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Top High School Diploma to Study From

Top High School Diploma: There are many high school certificates that are free and allowed. Students frequently leave high school for a variety of reasons. Because of their families’ financial difficulties, some children must drop out of high school and begin working.

top High School Diploma

Top High School Diploma Programs

The General Education Development test (GED), which validates academic skills at the high school level but lowers the bar significantly from quality high school education, has major advantages over having a high school diploma.

1. Stanford University Online High School

Stanford OHS is a private independent school that runs under one of the most selective institutions in the country and provides a demanding college-prep curriculum.

Therefore, academically gifted students in grades 7 through 12 are served at Stanford OHS. Admission to the program faces a lot of competition from other applicants.

Over 24 post-AP and university-level courses are available at Stanford OHS, and over 65 percent of the faculty members are doctoral-level experts in their specialities. Also, the average SAT score for the school’s students is 1500, and their average ACT composite score is 33.

Along with academic courses, the school organizes gatherings, online groups, virtual homerooms once a week, science colloquia, and assemblies.

Accreditations: WASC, CAIS

Price: Tuition is $22,850 for full-time enrollment (4–5 classes).

Need to know: Stanford OHS operates on a traditional school calendar; thus, interested applicants need to apply in the fall semester prior to attendance.

2. GW Online High School

One of the first virtual high schools in the US to be linked with a top research institution is the private, college-preparatory George Washington University Online High School, which runs fully online.

Academically gifted students who want to earn a high school diploma with college preparation are served by GWUOHS. The school requires 24 credits for that diploma.

GWUOHS thanks use the best online curriculum for K12. K12 is famous for its exacting, research-based design, captivating interactivity, simplicity of use, and seamless integration of online learning with excellent books and hands-on materials.

More Details

Besides live sessions led by the instructor at predetermined times, courses also include asynchronous readings, exercises, exams, and videos.

Upperclassmen can declare an area of concentration: science and technology, entrepreneurship, liberal arts, or design their own. In addition, all students take part in the unique, four-year-long Journeys Symposium.

Accreditations: Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary School

Price: Tuition is $12,000/year.

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3. University of Missouri High School: Mizzou K-12

The University of Missouri High School: Mizzou K-12 is part of the University of Missouri’s College of Education.

As the only program in the nation funded by a consistently rated College of Education at a research-intensive flagship university, the school boasts a unique distinction. However, the program offers NCAA-approved classes and adheres to national and Missouri standards.

There are two diploma program alternatives available to students: Standard Path (24 credits) and College-Prep Diploma Path (25 credits). Meanwhile, there are AP, honours, special topics, and NCAA-eligible class options available.

As a result, graduates have gained admission to some of the most esteemed and historically selective universities in the country. Therefore, such as Princeton, MIT, Dartmouth, Cornell, Rice, Carnegie Mellon, Wake Forest, and the University of Michigan.

Beyond academics, the school hosts student clubs, such as NHS and Math Club.

Accreditations: Accredited by AdvancED and the NCA CASI

Price: Each class (half credit) costs $500.

Discount/payment plans: After course enrollment approval, a 50% tuition scholarship rate may apply for students with a permanent Missouri address or US students admitted into the University of Missouri High School Diploma Program.

4. Mother of Divine Grace

top High School Diploma

Mother of Divine Grace (MODG) is a private school established in 1995 and in Ojai, California. The goal of the school is to give parents knowledge and resources.

Support is therefore required for them to educate their kids in the classical tradition. Catholic, they provided classical education at Mother of Divine Grace School.

Students can choose to enrol in dual enrollment courses, but they must do so through their neighbourhood community college.

Recent MODG alumni have received acceptance letters from universities such as Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Penn, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt.

More Details

Additionally, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Rice, UC Berkeley, and Georgetown. MODG requires completion of 22.5 credits in order to receive a diploma (225 units).

Accreditations: ACS WASC

Price: Tuition is $820 when using one of the three payment plans; otherwise, a onetime payment of $720. There is a menu of extra fees (for things including different courses, Adobe labs, and support) so be sure to review costs carefully.

Need to know: MODG provides a Special Services Program as a supplement to their Teacher Review Program to help families who have children with special needs.

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5. University of Texas High School

High school students can take online courses through UTHS, an arm of the University of Texas.

The school currently maintains partnerships with over 250 school districts worldwide and serves over 300 full-time students. Both full-time and part-time students have constant access to their coursework.

The University of Texas at Austin’s online college program, University Extension, offers courses and exams in over 60 academic areas. Qualified UTHS students have the advantage of choosing a dual-credit program through this program.

More Details

Additionally, students have the option of enrolling in online AP courses, NCAA-approved courses, or credit recovery courses.

Since the state of Texas requires students to earn 26 credits to earn a high school diploma, students typically enrol in 6–7 courses per semester to complete the required 26 credits in four years and graduate on time.

Accreditations: Texas Board of Education

Price: Each course costs $225. For full-time enrollment (12-semester courses), yearly tuition is $2,700.

Need to know: Many courses are textbook-free. All courses and exams are designed by expert teachers and approved by NCAA and College Board.

6. Oak Meadow School

A group of parents and educators in Brattleboro, Vermont, formed Oak Meadow School to rekindle their kids’ enthusiasm for learning. The school approaches education in a progressive, sympathetic, and child-centred way.

For graduation, students must complete 22 credits, and Oak Meadow School offers a variety of ways to do so, some of which are exclusive to this institution.

For instance, Oak Meadow School grants credit for students’ work experiences and participation in extracurricular activities, since it promotes the education of the full person (music, sports, arts, etc.).

