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Best-Paying Jobs in Business Services in 2022

Best-Paying Jobs in Business Services in 2022: The highest compensated positions in business can be very fulfilling. Many positions in business services that pay well need years of education and on-the-job training.

Best-Paying Jobs in Business Services

Best-Paying Jobs in Business Services

Based on the most recent information available from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and other sources, we’ve prepared a list of the highest-paying positions in the business services sector.

1. Human Resources Personnel

Annual Salary: $134,500-$180,500 on average

The human resources team (HR) is in charge of several organisational tasks, such as hiring new employees and maintaining regulatory compliance.

You might help run the HR department, for instance. You manage complaints, developing performance assessment programs, and defining job descriptions, pay scales, and benefit schedules.

Because many businesses depend on you to encourage job satisfaction and employee loyalty and retention, careful attention to detail, a positive outlook, and effective communication skills are crucial.

2. Entrepreneur

$10,000 to more than $1 million per year in average pay

Entrepreneurs are business owners and operators who plan, start their operations, and are fully accountable for the outcomes of their labour.

Therefore, entrepreneurs are in charge of the financial, decision-making, strategic planning, and management aspects of today’s most active businesses.

Entrepreneurs must, however, complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program (or higher) in a business-related field to be eligible for employment. However, some never attend college.

3. Business Affairs Manager

Annual Salary: $72,500-$187,500 on average

A business affairs manager supports executives from various corporate departments and the legal division. You will handle any concerns or legal issues as they emerge in this position.

The company division then established the job responsibilities you frequently assist. You must fully understand the rules governing your industry.

In your chosen field, the experience will be crucial. Most corporate affairs managers have a legal degree, despite different educational requirements.


4. Customer Service Advisor

Annual Salary: $95,000 to $185,000.

Your duties and responsibilities as a customer service advisor include managing and supervising the day-to-day operations of a company’s customer care or support department.

Similarly, you collaborate with other senior leadership to decide the firm’s short- and long-term goals.

More Details

However, what contribution your department can play in enhancing customer connections, happiness, and the speed at which the organisation responds to concerns?

You hire new department employees, manage their training, conduct performance reviews, assess customer service feedback, and work to establish and enhance your department’s customer service policies and practices.

5. Director of Program Management

Best-Paying Jobs in Business Services

Annual Salary: $136,500-$192,000 on average

One of the highest-paying positions in business services is director of program management. He reviews program performance, monitors the execution of key programs, and evaluates project managers’ effectiveness and output.

Therefore, directing the program management team, overseeing relevant efforts, and coming up with solutions to improve business operations at all levels will be your duties as the director of program management.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in project management, change management, business administration, or a related field is further necessary for employment as a director of program management, besides an understanding the industry.

6. Actuary

Average Pay: $77,000 – $181,000 yearly

Most actuaries work for insurance companies, helping to develop policies and choose the most lucrative and competitive premiums based on statistical information.

An actuary’s regular duties include writing reports that clarify findings, calculations, and recommendations and presenting those findings to company executives, shareholders, and clients.

However, using databases, statistics, and modelling tools, most of an actuary’s work is done on a computer.

7. CEO

Annual Salary: $94,500-$190,000 on average

A CEO handles the well-being and success of a company, making sure that it adheres to a set of rules or a plan. To successfully run a business, a CEO needs to be informed of the market’s prospects and competitors.

As a result, CEOs develop and carry out a strategic plan that will direct the business in the direction.

They may also consult a board of directors or advisors. It is crucial to exhibit outstanding leadership qualities and the capacity to command respect.

8. Talent Agent

Best-Paying Jobs in Business Services

Annual Salary: $37,000 to $139,000 on average

An individual with marketable talents, such as an athlete, a model, a musician, a singer, a band, an artist, a comedian, or another person with marketable talent, may be promoted and represented by a talent agent rather than by a corporation.

Their main aim is to direct their clients’ careers toward better and more lucrative prospects, though. Like any other public relations specialist, a talent agent is accountable for upholding the reputations of the clients they serve.

9. Tax Manager

Annual Salary: $83,000 to $160,000 on average

It is the duty of tax managers to make sure that businesses and organisations abide by all applicable local, state, and federal tax regulations.

They then achieve this by formulating and implementing various tax laws, preparing and submitting tax returns, and identifying and resolving tax-related issues.

Tax managers must hold a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification and a master’s degree in finance, economics, or taxes. Employers frequently offer training opportunities for workers to advance and enhance their abilities while on the job.

10. Bank President

Annual Salary: $71,500 to $169,500 on average

As the head of a bank, your main responsibilities are to supervise all banking operations. You are in charge of a group of a branch or regional managers.

The answer to the CEO of the bank, and you are in charge of their actions. Among the various duties of the position include making sure that all operations meet client expectations.

Good management, accounting, and business experience are required. You must be able to speak in public and communicate clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked queries about the best-paying jobs in business services.

1. What are the best jobs/fields in business?

  1. Medical and Health Services Manager
  2. Financial Manager
  3. Statistician
  4. Market Research Analyst
  5. Operations Research Analyst
  6. Personal Financial Advisors
  7. Office manager
  8. Public relations specialist
  9. Staff accountant
  10. Business coordinator
  11. Investment banker
  12. Accountant

2. Which business major graduates get the highest paying jobs?

  1. Chief financial officer (CFO)
  2. Chief credit officer
  3. Accountant
  4. Administration manager
  5. Controller
  6. Bank managers
  7. Finance Advisors
  8. Budget director

3. What are the high-paying jobs that are not stressful?

  1. Software developer
  2. Actuary
  3. Technical writer
  4. Art director
  5. Operations research analyst
  6. Audiologist
  7. University professor
  8. Radiation therapist

4. What are the most underrated jobs which pay really well?

  1. Paralegal/legal assistant
  2. Accountant
  3. Loan Officer
  4. Market research analyst
  5. Software engineer
  6. Computer systems analyst
  7. Insurance agent
  8. Dietitian
  9. Financial analyst
  10. Medical Technologist
  11. Physical therapist

5. Which is better: a job or a business?

Jobs are safer because you can bank on getting paid on schedule no matter what occurs.

As a result, businesses provide a more steady and risk-free source of income. You can earn a certain amount of money when you labour.

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