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The Best Weight Loss Programs 2022

Weight Loss Programs: Millions of folks in the US attempt to reduce weight each year. Dieting is one of the most popular ways to encourage weight loss, along with exercise. 

The Best Weight Loss Programs 2022

However, not all diets are made equally, making it difficult to locate a weight loss program that is secure, long-lasting, and efficient.

How We Chose the Best Weight Loss Programs 

The following factors were taken into account when selecting the weight loss plans below:

Sustainability: Programs for losing weight are not unduly restrictive, are simple to follow, and assist in long-term weight loss.

Nutrient Quality: Programs for losing weight are created to be nutritionally adequate and balanced.

Additional health benefits: some programs may promote weight loss while also providing health advantages for other illnesses.

Effectiveness for weight loss: All weight reduction programs have been investigated to see if they can help people lose weight.

The Best Weight Loss Programs

Below are the best weight loss programs:

1. Mediterranean diet:

 The Mediterranean diet is a flexible eating plan that emphasizes particular items to enjoy as part of a balanced diet rather than completely excluding any foods or food groups.

A well-rounded Mediterranean diet should contain a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, proteins, and healthy fats.

The eating habits of nations like Italy, Spain, and Greece served as inspiration for the Mediterranean diet.


Many studies have shown that adhering to the Mediterranean diet may cause weight loss even though it isn’t intended to do so.

Additional evidence shows that the Mediterranean diet may aid in the prevention of chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

  • flexible and simple to follow 
  • doesn’t completely ban any foods
  • may protect against chronic problems
  • unsuitable for those who want structured programs with more specific instructions
  • They encourage red wine in moderation, while certain people may need to avoid it

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2. Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based diet places an emphasis on consuming a range of plant-based foods while avoiding animal products.

Contrary to vegan and vegetarian diets, most plant-based diets don’t completely forgo meat or other animal items.

Instead, they are consumed in moderation and are not typically viewed as the main component of a diet.


The components of plant-based meals including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that are resistant to digestion, such as fiber, are abundant in plant-based diets.

Fiber aids in weight loss by keeping you full between meals.

According to research, plant-based diets may be more effective for weight loss than traditional diets and may even result in higher reductions in inflammation, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol.

  • less restrictive than vegan or vegetarian diets
  • encourages nutrient-dense plant foods
  • associated with decreased inflammation and improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • less structured than other weight loss programs
  • may require careful planning to ensure nutritional needs are being met


3. WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, is a weight-reduction program that encourages long-lasting, sustainable weight loss through the use of a points-based system.

Based on their nutritional worth, each meal and beverage is given a point value, and they gave each member a certain number of PersonalPoints to use each day.

They also included some items in the category of ZeroPoints foods, which means they don’t contribute to your daily PersonalPoints budget.


Members of WW can expect losing 1-2 pounds (0.5-1 kg) per week, while individual results may vary.

Studies have also showed that WW is helpful for promoting sustained, long-term weight loss (14Trusted Source, 15Trusted Source).

But Weight Watchers, which might have affected the findings supported one study.

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  • customized to fit your needs using points-based system
  • offers several plans, including some that include group workshops or personal coaching
  • simple and flexible
  • maybe more expensive than other diet programs, depending on the plan you choose
  • requires use of a smartphone or tablet

4. Plate Joy

Dietitians created the meal-planning app PlateJoy to make eating healthily easier and more convenient than ever.

It’s also one of the meal planning applications with the greatest customization options, since it creates weekly menus that suit your schedule, dietary preferences, and health objectives.

You can choose recipes based on the kitchen appliances you have on hand and even define portion proportions for each member of the household.


They have linked meal planning to successful weight loss, a decreased risk of obesity, and a healthier diet, although there are no research on the usefulness of PlateJoy specifically.

The app provides choices for those who adhere to the ketogenic and plant-based diets, two eating regimens that have been linked to weight loss.

  • customized weekly meal plans
  • virtual pantry and curated shopping lists to help reduce food waste
  • good for individuals and families
  • Balanced Plate badges to make it easier to build nutritionally balanced meal plans
  • includes some recipes that may be more time-consuming to make
  • requires monthly subscription cost

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