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E Money Net worth, Biography, and Source of Income

What do you know about E Money net worth? Maybe you’ve heard that he is the founder of Emmy Cargoes Nigerian Limited and the CEO of Five Star Music, but is that all there is about him?

E Money Net worth, Biography, and Source of Income

Would you love to learn more about E Money? If yes, then listen. In this article, you will get first-hand updated information about E Money net worth.

Do not think E Money is overhyped. However, if you thought so, then, one can conclude you’re either not a Nigerian or in the Nigerian social media space. Some time ago, the internet went wild with a young man who was seen for his money spree at occasions.

They call him E-Money. Some also call him Arab Money. This is comparing his wealth to that of Arab princes and describing the enormousness of his riches.

Biography of E Money

While you are eager to learn about E Money net worth, know this.  His real name is Emeka Okonkwo. He is originally from Anambra state, Nigeria.

However, he was born on the 18th of February, 1981 and bred in Ajegunle, Lagos state. Emeka got his nickname after he started showing off his luxurious lifestyle on social media.

E Money has been on the news for lavishing money, especially in public events. He launched his money spraying device (machine gun) at the Quilox birthday party of Fuji pop icon, K1 D the Ultimate.

Also, he was seen doing the same at weddings of celebrities such as Professional Football player, Onazi Ogenyi and Actor, Mike Ezuoronye’s sister.

E Money Little Start

While you are eager to learn about E Money net worth, know this.  E Money hasn’t always been a Money bag. He describes his journey to success as not being a bed of roses.

According to him, he had struggled for a long time and had nothing. But things turned around while he was on his way back with his wife from their traditional marriage.

E Money stated that it was on their way back he received a call that he had been awarded a contract worth $2 million dollars. That was the beginning of the change in his life.


E Money Marital Life

E-Money is currently married to Juliet Okonkwo. Their marriage is blessed with three boys. While you are eager to learn about E Money net worth, know this.  He described his journey to wealth as a difficult one in which he had to work hard.

Interestingly, he met his wife as a young man and was struggling to make ends meet at the time.

She was also very young and in her sophomore year at the university. Also, he disclosed she was his first girlfriend and the first woman he ever loved, so he remained faithful to her.

Some E Money Assets and Best Colors

At the moment he is the CEO of Emmy Cargoes Limited. Also, he is the CEO of Five-star music. This music label has produced artists like KCee (The Limpopo crooner), Harry Song, and Skiibii.

The record label, 5 Star Music is owned by E-Money. And it is based in Lagos state, Nigeria. The record label came into limelight in 2013. Harry song was signed into the label in 2013. He was rumored to be the brain-mind of the label via his major contributions.

However, he announced his exit in 2016. This was to begin his own label called Alter Plate. The decision to leave the company was due to conflicts left unresolved between him and the management of the record label.

Some E Money Assets and Best Colors

However, his exit turned out to be messy. He and his manager, Desmond were arrested by K-Cee and his brother. This was later resolved and he returned to the label but just for a time.

In 2015, 5-star music announced a new manager as a part of their expansion plans. This was made known to the public via K-Cee’s Instagram page. The name of the manager is Chidozie Dike

E Money Net Worth

Before we get to his E Money net worth, let’s examine income from the business. It’s so amazing to see someone becomes rich at a young age and also see he has a wife and children. There are a lot of queries behind E Money source of wealth.

Some people said he is into fraud before he got to where he is today. While some people claim that he could be rituals. Well, this isn’t something for us to say, here on this page we calculate his net worth declared.

To know E Money net worth we must know all of the businesses that he owns and how much they are worth on the global market. Based on the research and observation that we made, below is the list of businesses that E Money owns:

  • Five Star Music.
  • Emmy Cargoes Nigerian Limited.
  • Also, there are some sources pointing out that he is a big investor in oil and gas.

E Money net worth is estimated at around $70 Million (N35 Billion Naira). He is still alive. Also, he is still striving well.

There is a possibility the figure might change any time soon. But then, that is what we have on E Money net worth. Feel free to share this information with others.

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