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75 Best Debate Topics For Primary Schools In Nigeria

– Debate Topics For Primary Schools In Nigeria – Working on Debate Topics For Primary Schools in Nigeria can be quite beneficial. However, it will not only broaden your knowledge of things but also improves your confidence, especially if the debate response is supposed to be spoken. Before we proceed, let us understand the team “Debate”.

Table of Content

1. What is a Debate?

2. Types of Debate

3. Debate Topics For Primary School

4. High School Debate Topics

5. Best List of Interesting Debate Topics

6. How to Debate Using Pro And Con Arguments

7. How to be a Very Good Debater

Debate Topics For Primary Schools In Nigeria

What is a Debate?

A debate is a structured discussion in which participants explore a topic from two opposed perspectives. There are two sides to every story.

The “Pro” side includes those who support the concept. Those that disagree are on the “Con” side.

The basic goal of a discussion is to persuade the audience that your point of view is correct.

Furthermore, once the contestants have presented their ideas in a formal debate, a panel of Judges or moderators determine the winner.

Types of Debate

Below are the types of debate:

1. Team Policy Debate

A policy discussion is a two-on-two argument in which one team presents a plan and the other side explains why it should not be implemented.

2. Debate on Cross-Examination

Between speeches, opponents ask each other questions to explain and better grasp each other’s positions (and, if all goes well, an important concession for you to win the debate).

3. Topics for Persuasive Debate

The main goal of these themes is to convince the audience. Persuasive argument topics must address an issue or subject that others are interested in, as well as something that you are interested in and knowledgeable about.

4. Contentious Debate Subjects

The fundamental quality of such subjects is that they are always tough for a student. Controversial debate topics typically address a significant and compelling theme and provide many opportunities for debate.

A good controversial issue elicits a variety of responses from individuals and prompts them to ask questions that have no clear answer.

5. Debate Topics for Argumentative Debates

Argumentative debate themes can be based on a variety of concerns, situations, phenomena, or concepts.

When choosing such themes, it must prepare you to conduct extensive research, examine resources, and select arguments from tried-and-true sources to support your thoughts.

Debate Topics For Primary School

Below are lists of debate topics for primary school: 

  1. Are public schools better than private primary schools?
  2. Who is responsible for student failure – parents or teachers?
  3. Should sex education be encouraged in schools?
  4. Is male education better than female education?
  5. Education is better than money?
  6. Are single-sex schools better than mixed-sex schools?
  7. Are Farmers better than Teachers?
  8. Should school managements allow religious activities in school?
  9. Democratic government or Military government–which is better?
  10. Does school location affect student learning?
  11. Is homeschooling better for pupils?
  12. Should the age for drinking alcohol be raised?
  13. Should School uniforms be abolished?
  14. Is paying tax to the government fair or not?
  15. Do video games promote violence?
  16. Should an embryo be considered a person?
  17. Should rapists face the death penalty?
  18. Should a person that kills be killed?
  19. Can alternative energy replace fossil fuels?
  20. Should parents make the decision about career choices for their children?
  21. Is sex education for teens advisable?
  22. Should the distinction between males and females be allowed in sports?
  23. Should girls be allowed to play all sports?
  24. Is football a dangerous game?
  25. Is cricket better than netball?


High School Debate Topics

High School Debate Topics

Below is a list of High school debate topics:

  1. Indecent dressing schools
  2. Beauty pageants do more good than harm.
  3. attending parties in school should be stopped
  4. Being unwanted is the most terrible of diseases.
  5. Birth control/education in schools BU should be a “wet” campus
  6. Boys are higher achievers than girls.
  7. Businesses should not place advertisements in schools.
  8. Cable TV has done more damage than good.
  9. which is the best profession?
  10. Capital punishment is unjust and degrading.
  11. what’s the most important thing in life
  12. Celebrities should not be role models.
  13. Cellular phones should be allowed in schools.
  14. Cloning (Human/organs/therapeutic)
  15. wearing of uniform in school is necessary
  16. the ugly side of cloning
  17. College athletes should be paid.
  18. Community service should be mandatory in high school.
  19. Congress should pass the “Clear Skies” initiative.
  20. Consumers should not purchase SUVs.
  21. Corporal punishment of children should be illegal.
  22. Corruption, the abuse of public power for private gain, cannot be eradicated.
  23. Cosmetic Surgery
  24. Credit cards do more harm than good.
  25. success and happiness, which is essential?

Best List of Interesting Debate Topics

Below is the best list of interesting debate topics:

  1. Do movies cause evil?
  2. Robotics, do they have disadvantages?
  3. A person cannot be whole while most of the world is broken
  4. Abortion rights are necessary
  5. Should there be a separate school for boys and girls
  6. Adult-oriented cartoons should only be broadcast on television after 10 PM.
  7. Advertisements around schools should be banned.
  8. Advertising creates artificial needs.
  9. Does religion have its ugly side?
  10. 10 some types of music should be stopped
  11. Advertising creates artificial needs.
  12. All middle schools should require student uniforms.
  13. The disadvantage of the internet
  14. social media, helping?
  15. All schools should provide students with music and art education.
  16. All students should be required to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
  17. Ban porn sites!
  18. free education is a right
  19. Animal performances should be banned in circuses.
  20. Smoking in school should stop
  21. Animals should not be used for entertainment.
  22. Arranged marriages are better than ‘love’ marriages.
  23. Do they really teach us everything in school?
  24. Ban boxing!
  25. Should siblings attend the same school?

NOTE: we can use Any of these debate topics in Nigeria

How to Debate Using Pro And Con Arguments

One of the most important things to consider before entering a debate is that your opponent on the other side of the table, as well as your audience, will have differing viewpoints on your issue.

They will argue against your perspective, and it must prepare you for this. The best method to prepare for such situations is to write both pro and con arguments on the topic you’ve chosen. This will assist you in seeing the whole picture.

After all, presenting pro and con arguments on a certain issue is standard procedure in debates, so you should know how to do it properly.


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Still on debate topics for primary schools in Nigeria. Read on!

How to be a Very Good Debater

Do you wish to be a very good debater? If yes, here are some guidelines to follow when debating:

Speaking loudly and clearly

This will aid the moderators in hearing your points of contention and will also reveal how well prepared you are for the discussion.

Be Concise

Being straight and clear with your message might help you communicate your goals effectively.

If you’re describing a key issue in your discussion, for example, presenting clear, uncomplicated methods might help you get your message over to the audience.

Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact will help you stay attentive without shying away. So you don’t have to keep your gaze fixed on your teacher or someplace in the distance.

Maintain eye contact with opponents instead. Being confident in your communication might help you gain credibility.

It might also assist you in effectively communicating your concept. Consider extending your vocabulary and pausing when you’re stumped for words.

This will assist you in recalling your thoughts and speaking coherently.

Be Organized

Organize your talking points so that the audience and mediator understand the interaction’s intended aim.

Staying on topic and developing a deliberate framework for your discussions and messages will help you communicate in a clear and organized manner.

Listen Attentively

Listen to your opponents as they express their ideas during a discussion and note down their significant points so you can counter them on their main point.

They should only do constructively and in accordance with your capabilities.

Be Polite

Avoid yelling at your opponent (s) and keep things calm.

Interesting, right? Do well to share Debate Topics For Primary Schools In Nigeria with friends and drop comments below for a quick response.


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