What Career I Want | Guidelines to Choosing Your Career 2022

What Career I Want: People frequently say things like, “I don’t know What Career I Want.” To help determine the career path and prospective responsibilities that you might be interested in pursuing, use these eight stages. 

What Career I Want

Finding employment for you requires doing your research on various job categories.

If you’ve ever thought, “I don’t know what career I want,” taking the time to assess your abilities and look at several career options can surely help you determine what kind of function you want.

By combining research with introspection, you can select a career that complements your skills, interests, and way of life.

How do I Know What Career I Want to Pursue?

Answering the questions “What job will make me the happiest” and “What is the real purpose of life” will help you choose an appropriate and comfortable career path.

You can use these queries to analyze critically what you need from a carrier.

How to Find What Career I want to Pursue

When you’re not sure what direction you want to go in life, you can follow these steps to discover a career:

1. Take a Career Test

As you consider other job options, taking a career test is one way to find the professions that might be the greatest match for your personality, skills, and interests.

These can help you focus your search on particular industries. You can start further exploring your shortlist of potential industries to determine which ones most intrigue you once you’ve whittled it down.

Keep in mind that the results are simply intended to help you limit your options. If the test suggested nothing, you should still research various industries and professions.

2. Perform your Research

After finishing the career test, why not learn more about the professions that caught your attention by doing some research? Look at the degree and experience prerequisites for each position.

Think about how much education you would need to obtain such a dream career.

Before enrolling in a lengthy course, you should think about whether you want to pursue the degree right away or look for a similar, lower-level job to see how well you like the job.


3. Look at the Job Descriptions

Check for online job descriptions for entry-level positions to see whether your skills match those specifications.

Make a list of the kinds of applicants that companies are seeking, as well as the particular skills that applicants should possess.

Make a list of your skills to identify the ones you already possess and the ones you still need to develop. You can use this knowledge to guide your decision over whether or not to continue in this line of work.

4. Look for Overlap

What Career I Want


It’s important to remember that what you enjoy doing, what you are good at, and what employers want could all be different. Finding places of overlap is the goal.

Think about your skills, interests, and hobbies, and then consider how these might apply to a career.

While you’re doing this, consider your previous positions and experiences. Consider your preferences for and dislikes from each employment.

5. Spend Time in Self-reflection

Practical research is crucial when picking a vocation, but you also need to reflect on yourself. Decide what you are passionate about and why before everything else.

Think about what inspires you to rise and shine each morning. Think about any volunteer work you’ve done, side jobs you’ve had, or even informative interviews you’ve attended.

In any of those roles, attempt to identify your area of greatest enthusiasm.

6. Get a Mentor.

Locate a network member who knows you well and can inspire and support you. They don’t even have to work in the field you’re considering or in a position, you’re interested in.

Their role is to provide you with guidance and help you better understand your skills and interests.

This person can review your resume and help you expand your network when you’re ready to learn more about certain opportunities.

7. Make a List of Alternatives

Make a list of all your options, including potential career paths, educational possibilities, and positions for which you are already qualified.

After you’ve listed every possibility, start whittling it down based on your research and what you learned throughout your period of introspection.

8. Create a Network

The greatest way to learn about different careers is to talk to people who are already working in those fields.

The more individuals you meet and converse with, the more insight you’ll have about the workplace and how many people value what they do.

The time you spend networking will be useful when it’s time to look for a job.

Frequently Asked Questions on What Career I Want

1. Why is the Meaning of Life 42?

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, technologically superior aliens develop Deep Thought, a supercomputer, to discover the solution to the alleged Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Deep Thought calculated the answer for 7.5 million years and came up with the number 42.

2. How do I Find Meaning in Life?

Most likely, everything you believe about life is a result of a combination of everything you have read, heard, and been exposed to throughout your life.

You are unable to concentrate on what genuinely gives your life significance because you are subject to the whims of other beliefs.

3. How do I Find My Why?

Your “Why” is a declaration of intent that explains why you carry out the work you do and lead the lifestyle you do. Your calling is this.

Your conviction is that. It is your declaration of purpose.

4. Is Life Meaningless?

One thing must be made clear: No person’s life is ever genuinely pointless.

The meaning and purpose of your existence cannot be lost.

You must be here for a reason, deep down, if you are.

The only problem is that you can no longer see it because of vision loss.

5. What if Life Has No Meaning?

The philosophical idea that there is no intrinsic worth or meaning to life is known as existential nihilism.

Existential nihilism asserts that, about the universe, a single person, or perhaps the entire human species, is unimportant, without meaning, and unlikely to change throughout existence.

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