Museum Education Jobs 2022

Museum education jobs: A career as a museum education officer may be successful for you if you have strong planning, creative, and writing abilities and an interest in the museum industry.

Museum education jobs

About the Museum Education jobs

As a museum educator, you create art education programs, instruct visitors or other academics about the institution’s collection or a particular show, and plan presentations and lectures about your museum and your area of expertise.

Museum educators work for institutions like universities and colleges, natural history museums, design museums, children’s museums, and smaller galleries.

Depending on the type of institution you work for, your duties will vary, but they will involve developing curricula. Also, writing articles or descriptions for exhibits, taking part in department budget creation, and handling other administrative activities.

How to Become a Museum Educator

A bachelor’s degree in museum studies, such as museum education or curation, is required to work as a museum educator. Therefore, this degree can be in an area related to the type of museum.

Many larger museums prefer candidates. Also, it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of pedagogy and curriculum development.

Along with a variety of other abilities. Therefore, you should be able to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing, feel at ease speaking in front of an audience, and be eager to engage in visitor outreach.

Responsibilities of a Museum Educator

Your duty as a museum education officer is to involve the public. To accomplish this, you must.

  • develop a learning method that adheres to the museum’s philosophy
  • create discussion, activity, and workshop schedules based on specific exhibitions, in response to certain themes, or considering annual festivals
  • communicate with educators in order to encourage the utilisation of the museum’s collections and programs in keeping with the national curriculum.
  • instructing school groups about museums under the national curriculum and school curricula
  • develop and produce educational materials for tourists, schools, families, and interest groups
  • conduct lectures, seminars, and other events in collaboration with storytellers, artisans, and artists
  • start new projects, like working with new communities
  • handle projects, funds, and volunteer teams

Other Responsibilities of a Museum Educator

Museum education jobs

  • enable community events in response to requests from local schools and community organisations or to advertise certain exhibitions
  • evaluate the impact of your learning program and provide reporting statistics, collect, analyze, and apply feedback on the educational activities offered, and produce income and funding applications.
  • support strategic objectives in smaller organisations
  • To build a network of beneficial and fruitful collaborations, collaborate with other museum personnel to develop and advertise the museum and the events schedule. Represent and promote the museum to outside educational bodies.

Salary Scale of a Museum Educator

At the assistant level, starting pay normally ranges from £18,000 to £20,000. Also, with expertise, you might make between £28,000 and £20,000 annually.

Senior management positions that oversee strategic and operational development often have salaries between £30,000 and £40,000. Larger institutions are more likely to pay at the top end of this spectrum.


Working Hours

Normally, you’ll work from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, but you might also have to work some nights, weekends, and holidays. Working throughout the breaks and half terms is likely if you deal with kids and families.

There are available part-time positions and flexible working arrangements (such as job-sharing and flextime).

Qualifications of a Museum Educator

Museum education jobs

The museum industry is dedicated to developing entrance points through trainees and paid internships, as well as diversifying its staff. However, degrees are a requirement for most museum education officers.

The following degrees or areas of interest are especially pertinent to the museum Education Jobs:

  • archaeology
  • archive and museum studies
  • community education
  • cultural studies
  • education
  • English literature
  • environmental science
  • fine art
  • history
  • history of art.

Having a degree in a particular field is not required, however, certain companies may favour it if it better reflects the nature of their collections.

Skills you Need to Gain for a Museum Educator Job

See skills you’ll need to have for the museum education Jobs:

  • enthusiasm, passion, curiosity and an interest in the museum sector
  • communication and presentations skills
  • confidence in dealing with the public and addressing groups of people – any experience gained as a teacher, community or youth worker is useful
  • teaching skills to plan and deliver education activities in an engaging manner
  • writing skills to produce educational resources for a range of audiences
  • creativity for designing participation activities and learning resources
  • commitment to working with adults, families, young people (including groups of school children) and special needs groups
  • ability to manage volunteers, budgets and resources
  • team working skills
  • self-motivation and the ability to work independently
  • a flexible approach to work with the ability to adapt quickly to change and to compromise when necessary
  • the ability to work under pressure and two deadlines
  • the organisation, problem-solving and administration skills
  • knowledge of, and sensitivity to, cultural and disability issues.

Museum employees must manage their own professional development, which may involve a series of short-term contracts, freelancing work, and consulting.

Additionally, employees may switch industries, especially at the senior administrative or specialised technical levels or in the visual arts. So, take advantage of this and apply for the job of a Museum education jobs.

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