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PVC Registration see How to Register for Next Election

PVC Registration Portal 2022/2023 – This document explains how to complete the PVC Registration Form on cvr.inecnigeria.org. The INEC PVC Registration portal is currently active and the registration procedure should start right away.

PVC Registration

About PVC Registration

Since the ongoing commencement of voter registration in 2017. However, the Commission has therefore been considering how to make voter registration simpler and more accessible.

Also, user-friendly for registered voters who may want to transfer their registration or whose Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs). Also, some have gone missing or been vandalized, as well as the vast number of potential registrants.

This is the change made by the Commission to improve the voter experience by making the registration process quicker, simpler, and less crowded than it was previously.

More Details About the PVC Registration

However, the new registration option will assist relieve congestion in registration centres, and cut down on wait times. Also, enable potential registrants to make appointments and keep track of their applications from the comfort of their homes. Considering the ongoing COVID-19 issue.

Also, the portal enables a two-step registration procedure where prospective registrants log in to pre-register. Therefore, supplying certain biometrics and their basic bio-data. However, finish the registration by physically showing up at a specified registration centre of their choice.

As much of the exercise would have been performed online prior to making actual contact. Also, with registration officials, this significantly simplifies the process. I implore all eligible Nigerians to utilise the services the Commission is providing through this portal.

INEC PVC Online Registration 2022

PVC Registration

Here, we’ll describe how to register for an INEC Permanent Voters Card (PVC) online at www.cvr.inecnigeria.org, the official registration gateway. Also, you must register online and submit your thumbprint at predetermined places in order to get your voter card.

In each of your polling places, they will permit only voters possessing PVCs to cast ballots in the upcoming elections.

Therefore, be sure you log in to the INEC Online registration portal. Also, complete the biometric capture at one of the many registration centres. Therefore, within your local government or anywhere nearby. Check out PDP News here.

Therefore, all Nigerians have been asked by the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC. However, to visit the registration webpage or make an appointment to visit INEC PVC registration centres in their states.

INEC Login Portal

You can register for your voter’s card by logging in to cvr.inecnigeria.org. Also, to register for your voter’s card, you must be a qualified voter and check in to cvr.inecnigeria.org. Therefore, to get a replacement PVC if you misplaced yours, go to the INEC office.

In 2023, only registered voters with permanent voters cards. Also, those who have gone through the biometric capture process can cast ballots in both the gubernatorial and presidential elections.


INEC PVC Registration Closing Date

INEC Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) will close on 30th June 2022. Please ensure you register by the deadline for the closure of the INEC CVR portal.

Voter Information

Click the button below to start the procedure. Also, if you have registered but have not yet reviewed your information by uploading your photo to this platform. (or at any registration centre since June 28, 2021).

Locate Registration Centres

PVC Registration

However, if you wish to visit a Registration Centre to complete your application or registration.

Therefore, there are centres available in INEC State and Local Government Offices. Also, many other locations. Click on the website https://locator.inecnigeria.org/ to find the centres closest to you.

How to Apply

The Continuos Voters’ Registration (CVR) exercise has been made easy with an online platform to capture your data, after which you are scheduled for biometric capture at an INEC office close to you

Follow the steps below to register.

  1. Pre-register via – cvr.inecnigeria.org
  2. Create an account with a valid email address.
  3. Follow the account activation link sent to your email address.
  4. Login and fill out the form.
  5. Select a convenient date for your biometric capturing.
  6. Submit form and wait for application slip containing ID, QR Code and other details.
  7. Print out the application slip.
  8. Visit your INEC registration centre to capture your biometric on the appointed date.
  9. They will issue once a registration slip they complete the registration.
  10. Use the issued slip to collect your Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC)
  11. For citizens without access to the internet, physical/in-person registration has begun on Monday, July 19th, at INEC state and local government offices nationwide

Frequently Asked Questions about the PVC Registration

Check out the question and answer you need to know about the INEC.

1. What does the latter INEC stand for?

Independent National Electoral Commission.

2. When was the commission established and how?

They established the Commission on 5th August 1998 by Decree No. 17 of that year by the Federal Military Government.

3. Where can I find the law established by INEC?

Section 153 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

4. What does the acronym “SIEC” stand for?

Independent Electoral Commission of the state. Each State established a SIEC to handle its Local Government elections.

Also, the Federal Capital Territory’s Area Council elections are handled by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) (FCT). Independent Electoral Commissions run their own elections in every state.

5. What does the latter “EMB” stand for?

Election Management Body. (This is the body that conducts elections).

6. How many election management bodies do we have in Nigeria?

There are thirty-seven (37) EMBs in Nigeria; i.e. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and thirty-six (36) State Independent Electoral Commission (SIECs).

7. What is the commission statement of INEC?

Its mission is to “act as an independent and efficient Election Management Body (EMB) devoted to the conduct of free, fair, and credible elections for the maintenance of Nigerian democracy.”

8. What is the vision of INEC?

In order to fulfil the ambitions of the Nigerian people, it aspires to “be one of the best Election Management Bodies in the world.”

9. What are the values of the commission?

The values of the Commission are as Follows:

1. Autonomy: INEC shall carry out all its functions independently, free from external control and influence.

2. Transparency: INEC shall display openness and transparency in all its activities and in its relationship with all stakeholders.

3. Integrity: INEC shall maintain truthfulness and honesty in all its dealings at all times.

4. Credibility: INEC shall ensure that they took no action or activity to support any candidate or political party.

5. Impartiality: INEC shall ensure the creation of a level playing field for all political actors.

6. Dedication. I shall commit INEC to providing quality electoral services efficiently and effectively, guided by the best international practices and standards.

7. Equity: INEC shall ensure fairness and justice in dealing with all stakeholders.

8. Excellence: they shall commit INEC to the promotion of merit and professionalism as the basis for all its actions.

9. Teamwork: INEC shall create a conducive environment that promotes teamwork among its staff at all levels.

If you think your friends and family would benefit from reading this post, please share it with them. Thanks.

Please let us know any problems you are having getting your Permanent Voters Card so we can see how we can help. For the most recent information on INEC’s online PVC registration portal for 2022.

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