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NECO 2022 Registration Guide: Eligibility, Price, and Deadline

The National Examination council is an exam body responsible for administering the Senior School Certificates Examinations and the General Certificate in Education.

However, the NECO 2022 registration guide is open to both school and private candidates to register.

NECO 2022 Registration

Below are details of NECO 2022 Registration Fee, Eligibility and requirements, Form Price, Date & Deadline, among others.

NECO 2022 Registration Guide and Requirements

These are the requirements before you can even consider taking the National Examination Council exam:

1. The main criteria is that the applicant must be enrolled in a senior secondary school (SS3 or SS2), which could be private or public.

2. Make sure you have your registration money on hand.

3. Obtain a personal email account and become comfortable with the password (I propose you use Gmail) (I advise you to use Gmail).

4. Your date of birth will be requested.

5. Keep your passports on you (they now utilise facial recognition), but double-check that you have them.

6. Have a phone number that is unique to you.

7. Make sure your names are spelt properly (Surname, First name and Middle name) (Surname, First name and Middle name).

8. Understand your local government and home state.

9. Your home address is essential.

10. You should be familiar with the subjects that will be covered in the exam.

11. You need to be prepared to study for the exam.

How to Register for NECO 2022 Examination

While reading this NECO 2022 registration guide, please note. There are two forms of NECO SSCE registration.

The first is for internal or school applicants (currently enrolled students), and the second is for external or private candidates (candidates not in School) (candidates not in School).

Candidates must first pay their registration fee and then register through the NECO 2022 registration site by following the processes mentioned below:

Internal/School Candidate Registration Procedure

Internal or school applicants for NECO 2022 Registration shall register as follows:

  1. Visit http://www.mynecoexams.com/ourexaminations for the registration site.

2. Select “Go to SSCE Internal Site” from the drop-down menu.

3. Username, Password, and Operator ID must all be entered.

4. To access the registration dashboard, press “Login.”

5. That’s all on enrolling for NECO Examination for Internal and School Candidates.

External/Private Candidate Registration Procedure

NECO applicants who desire to register as external or private candidates for the NECO 2022 Registration test should follow the processes mentioned below:

1. Visit http://www.mynecoexams.com/ourexaminations.html? SSCE to register.

2. Go to the SSCE External Site by choosing the “Go to SSCE External Site” screen option.

3. Username and Password are mandatory fields.

4. To access the registration dashboard, press “Login.”

5. We highly advised candidates to follow the correct registration process.

6. If you are inexperienced with online registrations, it is advisable to register via a school or at a computer café.

7. During registration, applicants must present or capture a passport and submit biometric fingerprint thumb printing.

8. Fingerprint verification is incredibly crucial, and it will deny applicants who fail to do so the ability to sit the test.

NECO 2022 Registration Starting and Closing Date

In this section of this article (NECO 2022 registration guide), you’ll learn about when registration starts and ends.

As long as the registration portal is accessible for registration, interested applicants can still register for the NECO exam.

However, please be aware that all registrations, whether internal or external, must be completed prior to the deadline in order to avoid invalid or rejected applications.

The registration period for NECO 2022 runs from March 30th to June 21st, with the closing date (registration deadline) falling on June 21st.

Candidates should be aware that registration for the NECO exam will begin in March 2022 and end on June 21, 2022. Meanwhile, the major NECO SSCE test for 2022 will begin in August of that year.

How Much is NECO 2022 Registration Fee?

For both internal and external SSCE candidates, the NECO registration cost for 2022 is N12,000 only. This is a non-refundable cost.

Candidates must obtain a draft and pay a non-refundable cost of N12,000 (Twelve Thousand Naira) to register for the 2022 NECO exam.

If you are doing internal registration, all payments must be made via bank draft or to the school management.

Other places where you can make a payment include NECO offices and banks. You can as well pay at the offices of NIPOST.

How to Pass NECO 2022 Examination

NECO 2022 Registration Guide

Before going for the NECO 2022 registration, note. It is expected that brilliant candidates will pass the examination. However, below are steps to take in passing your NECO Examination:

1. Understand the Format of the Exam Paper

First, analyze the structure of the Exam paper–are there any marks allocated for a certain topic?

Secondly, if there are marks allocation, is the examiner following it? The best thing to do is to study the prior five years’ test papers.

What is the essential subject i.e. examiner’s favourite? Is there any article by the examiner in the student magazine? Study that subject and prepare for it, even if you don’t like it!

2. Taking Notes

Prepare for tests by ‘notes’ which you can remember fast at the time of taking the exam. This will assist in two approaches.

First, when you write, you are in a better image of offering your mind instruction via written letters. Secondly, you may review your notes instead of opening textbooks when test day is close.

Here is my approach to taking notes:

  • Take a paper and turn it into landscape format.
  • Put three columns in landscape form.
  • Once done, grab summaries of a chapter in smaller letters and the language which you can easily grasp.
  • Write bullet points, important concepts and key ideas which you need to remember.
  • When the paper is on the head and you need to revise the whole subject in two to three hours.

3. No Limiting Belief Please

Remove the limiting assumption that you can’t pass.

If you feel you can pass or you believe you cannot pass, you are correct.

I have seen pupils under the assumption that the examiner is their adversary. Please don’t think so.

Pass% could be low, but pupils pass their tests. So, don’t consider that you will be in a failure category ever.

4. Don’t Annoy the Examiner

See for spelling problems and writing style. Writing ought to be legible and intelligible. As a teacher to many kids, I have seen that spelling problems. Also, the manner they write is not clear.

Examiner has a very short time to examine the paper. If your paper is examiner friendly, you are likely to garner excellent grades.

5. Time Your Paper

Here is an approach to timing your paper:

  • Take total marks and total time. Subtract 10 minutes from the total minutes. Divide the remaining with the marks and you get time per mark.

Example: If there are 100 marks for a paper and you have 180 minutes. Subtract 10 minutes. This implies you have 170 minutes total or 1.7 minutes per mark.

  • Make sure that you don’t spend more than 1.7 minutes on each mark e.g. if a question is of 10 marks, the maximum time you should spend should be 17 minutes.
  • It occurs that students attempt to concentrate on one single question and if they are unable to answer it, they feel confused.
  • Don’t panic. Start next question. If a student has time, he/she may take up that specific question later on.
  • Try to dedicate 10 minutes at the conclusion of the test to study the paper properly.

6. Remembering/Memorizing Key Ideas and Formulae

One of the essential ideas to remember things e.g. formulas is to put them in miniature charts and hang them in front of your bed.

See those formulas every day before going to bed and getting up.

Use various colours and markers.

Believe me, in my statistics paper, I was remembering the formulas in the precise colours which I printed on charts.

7. Exam Practice

Practice fake exam–be your own examiner.

Take any prior paper and solve it as a mock test.

Solve prior papers in the time provided in the test. Think you are in the hall and answer the paper properly.

Check your paper and give yourself marks.

See how they are doing in the mock test and be truthful to yourself.

That’s the amount we can take on the subject “NECO 2022 Registration, Exam Date & Latest News.”

Hopefully, this fulfils your curiosity about NECO 2022 Registration. Please do good to share this information with your friends and loved ones. Also, feel free to send your thoughts or queries in the comment section.

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