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Best Culinary Schools in France for International Students

Culinary Schools in France: Around the world, there are various culinary schools, some of which are devoted to teaching professional chefs, some to amateur enthusiasts, and others that are a combination of the two.

Culinary Schools in France

A school that focuses on teaching the art and science of cooking and food preparation is known as a cooking school.

Many culinary schools in France accept foreign students. For international students who take the risk of enrolling in culinary programs in France, these institutions have a lot to offer.

Culinary Schools in France

Here is the list of top best culinary schools in France.

1. École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse

This is one of the best culinary schools in France.

Alain Ducasse explains, “We must open our doors to all food fans and let them know, try and appreciate where the exquisite cuisine provided to them comes from.


ECAD provides workshops for the entire family, and there are even sessions for families to cook together, in a lovely private townhouse close to Passy with a wine cellar, boutique, Miele, and Perene state-of-the-art equipped kitchens, and a sunny terrace.

More Programs

Classes like “Do It Like A Chef” and “Cooking for an Event” might help you hone your skills.

Discover the Alain Ducasse Cooking School at the BVH Marais in a brand-new location, on the third floor of the department store owned by Groupe Galerie Lafayette, with room for up to 10 pupils.

2. Le Cordon Bleu

This prominent culinary school was founded in 1895 and nowadays has a network of 50 locations across five continents with 20,000 students enrolled each year.

Find your level by selecting 1, 2, or 3 mushrooms next to each of the short courses and demos that each institution provides in the culinary arts.


Cooking for Friends, Food & Wine Pairings, Vegetarian, Traditional Bread/Pastry & Baking, French Regional Cuisine, Visits to Sancerre Vineyards, Classic and Modern Sauces, Christmas Yule Logs, and other options are available in Paris.

English translations are provided for most lectures and demos.

More Details!!

They design workshops to expose students to the working atmosphere of a professional kitchen as much as workable.

They also provided aprons and tea towels, along with all the essential supplies and tools.

3. At Home with Patricia Wells

Amongs many culinary schools, this is one of the best culinary schools in France.

The journalist, award-winning cookbook author, and teacher Ms. Wells, who splits her time between Paris and Provence, says, “We’re working on our calendar for 2017.”

Her Left Bank kitchen, formerly an artist’s workshop, has space for seven students.


The springtime courses may involve field trips to nearby markets, tastings of cheese, wine, and olive oil, as well as round-table discussions on topics like the craft of knife sharpening.

The week-long English program comprises four cooking lessons, which are followed by a lunch at the atelier table with plenty of engaging conversation.

4. Atelier Guy Martin

In a magnificent, three-story townhouse near the Champs-Élysées, with a chic canteen, a library, and a boutique, L’Atelier ticks all the boxes.

Who wouldn’t want to cook like super chef Guy Martin? He holds two Michelin stars at the historic Grand Véfour restaurant in central Paris.

They hold lessons in the ground floor steel and glass kitchen, followed by tastings.

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Except for pâtisserie classes, in which students may take home the treats.

Themes include “Grand Vefour” (200€), “Parents/Children” (40€), “Pâtisserie, Macarons, etc.” (80€), and “Two Hours in the Kitchen” (100€)

And, yes, Guy Martin will give you a private lesson (price on application). English speaking

5. École Lenôtre

The late Gaston Lenôtre founded this cooking school, which has a star-studded faculty that includes former Ritz chef Michel Roth, sommelier Oliver Poussier, and double MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) Guy Krenzer.


The lovely Pavillon Lenôtre from the early 1900s, Vincennes (open in August on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), and Parly 2 are among the locations.

The setting is welcoming, and the meals cover everything from Lenôtre’s renowned classics to techniques for cooking fish, insider tips for bistro favorites, and festive verrines.


6. La Cuisine Paris

Culinary Schools in France

La Cuisine Paris provides more than just wonderful culinary lessons; they also lead food tours around the city.

A three-hour tour of the Marais neighborhood is offered as part of the Marais Soirée. Or reserve a spot on Bellies on Foot, a food- and history-filled excursion around the Les Halles neighborhood.


For those who adore pastries, there is the Sugar Rush Tour, and for those who enjoy wine and cheese, there is the Fromage and Wine Discovery.

Include a trip to Versailles or the French Market Cooking Class at Le Marché des Enfants Rouge.

More Details!!

The seminars on preparing macarons, brioche, and French baguettes are some of the most popular among the top-notch cooking courses.

After preparing, sip on some white wine and take in the results of your labor.

Students are welcome to eat on-site during the dessert lessons, but La Cuisine provides boxes for you to take home and display your accomplishments.

7. Chef Martial

This Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) has worked with legendary artists such as Le Royal Monceau, Lucas Carton, and Le Crillon, but he also enjoys sharing his experience and passing it on to others.

In the center of the Marais, next to the charming Place des the Vosges is where he keeps his kitchen.


Call the team to talk; they are very kind and will plan English-language courses that work for you.

There are many options available at chef Martial’s large oak table, including purchasing ingredients from the adjacent Marché des Enfants-Rouges and preparing a delicious three-course meal; stopping by for a Saturday brunch.

His motto is “Change the world while eating delicious food.” Chef Martial arranges courses upon request while the office is still open even though the kitchen officially closes in August.

8. Atelier des Sens

Choose among these three Paris locations: Atelier Bastille is located in a former artist’s studio in the 11th arrondissement.

The historic marketplace is once known as Les Halles, also known as the “Belly of Paris,” located near Atelier Beaubourg in the third arrondissement.

The atelier is located in a two-story industrial designer gallery.

In addition, Atelier Haussmann, which sells cookbooks, kitchenware, and supplies, is located behind L’Atelier des Sens in the vicinity of Galeries Lafayette.

Costing €120, the three-hour Best of French Pâtisserie class includes recipes for chocolate eclairs, mille-feuille, and Paris-Brest. Other courses start at around €92.

9. Les Coulisses Du Chef

This culinary school was designed by Chef Olivier Berté and is held in a stunning hôtel particulier.

They limit group sizes to eight people, and seasonal menus feature market excursions, pastry classes, and other activities.


Learn how to put together a complete dinner starter, main course, and dessert, and then enjoy it with the chef while sipping copious amounts of wine!

Do you want to discover the secrets of molecular cuisine? This is it.

If you enjoy both cooking and traveling, chef Berté also plans special three-day excursions for groups of up to 10, such as to Krakow, Poland, where you may see the market, restaurants, Chopin’s house, and other attractions.

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