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Who is Big Brother Naija in Person (Would You Love to Know)?

Have you ever wondered “who is big brother Naija in person”? Maybe you have asked the question: Who is the person behind the voice of big brother Naija?

If you have, then be prepared to quench your curiosity. It is no news that the reality TV show is one of the most followed TV shows in Nigeria.

Who is Big Brother Naija in Person (Would You Love to Know)?

Who is big brother Naija in person? This question will be answered in this article. Thus, sit back and enjoy your read.

The Big Craze: Big Brother Naija

BBNaija, short for Big Brother Nigeria, is the new craze in the town. There’s no denying it. There’s no running away from it. In fact, if you’re a Nigerian then you know that BBNaija news now haunts us E-VE-RY-WHERE.

It’s every other post on our news feed. Also, it’s every other notification. Astonishingly, it’s what everybody in your church and WhatsApp group is talking about. It is everywhere!

And this of course isn’t new. This is how it goes every single year. This season is big brother Naija Season 7. We’re used to it. And this time around I’ve said to myself: okay, if you cannot beat them, join them!


What You Need to Know

It is apparent that you want to find out who the mystery man behind the Big Brother voice is. Who is big brother Naija in person? That you have asked. Since the season debuted, people have been making guesses and assumptions.

A lot of names have been thrown out as potential voices of the famous Big Brother. Many people thought that Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okolie had the infamous voice. But now, it is evident that that assumption is wrong.

Well, you’ll just have to see and hear for yourself. Are you ready to dive in? Would you love to know who is big brother Naija in person? If yes, then let’s go! But before we go on, what do you really know about big brother Naija?

What do you know about Big Brother Naija?

Big Brother originated from the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by George Orwell.

There in it is a theme of continuous oppressive surveillance of housemates by live TV cameras and audio microphones. As you desired to know “who is big brother Naija in person”, know that.

However, over the course of the show, the housemates are voted out. And those that stay till the end win the show. As in the Dutch version created by Jon de Mol, other countries of the world have adopted the same show.

For Nigeria, it is now widely known as Big Brother Naija. Interestingly, continuous surveillance is what Big Brother Naija and different versions in other countries of the world have in common.

What is the Big Brother Naija about?

Big Brother Naija, or big brother Nigeria as it was formally known, is one of Nigeria’s top and most-watched reality programs.

This show gathers contestants of different ages but not younger than 21 from different backgrounds. They are to live in a house together for many days and weeks. This is about 95 days more or less. And they are to contest for a grand prize worth millions of Naira.

The housemates are isolated in a house. And they are made to live together under the surveillance of Big Brother, who is always watching 24/7. You see why you should not ask: who is big brother Naija in person?

Each housemate is given a compulsory diary session every day. There they have a private interaction with Big Brother. He gives them an avenue to talk about their feelings and also requests favours from him.

When Big Brother Naija Started in Nigeria

When Big Brother Naija Started in Nigeria

The show started in 2006 after big brother Africa ended its season. Nigeria wanted to do something indigenous. After the show ended with Katung from Kaduna State being the winner, the show went on a break for close to 11 years.

It returned stronger and better in 2017. Ever since then, the show has been doing great. This show has been groundbreaking over the years and has served as an avenue for entertainment, recognition, and fun for contestants, viewers, and sponsors, respectively.

Its original network is Africa Magic from 2017 till date and Mnet in 2006 on Multichoice. Voting systems were verified by Alexander-Forbes auditing company and Deloitte auditing as of last season.

How the Big Brother Naija Show Has Evolved Over the Years

I know you are eager to know “who is the owner of big brother Naija”. Do not worry. Just chill, you will. But then, the show has evolved over the years. And this is with stakes getting higher and juicer. The winners are given better and higher prizes with each passing year.

Additionally, Big Brother brings new and interesting twists to the game. And this is with each season that comes, making it more interesting and unpredictable. And it leaves the viewers gasping for more.

The cash prizes and gifts also get better and more tempting with each season. The second season of Big Brother Naija was recorded in South Africa.

However, for the subsequent shows, it was now brought back to Nigeria, precisely in Lagos. This is because they say it is better and more reasonable to invest in Nigeria.

How is the Big Brother Naija Show Funded?

Before you know “Who is big brother Naija in person? do you know how the show is funded? Over the years, many companies, organizations, and businesses have used the Big brother platform to advertise their brand names.

In other words, they have taken advantage of the large scale of viewers that they have. As a result of the millions of viewers, Big Brother has, the businesses that have advertised on the show have recorded a significant rise in patronage and popularity.

Also, the show is said to be funded by the millions of votes sent in by fans and viewers. Each vote costs an amount of money. Apart from that, the show sponsors also pay huge amounts of money to be made lead sponsors.

Additionally, all sponsors also give out prizes to the contestants, either in cash or in goods.

Who is Big Brother Naija in Person?

Who is big brother Naija in person? Who owns the mysterious big brother voice? Well, a lot of people have made big assumptions: from Kenneth Okolie to Seyi Awolowo, so many names have been put into the running.

However, all of those names are nothing when compared to who today’s guy is. It is arguably said that the mystery man behind Big Brother Naija Season 7 is a voice actor by the name of Ejike Ibedilo. He is a broadcaster, actor, and international voice-over actor.

Who better to use as Big Brother than an internationally credible voice-over actor? The next season to follow is season seven which is ongoing. This season is already giving out juicier and hotter content than all previous seasons.

I’m sure you’ve loved reading this piece (Who is big brother Naija in person?). To make sure you keep having fun and don’t miss out on any fun in the future, just bookmark this page.

You’re really going to love it. Also, to catch up on other content you might have missed, CLICK HERE

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