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15 Top Popular Aviation Schools in Nigeria

– Aviation Schools in Nigeria – Aviation is one of the most popular topics of study nowadays. Many international students have flocked to this degree route hoping to pursue a job in aviation. While the opportunities are enticing, foreign students should consider if it suited a degree in aviation for them.

Table of Content

1. Is a Career in Aviation Right for You?

2. About Civil Aviation

3. The Top 15 Aviation Schools in Nigeria

Aviation Schools in Nigeria

Is a Career in Aviation Right for You?

Many students opt to pursue a career in aviation in the United States. Some desire to be pilots, while others want to work in a growing industry.

There are several aviation degrees available, and international students should make sure they know which one is best for them.

Do you wish to go to the skies? Are you interested in working in aircraft repair or administration? Are you interested in working in air traffic control?

These are all questions that students should look into. While these possibilities are wonderful, all veterans in the aviation profession will tell prospective students one thing: in order to be successful, you must have a passion.

About Civil Aviation

Nigeria’s transportation system and economy rely heavily on civil aviation. Around the country, there are several airports, heliports, and controlled airstrips.

It also acts as a hub for over 20 domestic airlines. It’s no wonder that Nigeria boasts a profusion of aviation schools with such a robust aviation business.

The majority are in or near large cities and provide a variety of flying-related courses. Read further to see the Aviation Schools in Nigeria.

The Top 15 Aviation Schools in Nigeria

Aviation Schools in NigeriaBelow is a list of Aviation Schools in Nigeria:

1. Nigerian Aviation Technology College (NCAT)

This is the first Aviation school in Nigeria and was originally known as the Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Centre.

The school was formed in 1964 and is in Kaduna State’s Zaria district. The highly recognized NCAT is one of Nigeria’s premier aviation schools.

The amount paid varies depending on the course. Regular pilot training costs around 7.5 million Naira.

NCAT is government0owned, making its fees somewhat friendlier compared to private institutions.


2. International Aviation College

The International Aviation College is probably one of the most popular selections when seeking an aviation school in Nigeria.

It is owned and administered by the State Government of Kwara and is in Ilorin. They found the institution to address Nigeria’s long-standing scarcity of well-trained pilots and other aviation professionals.

Minimum age of 18 is required to enter this institute. The cost of tuition varies per course. The cost of a typical piloting training is N7 million.


3. Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)

Dhaewood Aviation Business School is one of Nigeria’s most prestigious privately operated aviation schools.

Since its inception in 2005, the school has taught a large number of airline personnel. DABS has a fee structure that is essentially identical to the two government entities mentioned above.

A three-month course would set you back roughly 50,000 Naira, while a normal piloting course will set you back about 7.5 million Naira.


4. Universal School of Aviation

This is one of Lagos, Nigeria’s finest aviation schools. It has well known as the Universal School of Aviation for its industry-relevant courses and experienced teachers.

The school has active connections with several domestic and foreign airlines, which adds to the trainees’ marketability.

Most short courses cost around 50,000 dollars, while medium-term courses cost over 230,000 dollars.

In addition, the college gives new students from financially disadvantaged families fee discounts of up to 10%.


5. Sky Aviation Training Center

In Nigeria, the Sky Aviation Training Center is a well-known aviation institution for airline and tourist agency employees.

The school is in Orile Oshod, Lagos, at 7 Akin-Lawanson St.


6. Skywalker Training Center

Nigeria’s Skywalker Training Center is an NCAA-accredited aviation school. This training center can be found in Ikeja, Lagos.

The school offers commercial aeronautics courses such as airfare and ticketing, flight planning, Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering, and more.

The Skywalker Training Centre also provides training in the hotel, travel, and tourist industries.



7. Landover Aviation Business School (LABS)

LABS is also one of the Aviation Schools in Nigeria. It established the Landover Aviation Business School in 2002 in Ikeja, Lagos.

It has now grown into one of Nigeria’s premier aviation training institutes. They divided the institute into three primary faculties: aviation management operations, travel and tourist operations, and aviation technical and aeronautic operations.

IATA-certified instructors are available in all three faculties. Depending on the course, course costs range from 70,000 to 230,000 dollars.

Landover Aviation Business School (LABS) has three times been named to the IATA Top 10 Aviation Training Institutions in Africa list.


8. BlueSky Aviation-Helicopter Pilot Training Academy

BlueSky Aviation-Helicopter Pilot Training Academy

This organization provides a variety of aeronautical training and services.

Flight line services, aircraft sales, aircraft maintenance and management, pilot training, and air charters are all examples of these services.

The country’s Federal Aviation Administration tests and approves all pilot trainees.


9. Javi Aviation Support Services

Javi Aviation is one of the Aviation Schools in Nigeria. However, Javi Aviation Support Services is a significant corporation in the West African area that provides consulting services.

Hospitality, flight operations, freight handling, and aeronautics training are among the services provided.


10. Falcon Aviation Training School

Falcon Aviation is a licensed aviation school in Lagos. Toyin Sannin and Erika Achumand came up with the idea for this training school.

They wanted to make aeronautics instruction accessible to a wide range of people. The institution now assists the learners in their hunt for meaningful work.

The school, which is based in Lagos, aims to provide students with the attitude, skills, and knowledge needed to excel in today’s aeronautics business.


11. Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management

Courses include travel agency management, basic flight dispatching, cabin crew training, cargo handling, bookings, and air ticketing at Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management.

A person must have a minimum of four WASC/GCE O-Level/SSCE/NECO/NABTEB passes to be admitted to the school.

Additional credentials from respectable universities are valuable assets.


12. Crew Training Institute

Crew Training Institute is one of the Aviation Schools in Nigeria. However, they dedicate the crew Training Institute to preparing students for successful employment in the aviation sector, particularly as cabin crew.

Most of the teachers at the school have significant cabin crew experience, having worked for a variety of airlines around the country.


13. Gibair Aviation Academy

Gibair Aviation AcademyThis institution offers training in the maritime and aviation industries. The school is one of the best in the country for students interested in tour and travel management, civil aviation, and marine affairs.

The school is part of Gibair Aviation Services, a company that provides a variety of public transportation services.


14. International Institute of Aviation & Shipping Technology

Students pursuing diplomas and higher national diplomas in shipping and aviation courses might consider this institution.

The school is based in Lagos and is part of the Stelad Nigeria Company.


15. Lagos Aviation Academy (LAA)

In Nigeria, LAA is a licensed pilot school. It is in the Lagos Mainland’s core district.

The school’s goal is to provide competent aeronautics professionals with training and assistance so that they may pursue successful careers.

Lagos Aviation Academy also provides management and personal effectiveness courses besides aeronautics studies.


If you still have a challenge regarding how to choose the best Aviation Schools in Nigeria, drop a comment below for a quick response. Also, do well to share Aviation Schools in Nigeria article with friends on your social platforms.

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