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Landmark University School Fees for 2022/2023 Session

Landmark University School Fees: Did you choose Landmark University (LMU) as your preferred choice of Institution during the UTME registration? Or do you just want to inquire about Landmark University school fees for both Nigerian and international students 2022/2023 academic session? If yes, then this is for you.

Landmark University School Fees for 2022/2023 Session

Landmark University School fees schedule for new students has been released. This includes Nigerian and International or foreign students. For all those interested, take note.

This release is by the school management and authority. Therefore all prospective students who just gained admission into Landmark University can go through the table below.

However, Landmark University School fees for fresh students 2022/2023 academic session as seen below has been tabulated for ease of identification for readers. We have compiled all fees and charges payable by both new and existing students.

Just like most private universities in Nigeria, Landmark University has a meal plan for every student, though this is not free. It is included in the table below. However, before we look at the Landmark University School fees, what do you know about the school?

About Landmark University

Before we talk about Landmark University School fees, note. Landmark University is a private Christian university.

It is affiliated with the Living Faith Church Worldwide. And it is located in Omu-AranKwara State, Nigeria. In 2014, it was featured among the top five universities in Nigeria by Webometrics.

Governance of Landmark University

Before we talk about Landmark University School fees, note. World Mission Agency (WMA) is the umbrella governing body of Landmark University. It is a Christian mission organization, founded by Dr David Oyedepo.

The Chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo, serves as the chairman of the board of trustees of the World Mission Agency.

Also, the board of trustees of the World Mission Agency is responsible for the appointment of members of the Board of Regents (Governing Council) of Landmark University. The Board is the apex governing body of the University.

At the time, the pro-chancellor of the university was Pastor Yemi Nathaniel. His appointment took effect in August 2014.

According to the chancellor, the role of the pro-chancellor is to facilitate the decision-making and approval process in the university. And this is as well as spiritual oversight of the university community. However, the position of pro-chancellor has been retired.

The current vice-chancellor is Professor Charity Aremu. Professor Charity replaced Professor Adeniyi Olayanju.

Former Vice-Chancellors of Landmark University

Landmark University School Fees

Landmark University School Fees

Landmark University school fees for new students as seen in the table below is the grand total fee payable by students in those departments. This means fees like:

  • Accommodation fee
  • Exam/Tuition/Registration Fee
  • ICT
  • Utility
  • Internet Fee
  • ID card and all fees payable by fresh/new students have been incorporated into the grand total fee.

So to all, it may concern, see below, Landmark University School fees for all courses. This is for Nigerian and International students 2022/2023 academic session

Landmark University School Fees

New Students (Nigerian and International) 2022/2023 Academic Session

Agric Courses 595,000 1,944
Agric Engineering 645,000 2,108
Engineering Courses 675,000 2.206
Biochemistry 577,000 1,885
Computer Science 615,000 2,010
Biochemistry 556,000 1,817
Industrial Mathematics 556,000 1,817
Industrial Physics 556,000 1,817
Accounting 605,000 1,977
Banking And Finance 545,000 1,781
Business Administration 545,000 1,781
Economics 585,000 1,912
International Relations 565,000 1,846
Political Science 532,000 1,738
Sociology 532,000 1,738


All fresh students are advised to pay their tuition fees for the 2022/2023 academic session early to the designated banks. This is as approved by the school management. Late payment would attract an extra fee to the existing school fees.

Thus, all the prospective candidates offered provisional admission or probably seeking admission into the Landmark University, LMU for the 2022/2023 academic session should take note.

The management of the institution has released the amount they are required to pay as seen above.



We specifically publish this information here today, for all people who need to know the current school fees of Landmark University, LMU.

Please note that if you have applied for admission to Landmark University, LMU or if you are already a student, it is advised that you know the current tuition fees for all students. And this knowledge will help you, avoid making mistakes that will cost you your admission.

Hope you found what you visited this page for. if you have any questions as regards Landmark University School Fees schedule for new students (Nigerian and International) 2022/2023 academic session, simply scroll down to the comment section, send your questions and we shall respond in no time.

Also, to get the latest news and update about Landmark University, other private universities in Nigeria and happenings around Nigerian universities, you could bookmark this blog to stay updated.

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