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Best Skateboards Under 50 Dollars for College Student

Best Skateboards Under 50 Dollars: Even though there are many more skateboards that are excellent for college cruising, these are our top selections for the best commuter skateboards under 50 dollars for college students.

Best Skateboards Under 50 Dollars

Best Skateboards Under 50 (Best Cheap Skateboards)

Even while skating might be enjoyable, choosing the wrong skateboard may make you never want to skate again. Also, skateboards can be very expensive, and searching the internet for affordable skateboards can be time-consuming.

And if that weren’t bad enough, you might buy a cheap skateboard just to find out later that it lacks every important feature that it had in its web description. Isn’t that a financial waste?

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Interestingly, you don’t have to pay a fortune to have a trustworthy skating partner because many inexpensive skateboards may compete favorably with expensive models.

Therefore, we’ve put up a list of some of the top skateboards you can get for around $50 to help you avoid tension and headaches. The best full skateboards under fifty dollars, indeed.

Top 7 Best Skateboards Under 50 dollars

Best Skateboards Under 50 Dollars

There are many possibilities available in this model because it may be difficult to choose one nice skateboard design that fully matches your personal taste.

Although the pro version of this skateboard is excellent for beginners as well, we wanted to highlight at least one professional skateboard. Therefore, they must also locate quality skateboards for less than $50.

1. OLEIO Skateboards- Under 50 Dollars

This OLEIO skateboard is your best choice if your ideal skateboard is one that would serve beginners well. Users will get a smooth ride on this plastic board. It is constructed from strong, solid, long-lasting materials.

For balance, especially for newcomers, it has a full-sized double kick integrated within a sleek, concave-designed chassis.

It is simple to use and swap our controls thanks to its ABEC-7 precise bearings and soft PU bushings. The soft bushings shield the wheels from deterioration and abrasion as well.

2. THMEX Pro Cruiser Skateboard- Under 40 Dollars

Do you have the ideal present in mind for your friends? Or are you trying to find the finest skateboard for an adult to learn on? If you’re sick of squandering cash on skateboards, that isn’t any good? Then think about purchasing a THMEX Pro skateboard.

They designed it to sate the want to skate of all skaters, whether novices or specialists, children or adults and parents.

The skateboard has 52mm wheels with ABEC-9 precision that are paired to give novices the necessary stability. It has a 5-inch sturdy metal truck that has full riser pads to eliminate vibrations and guarantee smooth skating.

3. Magneto Complete Skateboards for Under 50 Dollars

There has never been a skateboard for kids that is better than this one. Therefore, it is specifically constructed and created for children only.

Best Skateboards Under 50 Dollars

Also, its size, which is smaller than other typical skateboards at 27.5 inches, is one characteristic that makes it the ideal board for kids.

This is the perfect present for children and teenagers who want to learn how to skate or who are just getting started.

The board has an extremely shallow concave, which gives young skaters more comfort and self-assurance. Additionally, it is lightweight and convenient, making it easier for kids to carry, and it doesn’t need to be assembled before use.

4. Gentle Monster- Cheap Complete Skateboards Under $30

The Gonex Gentle Monster should be your first choice if you’re looking for an affordable all-around multi-purpose skateboard.

All levels of riders can use this Gentle Monster skateboard. It is ideal for novices, and advanced skaters may also pull off some tricks with it. Both adults and children find it to be great.

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Like most skateboards, they send it fully completed, ready to use, and without the need to attach any additional parts. Users can perform a variety of skating techniques, including 360s, OL actions, and many others.

This is the perfect board to gain for your child if you want to encourage his or her enthusiasm for skating because it will help build their athletic ability. Possibly, your child has just begun.


5. WhiteFang Low-priced Complete Skateboard

This incredible board from WhiteFang skateboard is a great option to take into consideration if you are just learning to skate or have ever considered improving your skating abilities.

It offers complete balance and support to quickly improve your skating experience, making it ideal for attempting new feats and movements.

This skateboard has a double kick dis-symmetrical concave and emery sandpaper to give the foot the locked feeling it needs, so you should think about getting it. Therefore, this feature will also help in picking up new skills and pulling off different stunts.

6. METROLLER Skateboards for Beginners

For novices, Metrolller’s Skateboard is a fantastic option. It includes 5-inch reinforced aluminum alloy trucks that can hold 220 pounds and 7 layers of Canadian Maple wood.

Meanwhile, the carbon steel bearings ensure this board lasts even when used every day at school or work.

Also, with the rough ground as well, the anti-shock 54 mm 95A High Rebound. Plus, PU wheels make it smooth on any surface without losing durability (it doesn’t require assembly).

7. FlyBee Boards- Cheap Skateboards

This FlyBee skateboard is the ideal fit for you if, in contrast to other typical boards, your preferred skateboard isn’t overly long or you prefer one with small yet sturdy wheels. The maneuverability of this skateboard is one of its remarkable qualities.

They used ABEC 7 bearings for this skateboard, and with its small wheels, it offers users tremendous manoeuvrability.

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Also, it works with vehicles and can endure all kinds of abrasion on various surfaces. Its wood and reliable grip tape increase the comfort it affords the user.

Because of its straightforward build, this skateboard is simple to maneuver. Also, control, and manage, making it excellent for learning tricks and honing various skating techniques. It also passes by a small skateboard, thanks to its stylish appearance.

As you swing your way to school, avoid traffic as much as possible. Do not forget to share and publish your questions in the comments section. Thanks.

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