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The Best Student Discount Card to Save Money 2022

Best Student Discount Card: The value of education being placed on life itself should be consoling enough, although “Education comes at a great price” is the most overused cliche for upper-class and middle-class people. Discover the finest student discount card by reading this to save money.Best student discount card

If you’re seeking to save some money while living in student housing, a student discount card can assist.

Every student should have a card that gives them discounts on items like travel, shopping, and eating.

We’ve compiled a list of the best student discount cards we think are well worth the money, along with everything you need to know about each one.

What Is a Student Discount Card?

Similar to credit cards, student discount cards let students receive savings or River Island student discounts on a variety of goods and services.

Our goal is to use these monies to help students enjoy their life more by covering some indulgences and academic costs.

Simply present your discount card at the register to take advantage of fantastic savings on entertainment, apparel, and travel.

These resemble loyalty programs a lot. These will enable you to be eligible for discounted rates ranging from 10% to 90%.

You can use your discount codes online or in-store. To shop online, register the card and download coupon coupons or vouchers.

Benefits of a Student Discount Card

  •  It contains your personal information, which can prove your identity as a student.
  •  They are accepted in most countries if they are not already.
  • These can be used for dining out, shopping, and even educational materials like stationery, books, and other stationery.
  • It can also be used to shop online.
  •  It can help you save money on services or products
  •  Students Accommodation in the UK

How to Get A UK Student Discount Card

Many high-street shops and eateries offer discount cards to students. Students can get discounts from many well-known brands, like Topshop, Amazon, Topshop, and Nando’s.

Which card you use to make the transaction determines the discount you get and the locations where you can use it. Most shops will give you a 10 percent to 20 percent discount on your purchase if you have a student ID.

Save the Student updates its website regularly with information about companies that offer student discounts, River Island student discounts, and other specials. If in doubt, you can always ask if they offer a discount for students.

What Does a Student Card Cost?

The cost of student cards is approximately PS10-30, depending on which card you choose. They will last approximately one year. 

An annual railcard costs PS30, while an NUS additional card is PS12 per year. It is an affordable price, as each card can help you save money in various fields.

How to Get a Discount Card

Each card provider has a different method for signing up for a river island student discount or student discount card. All cards follow a similar process.

This includes a quick application process to confirm where and for how long. NUS is an example.

  • Click on “Get Your Card” at the top right corner
  •  Enter your email address and confirm
  •  Enter the name of your course provider.
  •  Please enter the details of your course (length, discipline, etc.).
  •  Choose the card that you wish and any add-ons
  •  Upload a photo of yourself.
  •  Enter your personal details.
  •  You must pay for the card.

Who is eligible for a Student Discount Card?

Eligibility Criteria for best student discount card

Students who are over 16 years old and are enrolled in higher education part-time or full-time will probably be eligible for a student discount card.

This applies to Sixth Forms and Colleges. It’s easy to do and takes very little time. Each card is different, but once you are eligible, you will receive great discounts at many places.

Many student discount cards allow users below 16 to apply. For example, the ISIC Card UK will let individuals as young as twelve apply for their UK discount card.

As long as the student has been studying for at least 15 hours per week for three months and is not under 16, they are eligible.

Some of the UK’s student discount cards are free to students, such as the UNiDAYS card which gives discounts on food, clothes, and tech.

Online Student discount card codes


The International Student Identity Card is the only international proof of student status. It’s widely used if you are an international student and plan to travel abroad. 

You can receive discounts in over 130 countries with the ISIC card UK. Students also get discounts on airfares.

However, the cards cost varies depending on where you live and can range from US$4-25. An ISIC card, although primarily US-centric is accepted in many UK stores as a form of student ID.


The National Union of Students supported this. It offers discounts on dining out, fashion, travel and fitness. It is one of the UK’s most popular student discount cards. 

Also, TOTUM Pro is available for purchase at PS12, PS22, or PS32 for one year. You also get the full range of discounts and a TOTUM Lite card, which is completely free. 

Your TOTUM card will include proof of age so you can have your important documents, such as your passport, and driver’s license, with you on your evenings out. As part of your TOTUM Pro membership, you’ll also receive a 12-month International Student Identity Card.


 UNiDAYS membership is completely free. This makes it easy to get student discounts online. To create an account, you will need to have an academic email address.

You can then use the various discount codes at checkout. UNiDAYS offers discounts for students with many brands, including ASOS, Apple, Urban Outfitters, and Urban Outfitters. It is also available as an app on smartphones.

4. Student Beans

It’s like UNiDAYS. Sign up to the Student Beans site for free and get access to a variety of discounts. Both offer slightly different discounts, and both are completely free.

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