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When is National Best Friends Day? (Traditions of the Day)

When is National Best Friends Day? Best friends help to carry us through our lives. And this is whether they’re near or far, old or new. It’s a day and a time to tell your best friends how much you appreciate their company.

When is National Best Friends Day? (Traditions of the Day)

This is because friends help you cope with a lot of things like:

  • Traumas, such as divorce.
  • Serious illness.
  • Job loss or the death of a loved one.

Also, they encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise.”

This day is the day to enjoy a little one-on-one time with the people who never fail to catch us when we fall.

When is National Best Friends Day 2023?

The friends we have chosen are cherished and celebrated on National Best Friends Day on June 8. So, if you ever asked “when is national best friends day”, the answer again is June 8.

For next year (2023), the day to celebrate your best friend or friends is on June 8.

History of National Best Friends Day

Now you have the answer to the question “when is national best friends day”. In 1935, the U.S. Congress gathered to devote a day each year in tribute to close friends.

They chose June 8, which is usually a balmy day in all regions of the country. The day is perfect for outdoor activities. Since then, many other countries have adopted the practice. Some even throw festivals to celebrate their chosen family.

This holiday has given rise to a handful of other friendship-themed days for celebration, including:

  • Friendship Day.
  • Women’s Friendship Day.
  • Also, even an entire week called Old Friends, New Friends Week.

Ironically, almost all celebrations of friendship occur in the summer.

While the holiday seems to have lost popularity through the years, it has seen a recent upsurge in engagement since the advent of social media.

Now, on June 8 every year, people rush to post fun photographs of themselves with their most trusted friends. The recognizable hashtag #nationalbestfriendsday allows users to witness just how many Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter users are celebrating along with them.

Traditions of National Best Friends Day

Moving further away from “when is national best friends day”. Traditions for this holiday vary. No two (or more) best friends have the same traditions. It is unique to everyone.

The shenanigans that best friends get up to are enjoyed and shared only between them. This includes:

  • Memorable adventures.
  • Fun gatherings.
  • Also, even inside jokes.

These traditions are relived on National Best Friends Day. However, there are low-key common traditions like:

  • Just hanging out and chilling at home watching movies with friends.
  • Going to the mall or your favourite cafe together.

Also, there are more elaborate ways to celebrate this day with your best friends like:

  • Dressing up and heading out to paint the town red.
  • Having a fancy dinner.

Interestingly, presents are also exchanged on this day like ‘best friends’ lockets or scrapbooks. This is to cement the friendship and remind each other of the special bond you share, no matter how much time has passed.

National Best Friends Day Activities

As you got an answer to the question “when is national best friends day”, be prepared for it. There are activities that really matter this day.

  • Reach out to your Best Friend

Carve out 30 minutes to catch up with your best friend. Schedule a time to meet up, FaceTime, or talk on the phone. And update that person on all the happenings of your life. Trust us—they want to hear all about it!

  • Plan a Gift for Your Best Friend

Purchase and send a gift to your favourite confidant. After all those long phone calls, wild nights out, and crazy exes, your person deserves a treat!

  • Remember the Good Times

Reminisce on good memories. Look through your old photos, read that tattered journal, and show your findings to your best friend.

Remembering what you’ve been through together will inevitably remind you just how grateful you are for your relationship.

Why National Best Friends Day is cherished

Apart from asking the question “when is national best friends day”, won’t want to know why it is so important. It is simple. The day is to our best friends. And they’re the family we choose.

Inevitably, our relatives’ expectations and judgments will wear us thin. Luckily, best friends are always there to lighten the mood.

Since we get to choose who our best friends are, they’re usually compatible with our personalities and interests. They understand us, respect us and, best of all, they know when to give us space.


Two Amazing Reasons Best Friends are cherished

Two Amazing Reasons Best Friends are cherished

  • They Understand Us

Naturally, many of our best friends have something important in common with us. Best friends simply understand us better than anyone else.

This is whether they’re navigating the same life stages, working in the same career field, or avidly interested in the same hobby.

  • They’re Fun!

When it’s time to let loose, best friends are always up for an adventure. They’re the ones we travel with, dance with, and relax with.

National Best Friends Day around the World

When is national best friends day across the world? Here we go!

National Best Friends Day Around the World
Country Holiday Occasion Date
Spain Friends Day A reason for a friendly gathering of both current and old friends. July 20
India Friendship Day Youngsters celebrate by exchanging greetings/text messages and tying friendship bands. First Sunday of August
Bolivia Friendship Day The bond of friendship is celebrated zealously. July 23
Finland Ystävänpäivä (Friend’s Day) Valentine’s Day is more commonly celebrated as Friend’s Day. February 14
Colombia Friendship Day Presents are given to close friends and loved ones, and celebrations often take place in bars and nightclubs. Second Saturday of March


National Best Friends Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 8 Thursday
2024 June 8 Saturday
2025 June 8 Sunday
2026 June 8 Monday
2027 June 8 Tuesday


National Best Friends Day FAQS

Associated with the question “when is national best friends day”, are these questions below:

  • Is National Best Friends Day a Real Holiday?

Yes! While National Best Friends Day doesn’t have quite as much traction as Thanksgiving, this day was handpicked and documented by the U.S. Congress long ago. It’s as real as our best friends are!

  • Can Your Best Friend also be Your Romantic Interest?

Of course! In fact, many Americans consider their spouses or partners to also be their best friends.

As long as they love you, support you, and make you laugh, there are no rules to who a best friend can be.

  • Should I be talking to My Best Friend Daily?

It’s up to you how you choose to communicate with your companions. Some people are able to go months without talking and pick up right where they left off.

National Best Friends Day FAQS

However, others need more consistent life updates to feel close. If you’re not sure, you should ask your best friend what they expect!

Now you have the answer to the question “when is national best friends day”. Please ensure you make the best of this day.

Also, feel free to share this information with your best friends and prepare to make the best of the day.

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