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Best Problem Solving Skills you should Possess as a Graduate

Problem Solving Skills: Your ability to spot problems and find solutions quickly and efficiently depends on your problem-solving abilities. Learn more about these skills and how they operate.

problem solving skills

Problem Solving Skills

You can address issues quickly and effectively if you have problem-solving abilities.

It’s one of the top abilities that hiring managers look for in job candidates since people with these capabilities are more independent.

Problem-solving skills are needed, including the ability to identify the root of the problem and put a fix in place quickly.

The ability to solve problems is innate. Participating in common concerns in your community will help you develop your problem-solving abilities.

The first step in understanding problem-solving is to identify the problem.

Examples of Problem Solving Skills

These are some examples of problem-solving skills that one should have.

1. Ability to Make Decisions

You must choose wisely after reducing your options and determining the root of the issue.

Deciding is a crucial step in the problem-solving process since they will frequently present you with a variety of options and alternatives.

Problem-solving and decision-making are two abilities that go hand in hand.

2. Team Work

With the help of other people, many issues can be best identified and resolved.

Although it may seem like a “work thing,” teamwork is just as vital at home, in the classroom, and in the office.

Saying that problem-solving is a lonely endeavor is almost impossible, especially in the commercial world.

To put your ideas into practice, you must demonstrate that you can effectively collaborate with others.

3. Management of Risk

There is some risk involved in problem solving. This risk needs to be compared to not resolving the issue.

4. Communication Skills

If a problem couldn’t be successfully communicated, it would never be resolved.

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of effective communication. All approaches to problem-solving rely on effective communication.

5. Creativity

You may need to push the boundaries, think creatively, and think beyond the box in order to find the best solution.

Typically, problems are resolved methodically or intuitively.

When there is no need for more knowledge and you are able to answer the problem quickly with common sense or experience, you can use intuition.

You will probably need to adopt a more methodical and logical approach to solve more complicated problems or difficulties that you have never encountered before, and for these, you will need to apply creative thinking.


Improving your Problem Solving Skills

Here are some suggestions for honing your problem-solving skills.

1. Ask Questions

We all agree that asking questions is a good idea, but are we asking the appropriate questions to facilitate issue solving?

In order to communicate with ourselves and others about anything on our minds, we ask questions.

2. Be a Visionary

Consider how whatever comes to mind can be used to address a problem. Taking each step as it comes

3. Take Reasonable Risks

Without a certain amount of risk, a creative solution won’t be realized or profitable. What’s the greatest method to become accustomed to taking risks? Begin utilizing them.

A problem solver’s mental model includes taking risks, so determine what works for you and go for it.

4. Possess the Right Mentality

Attitude is everything; it’s simply cognitive psychology. Your psychological strategy for solving an issue affects how you see the answer.

Fundamentally, if you think there is a solution, there probably is one.

5. Ask for People’s Opinion

Trial and error is the basis of problem solving. The process of learning and development is essential.

Your peers, direct reports, business partners, and superiors may teach you a lot about your strategy. Simply ask!

How to put your Problem Solving Skills in your Resume

problem solving skills

There are a few various strategies you might use to impress your boss.

Giving examples in addition to identifying the talent on your CV might be helpful when describing, for instance, your capacity to solve problems.

Here’s how to emphasize problem-solving abilities on a CV.

Grace Mike



[email protected]

Executive Summary devoted professional with managerial expertise and a hands-on management style that prioritizes dealing with problems before they affect output.

1. Skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Patience
  • Active listening
  • Efficient planning
  • Effective team communication

2. Education

  • Bachelor of Science in business administration
  • Silverstone University
  • September 2016 – July2022
  • Captain of the chess team; organized national competitions despite members dropping out
  • Maintained a 3.5 GPA while working to fund education

3. Work Experience

  • Production Manager
  • Mitchelle Furnitures
  • Chicago
  • September 2019-Present
  • Identified inefficiencies in the factory layout and implemented solutions that drove a 10% increase in production
  • Created employee seminars that resulted in a 20% decrease in HR complaints
  • Oversaw a team of 50 employees

The Importance of Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving abilities have several significant advantages in the business.

We’ll go through important qualities that all problem solvers can bring to their jobs and workplaces in the paragraphs below, particularly as a recent graduate looking for work.

1. The Capacity to Plan, Organize, and Carry out Strategies

Problem solvers have little trouble thoroughly evaluating client and consumer demands and figuring out how to prioritize, plan, and carry out strategies to meet them.

They can strategically plan how to effectively meet several specific requests, so they can control all moving elements.

2. Ability to Organize Time Intelligently

Time management abilities can sometimes be underlooked as one of the benefits of problem-solving skills in the business.

However, folks who are good at solving problems also frequently have excellent time-management talents.

Better decision-making and greater business impact will result from having the capacity to manage their time effectively and focus intently on what matters to the company.

3. Working under Pressure

One of the most significant advantages of problem-solving abilities in the job is frequently this.

The personalities of problem solvers frequently adapt well to pressure, such as rushed deadlines and shifting project parameters.

4. Helps One Think outside the Box

Problem solvers frequently recognized opportunities in challenges.

Thinking outside the box is a crucial problem-solving skill in the workplace since it frequently produces better results than were initially anticipated.

5. Risk Takers

The ability to plan is crucial while solving problems.

Besides being able to handle the current issue, problem solvers can foresee future issues based on trends, patterns, experiences, and current occurrences.

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