a tool or even a knife. 

The worst-case scenario is that you’ll rip off the cigar’s wrapper, ruin it, or get a mouthful of smoke and a filthy cigar!

Frequently Asked Question on How to Cut a Cigar

See  question how to cut a cigar that might help you below.

1. How do you Cut a Cigar at Home?

The best tool to use while cutting a cigar without a cutter is your thumb. Additionally, it is the easiest and most effective way. Simply pry off a portion of the cap with your thumbnail, then do the same all the way around it.

2. Is it Better to Poke or Cut a Cigar?

Because they produce a greater concentration of taste and intensity, bullet cutters are preferred among cigar smokers. 

The heat and flavor are enhanced by drawing the smoke through a smaller, more concentrated opening in your cigar’s cap. A punch cut makes the pull tighter.

3. Are Cigars Worse than Cigarettes?

Contrary to popular opinion, smoking a cigar is not safer than smoking a cigarette. In fact, even for those who do not actively inhale, they are more dangerous. 

The National Cancer Institute claims that both smokers and non-smokers are at risk from the carcinogenic substances found in cigar smoke.

To properly cut cigars, always choose a high-quality cigar cutter, and always keep in mind that the sharper the blade, the better

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