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Top Best Travel Agencies in Nigeria 2022

Travel Agencies in Nigeria: Everyone requires a trustworthy travel company with a professional touch. Little things make a big difference, like being greeted at the airport, having a smooth check-in process at the hotel. Travel Agencies in Nigeria

About Travel Agencies in Nigeria

In your search for international travel, you may have fallen victim to dishonest travel agents. Or perhaps you haven’t booked the much-desired trip since you don’t have enough time to take care of everything.

In any event, everyone requires a travel agency or at the very least knows someone who does. Even when you have the necessary skills, it still falls short of having a professional touch. 

Even seemingly insignificant details, like having someone greet you at the airport and making sure you check in at your hotel, can have a big impact.

Quality’s of a Travel Agent

Travel agents typically, but not always, create travel agencies from which they provide services to their customers. However, the traits that a competent travel agent ought to have are listed below.

1. Dependable

This quality truly incorporates a number of positive human qualities, including dependability and punctuality (getting you the information in a timely manner, being detail-oriented).

Additionally, he or she must be accurate in providing you with the right facts.

2. Passionate

There are a lot of repetitive tasks and tedious details to follow up on in this line of work.

However, the end result is ultimately pleasing the client while also allowing them to enjoy the beauty of the national parks in real life.

There is a lot to be thrilled about in both the historically rich towns of Europe and the incredible cuisines that can be found around the globe.

3. Specialises

Sometimes working as a travel agent is like being a jack of all crafts. There is literally so much ground to cover (the entire world!) that it cannot be done by one person or business.

Agents frequently need to be effective generalists because their job requires them to deal with a variety of clientele. Nevertheless, specialization is the only practical response to the absurdly vast array of options.

4. Builds Long-term Relationships

Travel Agencies in Nigeria

This, in my opinion, is a really important issue for all productive travel brokers. if they intend to create a long-term successful company. However, they will need a sizable clientele that they have a close relationship with.

Despite the shifting itinerary, long-time clients maintain returning to their travel agent because of the outstanding care they receive. If a client is merely a name in a folder, it is impossible to provide them with good service.

5. Authentic

Although it can be challenging to measure quality, customers will immediately recognize it. Additionally, this is not a person who is only attempting to sell a random product to someone because it is readily available.

Authenticity means the agent is knowledgeable about the locations. Additionally, the agent has visited the area and used the lodgings.

equally, from the perspective of a customer, have used the services that they are suggesting.


Top 5 Travel Agencies in Nigeria  

Consequently, dishonest travel agents have taken advantage of your desire to take a vacation abroad. 

Travel Agencies in Nigeria

Perhaps you haven’t made plans for a highly anticipated vacation since you don’t have enough time to handle all the arrangements.

1. Quantum Travels

One of the top travel companies in Nigeria, Quantum Travels has a presence all over the world. It caters to customers’ travel requirements in 97 nations and has a sizable share of the Nigerian travel market. 

Despite the fact that it is most known for its corporate travel management, it also provides a wide range of travel-related services, making it a wise pick.

Services Offered To You: Corporate Travel | Flight and Hotel Reservations | Rentals and Transportation | Airline Ticket Bookings | Passport and Visa Arrangements

Other Reasons Why?

  • Top five highest in terms of monthly ticket booking.
  • Nigeria’s representative of BCD Travel.
  • Third largest travel management company in the world.
  • Registered with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • Recognised by the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies.
  • A trusted brand with over 300 branches in Nigeria.

Location: 35 Corporation Dr, Dolphin Estate 106104, Lagos, Nigeria

2. Mayfair Travel Nigeria Limited

The travel company is well-known and regarded as one of the best in Nigeria. It is accredited by IATA and provides a variety of travel services. The company provides numerous promotions, sales promotions, and frequent flyer programs.

Services Offered To You: Travel Consultation | Itinerary Planning | Reservations on IATA Airlines | Worldwide Network | Prepaid Ticket Advice | Hotel Reservations

Other Reasons Why?

  • Facilitation of ticket refunds.
  • Accredited by IATA.
  • Customer service professional support and guidance.
  • 5-star rating on Google.
  • Partnership with leading airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, Ethiopian, British Airways, Qatar.
  • Tour Guide and Tourist Information Centre facilities.

Location: Shop 2A, Block A Annex, Eko Court Complex, Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island 234101, Lagos, Nigeria

3. Limited

The first internet travel agency in Nigeria was launched in 2008 and is called The business’s founder, Obinna Ekezie, successfully ran the travel agency up till 2019. 

Travel Agencies in Nigeria

The company anticipates the third-highest flight bookings in Nigeria, where it holds a sizable market share.

Services Offered To You: Travel Consulting | Bespoke Travel Packages | Flight Booking | Travel Packages | Travel Financing | Visa Assistance | Hotel Booking

Other Reasons Why?

  • Flexible payment structures with discounts.
  • The company offers credit facilities.
  • Regular discounts and reward packages.
  • Cheap flights and hotel bookings online from Nigeria to popular destinations.
  • Customer referral programs.
  • A visual tour of the customer’s potential destination is offered with the guidance of a Wakanow agent.
  • Deferred payment deals such as “Travel now, pay later” offers.
  • Online booking services.
  • Interactive call centres of 32 numbers in Nigeria and counting.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

4. is a prominent internet agency in Nigeria. The NTDC approved it as a premier organization in 2016. 

It provides inexpensive services and was recognized at Akwaaba 2016 as one of Nigeria and West Africa’s top digital travel agents.

Services Offered To You: Excellent Customer Service | Tour Packages | e-Flight Booking System (to book flights on the go) | Value-Added Services (to save costs) | Travel Insurance | Boku Credit | Boku Visas | User-friendly Portal | Real-time Information on Flight and Hotel Booking

Other Reasons Why?

  • Special promo tours
  • Customised tour packages
  • The cheapest flight deals
  • Range of destination packages
  • Tour deals

Location: 7 Saka Tinubu Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

5. FinchGlow Travels

One of the best travel agencies in Nigeria, FinchGlow has a considerable market share. Choose a business that provides reputable services and was established in 2002 by Mr. Bankole Bernard. 

He is the CEO of the business and formerly served as president of NANTA. When it comes to personal travel needs, FinchGlow provides some of the greatest services.

Services Offered To You: Hotel Booking | Corporate Travel | Tour Packages | Tour Planning | Airline Tickets Bookings | Ticketing and Reservations

Other Reasons Why?

  • Ranks among the top five in terms of market share of the Nigerian travel market.
  • Sells a considerable volume of monthly tickets.
  • Serves personal and business travel needs.
  • Partner with the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC).
  • Ability to provide good hotel rates at choice destinations.
  • Part of the FinchGlow group which is the parent company and a leading Travel Management Company in the aviation sector in Nigeria and Africa.

Location: 25, Ademola Street, Off Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi 101001, Lagos, Nigeria

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