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Top Business Ideas in Nigeria you Should consider Doing

Check out the top business ideas in Nigeria that you might be interested in. Also, discovering profitable business concepts? Now that you plan to work for yourself, the next challenge is deciding what kind of business you’ll want to run.

Top Business Ideas in Nigeria

See Top Business Ideas in Nigeria

However, a business idea in Nigeria and its subsequent launch may be compared to a goldmine that offers individuals the chance to tap into a better way of life in a nation where economic deficit and unemployment have become the norm.

However, beginning a business in Nigeria comes with many difficulties, including money, location, business concepts, and customer demand.

A concept is typically the first step in beginning a business. The next stage is to turn your business idea into a workable business plan after you decide it is sound enough to turn into a successful enterprise.

Check out the Top Business Ideas in Nigeria

When they said and did all, let’s examine the most popular business concepts in Nigeria;

1. Copywriting

One of the most lucrative internet companies in Nigeria that you may start with a cheap investment of 100,000naira or less is copywriting. If you have strong language control and strong writing abilities, this business will be your passport to financial independence.

Writing for advertisements, blogs, videos, presentations, direct mail, jingles, creative content, and more are all examples of the copywriting business.

A copywriter’s primary responsibility is to weave text to persuade readers or effectively promote a certain good, service, concept, or cause. When written effectively, a copy can work wonders for any goods or services.

2. Snail Farming

Top Business Ideas in Nigeria

People know little about raising snails, and they mistakenly believe that because they are small, they can’t produce much wealth.

They are unaware that, if you start with 50 snails, you may make a lot of money by selling them to hotels or restaurants that serve snails after they are fully grown.

Here’s when it gets tricky: a snail may lie up to 500 eggs, so if you start out with 50 snails and they eventually produce 400 eggs each, you will sell 20,000 snails.

You can now make one million naira by selling 20,000 snails to purchasers for perhaps no less than 50naira each. You won’t have to spend over 100,000naira to train and feed this animal.

3. Rice Farming

People continue to belittle the richness we each possess. Nigeria’s top two rice-producing states are Ebonyi and Kebbi, although we still import rice.

Anyone can choose to start their own business by purchasing processed rice from rice mills in the states of Ebonyi or Kebbi, packaging it with their own eye-catching packaging, and selling it to customers. They might even export it.

4. Online Advertisement Agency

Online advertising is one of the better methods because used social media daily by roughly 80% of Nigerians.

Therefore, anyone who can take on the challenge of launching an internet agency will attract a lot of corporate clients. To succeed in this industry, you must think creatively.

5. Mobile Fruit Juice Production

People are unaware that preparing fruit juice has recently become simpler and better. You may create your own fruit juice naturally and expand your business by using a few chemicals and additives.

You’ll get patronised by people. Even if you want to produce fruit juice without making it portable or a natural juice, you may still compete for market share rather than letting the few major players monopolise the market.


6. Event Planning Company

Planning is essential for the success of events. There are only a few people who can plan events. You may start a firm from the beginning and grow it into a significant enterprise if you can put together a team that is committed to event planning.

7. Garri Production

People have forgotten that this is one industry where advertising is unnecessary. Every day, people consume eba in their homes, restaurants, and cafes.

Therefore, going above and beyond to give garri a respectable corporate face will help it stand out. The same as Koko Garri by D’banj.

8. Mobile Car Wash

Many people are unaware of this new type of car wash, which allows you to operate wherever you want and wash customers’ automobiles. All you need to do is get a car wash vehicle with everything you need to wash a car.

9. Mobile Food Vendor and Delivery Business 

Food is a crucial and unavoidable component of human existence. We have to always find something to eat, no matter what.

On the list of business ideas that you may start with 100,000naira, the online food vending and delivery business ranks third for this and other reasons.

Because of their jobs and busy schedules, many individuals currently find it challenging to prepare meals at home; as a result, they end up using the services of these food vendors.

Some examples of people who fit within this group include members of the working class, students, and craftspeople.

Since there are many choices, including eateries, restaurants, and other mobile food vendors competing for your consumers, having knowledge of or experience with cooking will give you a distinct advantage over your rivals.

10. Cleaning Services

Another popular industry is cleaning, particularly in Lagos and Abuja. You can enter the business and make your way around because it is not occupied.

11. Pet Breeding

The best pet anyone can own is a dog, and while most people enjoy getting new pups and raising them until they are old, you can start with a few adult dogs, teach them, and then sell the puppies when their parents mate and produce offspring.

A Rottweiler puppy costs around 25,000 in upscale neighbourhoods. Consider having six puppies, which would bring in roughly 1.5 million nairas when sold.

The aforementioned are some of the top business ideas in Nigeria, while there are countless others. There is no reason not to make money right away, but do your study before deciding what to do. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

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