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JAMB CAPS Login Portal 2022/2023: Check Admission Status

JAMB CAPS Login portal 2022/2023 is now open to candidates who have taken part in the unison tertiary and Matriculation exam. Let’s discuss.


Are you looking for the login jamb portal 2022/2023? If so, this document includes everything you need to be aware of the 2022/2023 JAMB CAPS Login portal.

After reading this article, you’ll find out more information regarding the JAMB CAPS LOGIN the portal for 2022/2023, and how to log in to your CAPS profile with no trouble.

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has created and activated JAMB CAPS Login 2022, the JAMB CAPS 2022 LOGIN portal through which students and applicants UTME students are able to print their acceptance letters and check admission status. print acceptance letters, verify O level results, accept transfers, and more.

What is JAMB CAPS Login All About?

The abbreviation means (Central Admission Processing System) The purpose of this site is to regulate and reduce the amount for admission scams.

There are a few fraudsters that pretend to be working at the jamb office . they employ this technique to trick people who are candidates.

What is it that you can do with JAMB CAPS Login?

  1. Accepting and Rejecting Admission Offers

Here you have the option of deciding whether you want to continue with your registration or cancel it for one reason or another.

There is the possibility of being invited into the course you did not choose during registration or to a course that you don’t want to take, possibly due to the Post Utme score or O’level subject selection. Because that you are not a good candidate, it is possible you could choose to turn down the invitation.

If you’ve been offered admission, it’s highly recommended to apply for it. Follow the steps listed below.

How To Accept Admission On JAMB CAPS

  • Go to this JAMB E-facility portal and log in. Please click here to start the process.

Before opening the link , make sure you’re using Chrome or another browser that can run desktop mode, such as brave.

  • On the form above you must complete the information (Email and password) that you used to register.
  • After successfully logging in , you will see a drop-down list you can click to continue by clicking ” Check admission status“.
  • Enter the details of your JAMB registration number, and then select the year of your exam e.g 2019, 2018 2017, e.t.c. After that, click the Access My CAPS button.

It’s time to find out if you’ve been admitted or not, as that’s the thing we’re most worried about for the moment.

You are able to do other tasks yourself, but continue reading. If not, continue reading.

Check the navbar to locate “admission Status” in your dashboard, then click it. If you’re admitted, you are able to continue by clicking on the ‘Reject or Accept button.

  1. View Your Bio-Data On via JAMB CAPS Login

You are also able to check your profile i.e every single detail about you such as ( the JAMB registration number name and gender, birth date and date of birth, the state of origin, Utme score).

After you have logged into the portal for caps, you must check and checking your bio-data is mandatory.

Why? If there’s an error in the information uploaded, you may be able to rectify the error before it becomes too far.

All you need just click “My Profile.

Note: Corrections such as changes to name or gender e.t.c can’t be made through the caps portal. You are able to view them only there.

  1. Upload your O’level results via JAMB CAPS Login

In the navigation menu on the portal, there’s an O’Level menu there that allows you to view the outcome you’ve uploaded in your registration.

“it is crucial for you to submit your O’level results prior to the admission list being published.”

  1. Checking CAPS Market Place

In contrast to the past, your results was only delivered to the school you choose. This time, Jamb allows students to gain admission into schools they didn’t choose in the course of enrollment.

In the market it is possible to be deemed not to make edits after the change.

Here are some of the questions that students continue to ask about the subject mentioned above. If you have any queries that are bothering you, feel free to inquire by dropping them in the comments box.

Accepting the invitation does not mean you’ve been accepted, but it signifies that you have agreed the possibility of being accepted from the school.

How To Check JAMB CAPS Login 2022

Access the efacility portal at admission status and login with your details.

If it’s telling you an the wrong or incorrect password Please reset your password using email.

After login, click CHECK ADMISSION Status.

You can then connect to the CAPS portal using the JAMB Registration number (make sure you have selected the right date on the dashboard).



Is it mandatory to admit me to the university through caps?

Yes that’s right. If you don’t, this admission isn’t valid.


What happens if I refuse an offer?

Your school will be informed and admission to the school is revoked.

What is the reason JAMB CAPS showing admissions in the process?

The solution to this question is very simple The software is processing the application and once it is completed and verified, you will see the invitation at the top of your screen.

Don’t be worried since this is a signal of optimism that you’re being admitted soon.

What does not admitted refer to in JAMB CAPS?

This means it means that JAMB has not yet received any offer of admission to you. However, you could have been offered a place by an institution, however it may take a while before it is reflected on the status of your admission.

Are JAMB CAPS still granting admission?

It is important to inform your self it is true that JAMB does not represent the only one which offers admission or grants it. It’s the institution you have applied to that will offer you admission.

A few weeks or months after the admissions decision has been made from an institution of higher education within Nigeria, JAMB will start working on the matter.

What is Transfer Approval in JAMB CAPS?

This section is intended for students whose course was altered. They were given the opportunity to a different course than the course they had chosen within JAMB.

If you have a school that has given you a proviso to be admitted, I advise you to apply for it in order to eligible for printing your JAMB admissions letter. You can then continue with your other application.

Kindly forward this article to your friends and everyone.

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