By participating in extracurricular activities, students can earn up to one full elective credit per year through the Life Experience Elective Credit program. Students can use this to earn up to four credits toward their diploma.

More Details

The school accepts credit for Advanced Placement, computer science, and technology courses taken through Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth online program.

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), NCA CASI, WASC, NAAS, SACS.

Also, New England Association for Schools and Colleges are among the organisations that have accreditation (NEASC) In the illustrious 130-year history of NEASC, Oak Meadow is the first distance-learning institution to ever gain such designation.

Price: High School Tuition is $1,800 per course for the 10-month school year/$1,080 per course for the 5-month semester.

Discount/payment plans: Oak Meadow School offers a 10% sibling or military discount. Parents may either pay in full or put 40% down and pay the rest in monthly payments.

Need to know: Many classes are NCAA-approved. The school also has a thriving National Honor Society program. More from the Top High School Diploma.


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7. International Virtual Learning Academy

Top High School Diploma

California-based International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) is an annual private K–12 online school. They offer all coarse material online, maximising flexibility for students and their families. Students may enrol and start courses.

The six alternative curriculum options—Accelerate, Alpha Omega’s Ignitia, Apex Learning, GradPoint, Odesseyware, or Plato Learning—and the self-paced courses support a variety of learning environments.

Standard, College Prep, Honors, STEM, and Career are among the five graduation options the institution offers. Additionally, the school offers AP and honours classes.

In addition, they designed IVLA elective courses to let students experience a wide range of life learning experiences to earn elective credit. Therefore, they will award a maximum of two credits for outside activities or life experiences.

More Details

IVLA welcomes adult learners; in fact, the school offers an entire Adult High School online program specifically for non-traditional students.

Accreditations: AdvancED

Adult learners accepted.

Price: Annual tuition is $3,779 with a $150 yearly registration fee.

Discounts/payment plans: Military families are eligible for a 10% discount, and multi-student discounts are also 10%. (only one discount per family).

Therefore, payment options include three instalments, ten monthly payments, and five-semester payments. For each AP and Honors course, add $75 more.

Need to know: Many core classes at the International Virtual Learning Academy are NCAA-approved.

8. Laurel Springs School

Laurel Springs School, a private online school founded in 1991, offers a wide range of academic programs with a concentration on college preparation. The University of California has recognised courses at Laurel Springs School since 1998 for transfer credit.

Laurel Springs School used a variety of asynchronous courses to give teaching. Each student’s progress may be viewed online thanks to the dynamic grade book, which also stores old quizzes and examinations.

The 9–12 grade Upper School at Laurel Springs School offers a distinctive selection of core and optional courses. With over 25 electives offered, they encouraged students to customise their education outside of core classes.

Additionally, the online high school at Laurel Springs School has a Gifted and Talented Academy to accommodate students with exceptional learning needs.

Students in this program take part in a more elaborate, in-depth study of major topics, and engage in problem-solving that integrates knowledge of systems of thought.

More Details

Laurel Springs requires 23.5 credits for its standard diploma.

Accreditations: WASC, AdvancED, and SACS CASI

Price: Tuition is $690/semester course or $990/year-long course. Tuition includes full enrollment, all course materials, syllabi, teacher services, semester evaluation, transcript, learning styles profile, and diagnostic assessment for grades 9–11.

Discount/payment plans: 10% discount to families of military or with over one child attending the school

Need to Know: The website states you should inform the admissions coordinator and school counsellor if, at the time of your child’s enrollment at Laurel Springs School, you know that they intend to apply to a University of California college.

The team will collaborate with your family to make sure that they developed the academic plan for your child with consideration of UC standards.

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9. Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts & Sciences

Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences (CMASAS) celebrates Christa McAuliffe by training the next generation of leaders, inspired by her life and acting in her memory.

In addition, the 21st century requires scientists, philosophers, artists, and others to be properly prepared for its dynamic environment. The Lake Oswego, Oregon-based CMASAS began operations in July 2009.

Current brain and educational research are used to inform the curriculum and instructional strategies used by CMASAS, which promotes the principle of customised education. Depending on the interests of the student, the academy also provides different high school diploma options:

Academic, college, and job preparation. There are many extracurricular options, including technological organisations, student newspapers, and language clubs.

Other programs offered include honours and AP coursework, adult high school completion, service promotion, and a global adventure program. For the diploma, students must earn 24 credits.

The school offers counselling services, a credit recovery program, and a vibrant and active National Honour Society.

More Details

Accreditations: AdvancED/NWAC, NCAA-Approved

Price: Tuition can be paid by year or semester. Annual tuition ranges from $5,495-$8,495 for high school students. Semester tuition ranges from $3,495-$3,995. There is a registration fee of $150 for semester enrollment and $25 for yearly enrollment.

Discounts or payment plans: The school offers a family, military, and Friends Saver Plan. When two or more individuals from your immediate family enrol full-time at CMASAS, your family will receive a 10% reduction in tuition for a new, subsequent student(s).

Military families can enjoy 10% off tuition. Families automatically qualify regardless of the number of family members enrolled. Discount applies to all self-paid military-dependent enrollments. still on the Top High School Diploma.

10. International Connections Academy

International Connections Academy is an online college that educates students from all over the world. Therefore, they established it in 2001 and have its main office in Columbia, Maryland.

This institution has won various accolades in educational technology. IVA’s Virtual Music Tools won the Visionary Award in 2014 for their school management system and the Cool Tool Finalist Award from EdTech in 2015.

In addition, the school has received ComputED Gazette’s Education Software Review Awards (EDDIE and BESSIE), as well as CODiE Awards from the Software Information Industry Association.

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