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Best Skateboard for College Student to Use

Best Skateboard for College Student: Here are our picks for the top skateboards for college students to buy for commuting, even if there are many other boards available that are great for college cruising.

Best Skateboard for College Student

About Best Skateboard for College Student

There will always be traffic congestion. Once the road becomes congested when you get at your college campus.

Also, you run the danger of being late for class, whether you are driving or taking public transportation. And while many people can concur on this, not all of them have the greatest solution.

Never allow these traffic problems to disturb your tranquil state of mind. Use the finest skateboard for college to arrive at your institution of learning before classes begin. Here are certain things you need to keep in mind, though, before that.

Top 10 Best Skateboard for College Student

If you have the proper equipment, riding a skateboard to your college campuses is fun. To learn more about the board setup that is best for you, be sure to read the purchase guide at the end of this article.

Even though there are many other boards available that are excellent for college cruising, these are our top selections for the best skateboards for college students to purchase for commuting.

1. Loaded Fat Tail or Tan Tien

We love this board since it is so very light and manoeuvrable. It’s easy to transport this board to class. This deck’s construction uses vertically laminated bamboo plays sandwiched between layers of fibreglass to give it unmatched flexibility and carving ability.

The board’s form makes it possible to build complete with very large wheels without having to worry about wheel bite. You can steamroll over pebbles and cracks with these big, smooth wheels.

2. ToyerBee Skateboard

The ToyerBee Skateboard’s durable deck is a favourite among skateboarders. The 9-layer Canadian maple wood deck on this skateboard provides enhanced resilience while riding. Additionally, this deck has a 220 lb weight capacity, making it capable of moving practically anyone.

This ToyerBee is not only a load of capacity but also a secure skateboard. There is grip tape on top of it, which creates adequate friction between my sneakers and the board. Additionally, this waterproof grip covering makes the surface more resistant to wetness and damage.

3. Cal 7 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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The Cal 7 22′′ Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard stood out in a sea of wooden cruiser skateboards.

The plastic body of this college skateboard offers improved durability and support. Kids, adults and inexperienced or seasoned riders can all use it. I also feel less concerned about damaging my cruiser too soon now that I have this skateboard.

Another benefit of this board is its portability. This board fits in my bag because of its 22-inch body length. Plus, it’s never difficult to carry because it just weighs 1.76kg. In reality, it’s not a problem for me to always pack this method of transportation inside my backpack.

4. Scientoy Beginner Skateboard

One of the most stable skateboards I own is the Scientoy Beginner Skateboard. It has two 5′′ aluminium trucks, two ABEC 7 precision bearings, and 95a high-rebound wheels, all of which lesson shocks and keep my rides smooth.

This collegiate skateboard form is another aspect I adore. The Scientoy has a double kick mellow concave shape that improves board control for the rider. Additionally, this skateboard’s form enables several fundamental tricks including ollies, slides, and pivots.

5. Sangde Complete Skateboard

Even though it doesn’t always rain, the Sangde Complete Skateboard’s nearly waterproof body gives me the confidence to ride in inclement weather.

They printed the bottom of the deck using thermal transfer technology and have moisture-resistant grip tape. These two characteristics effectively stop water from entering the board’s body.


6. Arbor Pilsner

Another excellent option is The Pilsner, which features a wide range of graphics, meticulous attention to detail, and high-quality parts.

Arbor began as a snowboard brand and expanded into skateboarding with its cool snowboard designs.

The Arbor Collective is a skateboard and snowboard manufacturer with its headquarters in Venice, California. We strongly advise to visit their incredibly fantastic main store in Venice.

7. Landyachtz Dinghy

We devoted a whole post to explain why this board is in charge. There are so many graphics available, and frequently the design includes small deviations from the typical shape.

From the modest grip patterns to the color schemes, each board has its own identity. We enjoy it. Over time, we have discovered that several of the parts lack certain quality, though.

8. Sector 9 Pintail

The longboard pintail was essentially created by Sector 9 and has been kept cool ever since.

Because of its timeless appeal and approachable ride-ability for new riders, this classic form is a perennial favourite. There are many graphics to pick from, and more are always being released.

On Sector 9 Completes, Gullwing Trucks and 9Ball Wheels/Bearings are excellent, but we favour Paris Trucks slightly more because of their fit and polish.

9. Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard

The Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard, with a 27.5′′ body, is one of my steadiest hybrid skateboards.

This skateboard has an 18.5-inch wheelbase while being a little shorter than some of my commuter skateboards. This feature aids in improving my stance on the board and maintaining my stability at all times.

This college skateboard is my favourite because it has wheel wells. For some individuals, this feature might not seem like much, but to me, it speaks to the safety of my skateboard.

10. Arcade Pro Skateboard

I discovered the Arcade Pro Skateboard when looking for beginning skateboards that would enable me to skate like a pro. The flexible body of this pre-assembled skateboard makes it ideal for riders learning new tricks.

Additionally, it has fine trucks that can cut smoothly and make tight turns. College skateboarding wasn’t difficult at all with these.

The skateboard’s wheels are the next feature that makes it suitable for performing tricks. A set of 95a sticky wheels that are hard enough for a few ollies and flips are included with the Arcade.

You will commute to campus easily and maintain your physical fitness with the finest skateboard for college.

Swing in elegance and avoiding traffic to get to school. Remember to post your inquiries in the comments area and share. Thanks.

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