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Top 10 Job Position in the Automotive Industry

Job Position in the Automotive Industry: The designing, developing, producing, marketing, and selling of automobiles are all part of the automotive business. If you wish to know the Job position in the automotive industry, then continue reading because this article has everything you need to know about.

Top 10 Job Position in the Automotive Industry

Top Job Position in the Automotive Industry

The economic sector values it because of the money it brings in.

We may claim that there is a demand for trained professionals to take care of those cars because the industry employs so many people and there are so many cars on the roads.

We list the top 10 positions from which you can launch a career in the automotive industry below.

1. Automotive Engineer

An automobile engineer creates brand-new vehicles and works to enhance existing versions.

Automotive engineers encounter difficulties.

Depending on the manufacturer when building cars.

An automotive engineer must have STEM skills, as well as analytical and problem-solving abilities, and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

2. Auto Body Technician

An auto body technician fixes cars by fixing the frames, suspensions, and wheel alignments of the vehicles.

No bachelor’s degree is necessary for this profession, however you must have an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certificate.

3. Automotive Instructor

In a combination shop and classroom setting, an automotive instructor works.

Automotive instructors teach high school or college students things like engine repair, transportation, etc.

A bachelor’s degree and a teaching license are requirements for this post.

4. Auto Sales Manager

The auto sales manager controls moving parts, maintains inventory levels, manages a sales staff, estimates sales, and assists clients in selecting the best vehicles.

A bachelor’s degree in business or management and several years of sales or management experience are prerequisites for becoming an auto sales manager.


5. Car Detailer

Top 10 Job Position in the Automotive Industry

When a car gets unclean, a car detailer cleans the interior and outside of the automobile to restore its original appearance.

Experience is more important than formal schooling or a degree for this role.

6. Tire Technician

A tire mechanic performs maintenance on tires by changing and fixing them.

At an auto body shop or a warehouse, tire technicians are employed as members of the automotive technician team.

For this position, you must have a high school diploma, a valid driver’s license, arithmetic proficiency, and auto repair expertise.

7. Car Rental Agent

A automobile rental agent assists customers in renting the vehicles of their choice, manages the paperwork, and responds to their inquiries.

Although a formal education degree is not required, a car rental representative must have a current driver’s license and a spotless driving record.

8. Tow Truck Driver

In an emergency, the tow truck drivers arrive to rescue stranded or damaged vehicles and take them safely to a nearby garage for repairs.

A tow truck driver must possess a current driver’s license and a spotless driving record.

9. Vehicle Inspector

A vehicle inspector’s job is to determine whether a car requires repairs and, if so, what repairs are required.

They also carry out post-repair inspections and make sure the autos are effectively fixed.

The minimum requirements for a vehicle inspector are a high school diploma and on-the-job training.

One must be familiar with auto parts, vehicle makes and models, procedures, and service requirements.

10. Valet

Restaurants, hotels, and clubs typically employ valets.

They are responsible for making sure the visitors’ cars are parked securely in the lot and retrieving them when the visitors are prepared to go.

A driver’s license, a spotless driving record, exemplary customer service abilities, and a prompt disposition are requirements for this role.

With these options, if you are looking to get a job position in the automotive industry, then you know the best of the best as stated in this article.

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