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Education Consultant Jobs Profile and Salary 2022

Education consultant jobs: However, our schools must change their teaching strategies to better prepare pupils for the challenges of the twenty-first century as society gets more complicated.

Education consultant jobs

About the Education Consultant Jobs

A consultant who assists parents, students, and organisations with educational planning is known as an educational consultant (EC).

In contrast to school counsellors who work for the school district, educational consultants (ECs) are self-employed or engaged in consulting businesses.

Additionally, there are educational consultant jobs stationed in the UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America.

More Details about the Education Consultant Jobs

The Society of Education Consultants jobs is the main organisation in the UK (SEC). The Department for Children, Schools, and Families, Ofsted (The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services, and Skills).

Therefore, the Learning and Skills Council, the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations, and Assessment, and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal.

Also, the Gilfus Education Group are additional UK professional associations or bodies that educational consultants typically seek membership or affiliation with.

What Education Consultants Do

Education consultant jobs

However, an Education consultant typically offers advice to people who request their services. Also, which might include families, educational institutions (including colleges and universities), and families.

1. Families

Parents want their kids to enjoy learning and thrive in life by using what they’ve learned. Some families hire an education consultant to help them place their children in the best possible.

Also, with a learning environment, which may include boarding school, public or private school, or supported remedial services. This can result from a change in grades, a family move, or a learning problem that has been identified.

2. Schools, Colleges, and Universities

There can be a specific issue that needs a suggested solution, or some institutions might ask education consultants for advice on how to revamp their programs, policies, and priorities.

Also, Education consultants are well renowned for helping charter school management and school turnaround programs.

3. Educational Organizations

To produce the best product for schools, students, and teachers, organisations that make educational products, like book publishers and edtech companies, collaborate with education consultants.

Also, to guide product development from the beginning, they rely on education consultants’ knowledge of industry best practices and expertise, whether it be in emerging technologies, reading, arithmetic, testing, etc.

Education Consultants for Product-Driven Firms or Government Agencies

Education consultant jobs

The third category of education consultant works in initiatives for textbook publishers, education-related businesses, and tech enterprises.

These consultants concentrate on creating outstanding educational materials for students, teachers, and schools that will raise students’ academic attainment.

How to Become an Education Consultant

While some teachers and administrators choose to remain in advising roles, others choose to take a break to work as education consultants.

However, the educational industry is growing more and more cutthroat. Higher-educated education consultants, such as those with an EdD, will probably make more money than those with only a bachelor’s degree.

Education Consultant Jobs Description

An education consultant is frequently a former educator or administrator who now advises on all things educational.

Therefore, they concentrate on educating and advising members of the educational community on a variety of topics, including new technologies, instructional practices, student progress, and more.


Typical Duties Include

Education consultant jobs

  1. Serve as an advisor for teachers, parents, school administrators, school boards, and government officials
  2. Assess education standards and classroom policies, as well as grades and test scores
  3. Help implement changes to curriculum based on data
  4. Survey students to change programs or curriculum
  5. Report on the effectiveness of current academic systems
  6. Devise strategies to improve educational quality and help implement new policies
  7. Design new training programs and offer teacher training workshops
  8. Recommend different educational materials
  9. Implement and guide usage of new technologies
  10. Help correlate systems to improve student drop-out rates
  11. Advise academic intervention programs
  12. Supervise online education
  13. Manage charter school operations
  14. Match students to learning environments such as special education programs
  15. Guide college selection and application
  16. Meet with administrators and teachers to discuss programs and budgets

Education consultants might choose to target their consultation in a variety of ways, whether they work independently or as a team inside a larger education consulting organisation.

Although educational consultants can provide general advice on educational procedures, they typically succeed by specialising.

School and Postsecondary Institution Education Consultants

Education consultant jobs

Schools and postsecondary institutions employ education consultants to assess students’ learning across the curriculum and suggest changes to existing policies and programs.

Therefore, they could also employ educational experts to investigate a particular issue and come up with a unique solution.

These positions frequently involve consultants who redesign priorities, policies, and programs. They will assist by instructing professors and counselling managers and board members on turnaround strategies.

Who Makes a Good Education Consultant?

Someone who is:

  • Analytical and adept at decision-making
  • Attentive to details and well organised
  • Oriented toward service
  • Good at planning and organising
  • Empathetic and sociable: Able to offer solutions and connect with students, teachers, and school officials
  • Skilled in identifying problems and brainstorming potential solutions
  • Possesses excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Comfortable working independently and collaboratively with other team members
  • Able to meet aggressive deadlines
  • Interested in travelling and working in a diverse range of environments
  • Qualified with a degree in curriculum and instruction or education leadership

Salary Range for Education Consultants

Depending on whether an education consultant works as an independent consultant or as an employee of an organisation that provides education consulting, salary ranges can vary.

Factors also influenced salary ranges, such as state, specialisation, and experience. The average pay for an education consultant, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $64,450.

Therefore, the richest 10% earn more than $102,200, while the lowest 10% earn less than $36,360.

Additionally, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, pay scales vary depending on the place of employment:

  • Government: $76,970
  • Schools: local, state, and private: $69,900
  • Postsecondary schools: $58,420
  • Educational support and private organisations: $62,530

Here is a snapshot of average education consultant salaries:

  • com: $64,852
  • Net Online: $64,450
  • com: $59,336
  • com: $63,133
  • com: $59,911

To influence positive educational change and enhance student accomplishment, many schools, families, and educational organisations rely on the knowledge of education consultants.

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