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How to Get a Job in Nigeria 2022

How to Get a Job: Do you wonder how someone without connections or experience may find work in Nigeria? We’re going to share with you today a step-by-step procedure you may use to land your desired job.

How to get a job

Over 20.9 million individuals in Nigeria are unemployed, according to these figures. And it is not unexpected that the fear of not landing a job is one of the biggest issues facing today’s undergraduates.

After all, you worked incredibly hard in school to earn at least a second-class upper, but it seems like most government schools make getting a first almost impossible.

This is not because no student deserves it, but because making certain grades challenging is practically standard in Nigerian universities.

It takes much more to land an executive job than just a college degree to get a white-collar job. So, even if there is fierce competition, this article will show you where you might have made a mistake and how to fix it so that you can land the job of your dreams.

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Step By Step Process on How to Get a Job in Nigeria Without Connection

  • Reflect on your skills 
  • Update your resume regularly
  • Plan your career path
  • Set your career goals
  • Explore and improve your skills
  • Prepare your CV
  • Prepare for Job Interviews
  • Know how to negotiate Salary

Why is it difficult to get a job in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, finding a job can be as challenging as trying to strike it rich. These are the main causes of why it is challenging for people to find employment in Nigeria.

1. Poor Quality Education

This is a highly important factor because it shows how much the educational system has been corrupted.

This is with incompetent teachers creating graduates who are only halfway competent, secondary school level fraud, and university admissions fraud that results in admissions that are not based on merit.

Students buy grades and bribe their way through levels. As a result, some first-class grads struggle to speak good English or compose a basic cover letter. They are also unable to defend their outcomes.


2. There appear to be more job seekers than there are open positions.

There is a disparity, which may not be resolved for a very long time. Since there are so many graduates recruited for the National Youth Service Corps, it might be challenging for most corps members to get a primary assignment.

They go to the location where they have been posted, but the organization or company must turn many of them away because they already have too many, and the corps members might expect them to pay them stipends is any reason they can’t exceed a certain number.

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3. Age limitation and insufficient work experience

Another reason people don’t get jobs is because of the age limitations for positions. Even if a person may be eligible for a position, they are told not to apply if they are over 25.

Employers appear to be seeking for younger candidates who can be more enthusiastic and prefer to invest the time and effort in training them over hiring individuals with a lot of experience.

One way to look at it is that young job candidates who have recently graduated are anticipated to have 4-5 years of experience.

Therefore, it is ironic that people with experience are older and those without experience are younger. If employers are looking for youthful but experienced staff, this presents a problem.

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4. Tribalism, favoritism, nepotism, and all forms of sentimentality

For individuals without links to those in power, finding work in Nigeria is practically difficult. You discover that qualified candidates with no connections are less likely to acquire a job than those who know someone in a high position.

Many job searchers come from low-income backgrounds and cannot afford to pay their way into a job position, so bribes are occasionally required if you want to be assured a job.

Nepotism, favoritism, and bribery can be eliminated, and employment will be more merit-based, which will reduce unemployment and inspire Nigerians to value excellence.

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Places You can Find a Dream Job

You need to know where to start looking for these jobs if you want to find your dream job in Nigeria.

There are many websites that offer employment, but due to the high caliber of the positions you can find on these websites, we can only propose a small number to you. They consist of:

Facebook – A Social networking platform with a job search functionality

Nairaland – Not technically a job site but you can use their job section to find jobs

LinkedIn – Professional networking platform

MyJobMag – Best Job platform in Nigeria.

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How to Get a Job in Nigeria

Below are the keys on how to get a job in Nigeria;

1. Reflect on Your Skills

You are aware of your abilities and may have heard from others that you are good at something, but this does not happen overnight.

When it comes time for that gift to make you money, you focus your search on businesses, sectors, or organizations that need what you have to give.

It will feel like you are getting paid to do what you love when your passion is your career, making the work less stressful for you.

2. Update your Resume Regularly

You shouldn’t keep sending out your resume’s first draft because it is presumed that as one gets older, more experience accumulates and should be listed on your resume.

Your current profile should include all the certificates you have recently earned and any new skills you have acquired that apply to the type of career you are looking for.

This demonstrates both your resourcefulness and your level of seriousness.

3. Set Good Career Goals

Setting no goals makes it more easier to become distracted in all different ways. If you don’t have a plan, you can end up in a job you don’t like.

Many people feel constrained because they accepted everything that was thrown at them simply to get on a company’s payroll.

But how much longer until they discover that job fulfillment is more important than pay? Plan your career; consider what you envision doing at various points in your life and career to prevent a situation like this.

Which workplace would you prefer? You should clearly spell out these details in black and white so that you can read them and remember them.

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4. Explore and Improve your skills

Many universities provide certificate programs online, which will be a benefit in helping to improve your value and your resume.

Don’t take anything for granted, take advantage of new opportunities, and constantly work to better yourself.

Even if no chance appears to be coming your way, you can use the internet to look out for potential training options and the locations and procedures for pursuing them.

Do not be reluctant to absorb knowledge from others who have come before you. Another option is to provide free labor as a volunteer; the advantage of this is that you learn while you are doing good.

5. Prepare your CV

Choose the format you wish to employ; will you divide each section into paragraphs or just write however you feel like? Use your name as the page’s title (it should be larger than the other information), followed by your address, phone number, and email.

Include a space to write your educational background, the names of schools attended with their dates.

Make a separate section for your employment history, listing it from most current job posting to earliest, in reverse chronological order.

List the names of the businesses, how long you worked there, your title, and any responsibilities or job descriptions. If you have a lengthy list, only include the pertinent items.

We believe this article on “How to get a Job” was informative. Kindly share with friends and loved ones.Best regards!

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