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How to activate Polaris USSD Code 2022

Do you still find it difficult activating the Polaris USSD code? Take a chill pill! We’ve got you covered. In this article, you’ll get to know the step by step guide to help with the transfer code activation.

Polaris USSD code

Polaris Bank has introduced a new USSD code that you may use to carry out transactions on your phone, such as purchasing airtime for yourself and your family.

It is swift when you activate the Polaris USSD code. 

In today’s article, details on how to activate the Polaris transfer code will be listed out.

About Polaris Bank Limited

The Central Bank of Nigeria founded the Polaris Bank on September 21, 2018. (CBN).

The establishment’s goal is to provide full-fledged commercial services to Nigerians and guests.

On a similar note, the bank began operations the same day it was licensed as a commercial bank in Nigeria.

It was also as a result of the assets that the old Skye Bank of Nigeria’s obligations were assumed.

Of course, this is one of the reasons why the Skye Bank has been defunct since the name Polaris was coined.

How to Open a Polaris Bank account

Visit https://accounts.polarisbanklimited.com/ to open a Polaris Bank account. You can also use your phone to dial *833*1#

Following that, you may be required to present the following documents to your local bank branch:

  • Signed Bank Opening form
  • Valid means of identification, and
  • Two recent Photos for your BVN (if applicable)

Polaris USSD Transfer Code

The Polaris bank transfer code for sending and receiving money in Nigeria is *833#

Dial the code *833* Amount* Account Number# to send money in Nigeria. The code should be dialed with the phone number linked to your account.

To check your account balance using the Polaris bank USSD code, dial *833*6#. Also, you can dial *833# and select option 6 on your phone. It gives the same results!

There have been concerns with figures being entered incorrectly when beginning transactions using the various Bank USSD numbers.

For example, suppose you need to send money to a coworker or a friend to whom you owe N100,000 ( a hundred thousand Naira).

You were obviously rushing, and before you realized it, you had entered a million.

Because it merely involves an additional zero, the error is simple and easy.

To remedy these errors, we recommend using the simpler USSD Codes and then following the prompts for further account activities.


Requirements to activate  Polaris bank USSD code

These are needed to activate the Polaris USSD code

1. Mobile phone

2. Active sim card registration with Polaris bank

3. Polaris bank account number

Keep reading to find out how to activate the Polaris bank USSD code!

How to activate Polaris USSD Code

1. Dial *833# on your mobile number registered with Polaris bank

2. Proceed with the activations after dialing the Polaris USSD code

3. Enter your correct Polaris bank account number

4. Enter a 4 digit PIN (your password) you can remember

5. You have successfully activated your Polaris USSD code

How I get my BVN using my transfer Code

Polaris USSD code

Dial *566*0# to get your Polaris Bank verification number with the phone number linked to your account number

Your BVN will be sent to your phone

How to Link BVN with Polaris Bank

To link your BVN to your Polaris bank account, you have to go to a nearest Polaris bank branch to apply for the linking process.

What services are available on*833#?

  • Account Opening
  • Bills Payments
  • Funds Transfers
  • Hotlist Cards
  • Balance Enquiry

How to Recharge for self using the Polaris transfer Code

To recharge, dial *833*Amount#

Benefits of doing this are:

  • All network subscribers have access to the service (Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile).
  • Only the phone number associated with your Access Bank Account can use the airtime transaction code.
  • Money is deducted from your Access Bank Account directly.
  • There are no fees associated with this service (both self and others).
  • Airtime can be purchased at any time and from any location.
  • It’s quite simple to use.

How to Recharge for others using Polaris USSD Code

  • Service is available to all network subscribers (Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile).
  • Airtime transaction code can only work on the phone number connected to your Access Bank Account.
  • Money is debited directly from your Access Bank Account.
  • Service attracts no charges (both self and others).
  • Airtime can be purchased anytime, anywhere.
  • It is effortless to use.

How to pay bills with Polaris USSD code

To pay a bill using this Polaris Bank Transfer code (USSD), dial the same number and follow the prompts: *833*2# Apart from making several errors, you might return to your bank for precise instructions.


  • There is no fee for making a payment to a merchant.
  • A fee of N100 is added to each bill payment.
  • Payments need the generation of an OTP, which is free.
  • It’s quick, simple, and safe.
  • Available at all times of the day and night.
  • All utility bills can be paid from anywhere.

The Polaris Bank Token App

The Cantal bank has urged banks to increase authentication procedures for clients and security purposes due to the increasing strength of theft.

As a result, The Polaris Bank Token App was born.

They will allow the bank to conduct an account security check using the BVN and passport photograph provided.

To get your app, go to this link or ask your bank for the Polaris bank token app information.

Additional Information

Even though one can open a bank account online, there are a few verifications that must be completed at a Polaris Banks location.

They will allow the bank to conduct an account security check using the BVN and passport photograph provided.

Also, do not send out your banking information to anyone (even Jobreaders); no one has permission to see your financial information. Unless you’re genuinely interested in unguided philanthropy.

We believe that this article on “Polaris bank transfer code” was helpful. Kindly share with friends and loved ones. Thanks!

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