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Best NGO Jobs in Nigeria | Part-Time and Full-Time 2022

NGO Jobs: Do you have a burning desire to help people? Would you be interested in working for or in a Nigerian NGO? If so, then you should read this article. You will learn about the best NGO jobs in Nigeria in this article.

Best NGO Jobs in Nigeria | Part-Time and Full-Time 2022

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a citizen-based, nonprofit organization that runs separately from the government.

NGOs, often known as civil societies, are organizations that function cooperatively rather than commercially to serve specific social or political ends at the local, national, and worldwide levels.

NGOs that support human rights, promote better health or promote political engagement are a few examples.

This article informs us about various NGO positions available in Nigeria for both part-time and full-time candidates.

Full-Time NGO Jobs

Best NGO Jobs in Nigeria | Part-Time and Full-Time 2022

Here is the list of jobs available in Non-governmental organizations.

Grants & Contracts Administrator

Job Description

Grants and contract administrators offer academics and staff that are looking for outside money for research, public service, and unique sponsored institutional programs administrative and technical counsel and support.


1. Ability to make administrative/procedural decisions and judgments.

2. A Bachelor’s degree in Business, International Relations, Finance, or a related field.

3. Organizing and coordinating skills.

4. Records maintenance skills.

5. Ability to perform complex tasks and prioritize multiple projects.

Care Co-ordinators

Job Description

The administrative facets of patient care are within the purview of health unit coordinators.

They frequently work in hospitals and nursing homes, offering non-medical support to both patients and nurses.

Patients and health care coordinators collaborate to identify the patient’s unique medical requirements.


  1. A degree in the health care field.

2. Experience executing and coordinating on-site primary health and clinical operations with a wide range of partners in humanitarian/crisis response programs is necessary.

3. It would be ideal to have experience with emergency nutrition activities, including assessments and activity planning.

4. prior employment with the progressive program’s non-governmental organization (NGO), government agency, or private enterprise

5. management experience in humanitarian assistance or related industry experience in a relevant technical area.

6. Experience coordinating complex programs with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Livelihood Officer

Job Description

Determine whether they should support communities in implementing prospective livelihood options that are more resilient to catastrophes and less sensitive to current and potential dangers.



1. Bachelor’s degree or HND in banking and finance, business administration, or a similar discipline

2. thorough knowledge of the problems with urban poverty and vulnerability in Northeast Nigeria.

3. Minimum of two years’ worth of professional experience in the livelihood field, with emphasis on family business plans, micro-enterprises, and fund management.

4. competent and experienced in multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations for planning, monitoring, and reporting project activities in a relevant field.

5. Excellent facilitation, networking, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Project Director

Job Description

The main responsibilities are strategy, output quality, budget, time management, project/program, and brand activation activities.


1. Must have worked for a Blue-chip corporation as an assistant general manager.

2. Definitely a technocrat.

3. a track record of starting from scratch and growing organizations or businesses.

4. demonstrate your management of healthcare experience.

5. Master’s degree in public administration, business, organizational development, or development


Job Description

A consultant determines the state of community behaviors and access to water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities.

Assist in the development of a program’s behavioral change and communication or communication for development activities by providing information on people’s knowledge, attitudes, and practices.


1. The consultant should have five years of relevant professional experience and at least a master’s degree in public health, WASH, or a closely connected discipline.

2. knowledge of PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Excel as well as digital data collection tools.

3. Excellent document presentation and writing abilities.

4. the capacity to work and live in a remote location with little comfort.

5. Strong research and analytical abilities, as well as a good understanding of both quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

Systems Enhancement Accountant

Job Description

Enchanting the system At the nation’s State offices, accountants are in charge of continuously enhancing the financial systems and compliance standards.


1. an M.Sc. in Accounting, a B.Sc. in Accounting, Finance, and Business Administration, or its recognized equivalent, with five to seven years of relevant experience

2. appropriate knowledge of accounting concepts and procedures to create intricate and thorough financial and budgetary assessments.

3. knowledge of financial reporting and uses of financial management systems.

4. knowledge of Nigerian non-governmental organizations and projects with donor funding

5. Required are CPA, ACA, or a recognized equivalent.

Senior Coordination and Liaison Officer

Job Description

Creating and maintaining productive working relationships with Federal, State, and Local Government bodies is the responsibility of Senior Coordination and Liaison Officers.

To guarantee effective and constructive participation within the framework of the Recovery to Resilience initiative, which is sponsored by ECHO.


1. HND, Bachelor’s Degree.

2. 3 – 4 years of working experience in the related field.

3. High mapping skills, in map drafting and other map-related skills.

4. High level of discretion, moral character, professionalism, maturity, sensitivity to cultural differences, adaptability, teamwork, and interpersonal skills with the capacity to forge meaningful connections with a variety of people.

5. experience working under pressure and the capacity to independently manage several priorities

Part-time NGO jobs

Here are part-time NGO jobs:

Facility Support Staff

Job Description

Facility support officer Plans and coordinates all installations and refurbishments.


1. Knowledge of basic accounting and finance principles

2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

3. Excellent organizational and leadership skills

4. Good analytical or critical thinking

5. BSc or BA in facility management, engineering, business administration, or relevant field

Communications Intern

Job Description

The communications intern assists with the execution of communication strategies to raise the profile of the media and the communities as well as their visibility.

They assist in communications and advocacy efforts.


1. A university graduate degree.

2. Any related prior internship experience is preferred.

3. Excellent writing and verbal communication skills

4. Good photography and videography skills.

Wash Officer

Job Description

Wash officer Conducts research study on Sanitation Marketing.


1. Degree in Water Engineering, Hydrology, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Building, Social Science, Public Health

And other related fields with a minimum of 2 years of field experience especially in CLTS and sanitation marketing.

2. Professional, good organizational capacity, motivated, open, creative, mature, responsible, flexible, and, culturally sensitive.

3. Two years of relevant work experience.

4. Microsoft Office and designing software Skills.

5. Willing and able to be based and travel regularly within remote areas, where services are limited.

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