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MTN Promo Codes 2022 Get MTN Massive Data Bundles

MTN Promo: Due to how affordable the services are every time, the promo season is a time when many people hurry to take advantage of them. The MTN promotion might run every day, every week, or every month. However, you must know how to subscribe to such a promotion in order to take advantage of it.

MTN Promo


The selection of internet data bundles that MTN subscribers can choose from is called the MTN data plan.

The Activation code differs depending on the amount and cost of the internet data plan. For all mobile devices, modems, and routers, MTN Nigeria has a number of intriguing data package deals.

Due to the availability of daily, weekly, monthly, and 60 days/quarterly data bundles to all new MTN customers, it is simple to choose an MTN data plan that matches your unique needs and existing MTN Nigeria customers.

MTN Promo for Data Bundle

Hurry now and grab this wonderful opportunity from the MTN promo data bundle.

MTN Pulse

By switching to the MTN Pulse right now by dialling *406#, you may take advantage of the MTN promo deal zone offer of 1GB for N500, all-night surfing and downloading for N25 per day, limitless music and streaming for N25 per day, and VVIP invitations to the greatest concerts in town.

You can sign up for the MTN Pulse by simply dialling *406*1# or sending the number 406 to 131. A daily cost of N10.00 is payable.

MTN Data Plans

In order to provide customers more value via MTN promo for their money while they enjoy a top-notch internet experience on the MTN data network, they have made MTN Data packages cheaper.

All MTN users are required to subscribe to one of the MTN Data bundles.

They can do so via USSD by dialling *131*1# and choosing their favourite MTN Data bundle plans.

Simply text the bundle plan keyword to 131 to sign up via SMS.

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and more are among the different MTN Data bundle options that are offered. To check the remaining data in your data bundle, dial *131*4# or text 2 to 131.

MTN CallerFeel

You can use the MTN CallerFeel service to express yourself through brief messages that typically show up as pop-up notifications on the screen of your caller’s phone whenever they contact your line.

Simply text “REG” to 50016 to activate MTN CallerFeel on your phone; registration will cost you N50.

Simply write your message and send it to 50016 to customize your CallerFeel.

More Information About MTN CallerFeel

However, sending “REG1” to 50016 will cost you N5 for a daily CallerFeel membership plan with one update.

Text “REG” to 50016 for MTN’s weekly CallerFeel, which costs N30 and includes 10 updates.

Text “REG” to 50016 to sign up for the MTN CallerFeel monthly subscription, which costs N50 and includes 25 updates.


MTN Beta Talk

MTN Promo

MTN BetaTalk is an MTN promo prepaid tariff plan that rewards customers with a bonus of 250% airtime on every recharge of N100 and above

Offering customers the opportunity to get more value for their recharge anytime. Text BT to 131 or dial *123*2*1# to subscribe to this service.

How Does it Work?

National calls cost N25.20 per minute or 42k per second from the customer’s main account and N27 per minute or 45k per second from the bonus account.

All domestic calls, SMS, and data are charged from the customer’s main account once the bonus airtime has run out, and international calls, international SMS, and data are charged from the customer’s main account as well.

MTN XtraValue

The MTN XtraValue is an MTN promo Bundle plan provides you with a package that combines generous voice call airtime and an amazing data boost.

The two types of MTN XtraValue Bundles are XtraTalk Bundles and XtraData Bundles, which are available for a range of pricing between N300 and N20,000. XtraTalk Bundles give more airtime for voice calls than Data capacity.

The value of 150MB of data and N372.00 of airtime each call stands out. You can sign up by dialling *131*2# or by texting the word D300 to 131.

More Information about MTN XtraValue

In N624.00 airtime value for calls for 300MB data value, the subscription is by sending D500 to 131 or dial *131*2#.

For N1,275 airtime value for calls and 750MB data value, the subscription is by texting D1000 to 131 or dialling *131*2#.

N2560 airtime value for calls and 2000MB requires texting D2000 to 131 or dialling *131*2# in order to migrate.

Also, for N6,500 airtime value for calls and 5000MB, subscribe by texting D5000 to 131 or dialling *131*2#.

More Information

For N12,000 airtime value for calls and 8GB data value, you can subscribe by texting D10000 to 131 or dial *131*2#.

However, for N18,850 airtime value for calls and 13GB data value, the subscription is by sending 15000 to 131 or dial *131*2#.

And for N25,700 airtime value and 20GB, the subscription is by texting D20000 to 131 or dial *131*2#.

How to Subscribe to MTN XtraValue

XtraTalk N300 bundle cost has airtime value for calls at N975 and 50MB data value; to subscribe text V300 to 131 OR Dial *131*2#.

For N500 bundle cost with airtime value for calls at N1,950 and 100MB data value, text V500 to 131 or dial *131*2# in order to subscribe.

The of N1000 bundle cost has airtime value for calls at N3,875 and 312.50MB data value, and to subscribe just text V1000 to 131 or dial *131*2#.

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