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JAMB CAPS LOGIN 2022/2023 – Admission Status and Updates

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) established The JAMB CAPS LOGIN 2022/2023 website which candidates and UTME students are able to print their acceptance letters to check admission status, print acceptance letters, verify O level results, accept transfers, etc.


After reading this article, you’ll be able to know more about JAMB CAPS Login 2022/2023 Portal, and how you can login to your account on CAPS without a lot of stress.

What Exactly Is JAMB CAPS?

The abbreviation is (Central Admission Processing System) The purpose of this site is to control and limit the incidence in admissions fraud.

We have a group of fraudsters who claim to work in jamb and make use of this to trick potential candidates.

Don’t fall for any person who claims that they can help you obtain the admission approval you need.

If you’ve been a victim of this, you should stay away from these people as all they require is your money.

What can you do on the JAMB CAPS LOGIN 2022/2023 portal?

1. Accepting and rejecting Admission Offers

You are granted the option of deciding whether to keep the registration or if you want to end it for one reason or another.

There is the possibility of being invited to a course that you didn’t choose during registration, or a course that you are not keen on studying due to you Post Utme score or O’level subject mix. In the event from this situation, you may choose to turn down the invitation.

If you’ve been offered admission, it’s highly recommended to take it up. Follow the steps listed below.

How to Accept Admission To JAMB CAPS LOGIN 2022/2023

  • Go to this JAMB E-facility portal and sign in.

Before you open the link, make sure that you’re using Chrome or another browser that can run desktop mode like brave.

  • On the form above you must complete the information (Email and password) that you used to register.
  • After successfully logging into your account, you will see a drop-down list you can click to continue by clicking ” Check admission status“.
  • Enter the details of your JAMB registration number and choose the year of the exam e.g 2019, 2018 2017, e.t.c. After that, click the Access My CAPS button.
  • To view the site correctly, please switch the browser’s mode to desktop.
  • Look at the navbar and find “admission state” at the top of your screen, then click it.
  • If you’re admitted, you’re able to proceed by pressing the “Reject and Accept’ buttons. Are you sure it’s not too complicated?
  • There are some more things to look over.

2. Check Your Bio-Data on JAMB CAPS LOGIN 2022/2023

You can also check your profile i.e every single detail about you which include ( the JAMB registration number name gender and date of birth, the state of origin, Utme score).

After you have logged in to the portal for caps,, you must check and the validity of your bio-data is obligatory.

Why? If there’s an error in the information uploaded, you may be able to rectify the error before it becomes too to late.

3. upload your O’level results by using JAMB CAPS

In the navigation menu on the portal, you will find an option with the word “O’Level” on it , which will allow you to review the results you’ve uploaded in your registration.

4. Examining the CAPS Market Place

In contrast to the past, your results was only sent to the school you select. This time, Jamb allows students to be admitted to schools that they did’t choose when they enrolled.

If you are in the market it is possible to be deemed as a potential buyer. Don’t forget to make edits after the change.

How to Check Admission Status with JAMB CAPS LOGIN 2022/2023

  • Log into the efacility portal, and sign in with your credentials.
  • If it’s telling you that your password is incorrect or not correct You can reset your password using email.
  • After login, click CHECK ADMISSION Status.
  • You can then connect to the CAPS portal through the JAMB enrollment number (make sure that you select the right number on the Dashboard).

FAQs on JAMB CAPS LOGIN 2022/2023

Is JAMB CAPS Open for 2022/2023?

YES! The JAMB CAPS to the admission exercise 2022/23 has been OPENED and in active. Candidates are able to check their status on admission and be aware of when they were accepted for admission. Candidates can also verify if their O’level and A’level scores were uploaded successfully.


Why is JAMB CAPS LOGIN 2022/2023 showing admission in progress?

The solution to this question is simple The software is processing the request and once it’s completely processed and verified, you will see the invitation in your account dashboard.

Don’t be worried since this is a signal of hope that you’ll be receiving admission very soon.

What does “not admitted” refer to in JAMB CAPS LOGIN 2022/2023?

This means you have been told that JAMB has not yet received any offer of admission to you. However, you could have been offered a place by an institution, but it may take a while before it will reflect on the admission status.

Is JAMB CAPS LOGIN 2022/2023 still offering Admission?

Make it clear to the applicant the fact that JAMB will not be the only institution that grants or offers admission. It’s the school you applied to admit you.

A few weeks or months after the admissions decision has been made from an institution of higher education that is located in Nigeria, JAMB will start working on the matter.

There isn’t a specific deadline for this , but you must periodically review the CAPS account you have created.

What can I do to determine that JAMB granted me admission?

It is unlikely that everyone will receive an email telling them that they’ve been offered admission to this or that course at one particular Polytechnic University, Polytechnic or college.

What exactly is the Transfer Approval on JAMB CAPS?

This section is intended for students whose course was altered. They were offered the chance to a course that was different to the ones they had chosen within JAMB.

You must either accept or deny the transfer, which is simple to do. If you have approved then you must take a new direction (visit any Cafe to do this) before you are capable of printing your 2022 JAMB admissions letter.

If the school you attend has given you a provisional admission I advise you to take advantage of it to eligible for printing your JAMB admission letter . Then, follow up with the other application.

It’ll take less than a minute send this post to your circle of friends, which they will be grateful. If you have any questions regarding it please don’t hesitate to post your questions in the comments below.

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