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NSA Internships in the United States of America

NSA Internships: Whether you’re gifted in business, printing/graphic arts, or computers, the NSA provides on-the-job training specific to your skill set. Spend your senior year gaining valuable work experience with the NSA while earning a salary. Here in this article is all you need to know about NSA internships.

NSA Internships

NSA Internships

Students currently enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs at American universities and colleges are eligible to apply for the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Summer Internship Program in Science of Security (SOS).

The program offers excellent science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students the chance to collaborate directly with the NSA, SOS Champions on difficult, mission-critical problems and to personally experience the energy of the NSA research community.

Job Description/Responsibilities for NSA Internships

Students pursuing STEM degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels can take part in a paid research internship through the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Science of Security (SOS) Summer Internship Program.

Interns have the chance to get practical experience working with full-time NSA experts on innovative cybersecurity research and technology.

They do this throughout the 12-week program, beginning in mid-May or early June.

The highly skilled and knowledgeable staff at the NSA/CSS Research Directorate (RES) conducts innovative research.

They make breakthroughs in the fields of mathematics, computer science, engineering, cybersecurity, physics, neuroscience, and linguistics that help find innovative solutions to some of the most difficult issues facing the NSA.

The intern will give a presentation of their work to their fellow interns and researchers after their visit.

The Fort Meade area of Maryland is situated where the NSA facilities are situated.


Qualifications for NSA Internships 

NSA Internships

The following are the qualifications for the NSA internships:

1. Must be a U.S. citizen.

2. Must be eligible to be granted a security clearance.

3. Must be available for an operational interview and other applicable processing between November 2021 and March 2022.

4. Applicants should have shown superior STEM aptitude and problem-solving skills.

5. Evidence of successful work on an independent STEM project is desirable.

6. Applicants may be at any stage in their undergraduate or graduate careers and working, or intending to work, in any STEM area.

7. Desired majors include, but are not restricted to, computer science, cybersecurity, engineering, information technology, mathematics, and psychology.

Pay, Benefits, & Work Schedule of NSA Internships

Below are the pay, benefits, and work schedule of NSA internships.

1. Students receive competitive pay that is in line with their education.

2. Get compensated for federal holidays, sick leave, and annual leave. – involvement in extracurricular activities run by the entire agency.

3. Students who live over 75 miles from Ft. Meade, Maryland, and attend school there are eligible for a round-trip flight to and from school or mileage reimbursement up to the price of a government-issued flight.

4. There is no daily transportation offered to and from work.

They strongly recommended that program participants bring a vehicle.

While not always possible, carpooling with other students MAY be an option.

5. If the institution is over 75 miles from the NSA’s main headquarters campus, discounted lodging options are available upon request.

How to Apply

1. Submit an online application

2. log in to apply – apply to your degree field

  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

3. Send an applicant package to [email protected]; you will receive an email confirmation upon receipt.

Applicant packages should include:

1. Resume (PDF),

2. Cover Letter listing your interest in the SOS summer internship and information on the applicant’s research experience and/or interests,

3. Official transcript: Unofficial copies are accepted if legible, and

4. Two letters of recommendation (LOR) from a faculty member or research mentor who can speak to your research experience/background

Note: Your application package is not complete to be considered for our summer internships unless they have provided the following items to summer interns besides your online application.

NSA Internships are one of the best internships available in the United State of America and should take advantage of when the opportunity presents itself.

If this article, NSA Internships in the United States of America, has been helpful, kindly share it with family and friends.

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