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GKS Scholarship for Nigerians and International Students 2022/2023

The most well-known of all Korean scholarships is the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS Scholarship). The scholarship offers a bachelor’s, masters, PhD and research program to qualified candidates around the world. Let us show you how to get the GKS scholarship opportunity.

GKS Scholarship
GKS Scholarship

Global Korean Scholarship (GKS 2022) is the new name for the Korean Government Scholarship. All students who apply for this scholarship will receive an associate, bachelor or undergraduate degree. Nearly all South Korean universities are included in the Global Korea Scholarship program. This Global Korea Scholarship program offers 220 GKS scholarships to international students.

The official announcement of fully-funded Global Korea Scholarships for the intake 2022-2023 was made. International students pursuing BS, MS and doctoral degrees are invited to apply online for GKS-U Scholarships to Korea in 2022.

You have many reasons to study in Korea. From internationally recognized degrees, hubs of innovation and technological progress to affordable tuition fees and a variety of scholarships.

There are approximately 400 universities, both public and private, that offer graduate and undergraduate programs in a variety of subjects.

Korea has many top-ranked universities. Seoul National University (SNU), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Yonsei University and Korea University (KU), Pohang University of Science and Technology(POSTECH), Sungkyunkwan University and (SKKU), are just a few.

You can enjoy beautiful destinations and delicious food, as well as live a high-quality Korean lifestyle. It is possible to explore culture and Kpop.

You can also improve your Korean language skills through the immersion method and training program, and increase your career opportunities involving Korean.

What’s the Global Korea Scholarship?

The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS), a South Korean government program that offers scholarships to students, is now available. They used to refer to it before this as KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program).

Students from all over the world can apply for this scholarship to study in South Korea. GKS are administered by NIIED on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Korea.

The Korean government offers competitive scholarships called the “Global Korea Scholarship” each year to provide students with more opportunities all over the world.

The program allows students to complete their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in Korea.

In 2022-2023, there are 220 scholarships for undergraduate GKS programs.

There are two ways to apply: the university track and the embassy track. They select 125 students through the embassy while 95 students can apply to universities.

There are 1278 scholarships available for GKS graduate, research and doctoral students in 2022-2023. This includes 663 scholarships through the embassy and 615 for universities.

GKS Scholarship Benefits

Here is a breakdown of the scholarship value.

  • The cost of your air tickets is not something you need to worry about. They will show you the exact cost of your economy class airfare.
  • For resettlement, there is a KRW 200,000 allowance
  • Students in the Undergraduate Program receive a monthly allowance of KRW 900,00.
  • All candidates are eligible for free national insurance. This is usually given twice per year at the beginning of each term.
  • They pay for the Korean language course total up to 1,000,000 KRW per month.
  • They pay the tuition cost (no more than KRW 5 million per semester).
  • Students with valid TOPIK levels 5 and 6 are eligible for a monthly reward of KRW 100,000.
  • They give a KRW 100,000 after completing their degree.

How to Apply for GKS Scholarship

They only accept applications during specific months. This was announced on the government’s site. It varies from one program to the next.

For undergraduate programs, the application period is typically September-October. This period applies to graduate programs. It is typically February-March.

The university track and embassy tracks are both options for applying for the GKS. Submit the application forms and supporting documents to the Korean Embassy in your country.

You do not have to select three universities to pursue the embassy track. However, you may apply directly to one university.

GKS Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility requirements for applicants applying for the Global Korea Scholarship 2022. These criteria must be strictly followed by candidates:

  • The applicants should be of foreign nationality and not Korean.
  • An English Proficiency Letter may be submitted in lieu of TOEFL/IELTS scores.
  • To apply for postgraduate programs, one must be under 40 years old
  • For undergraduate courses, applicants must be less than 25 years old.
  • To be eligible for a scholarship to a Master’s degree, you must hold a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • To be eligible for a PhD, you must hold a Master’s degree. Programs.
  • Research Program Applicants Must have a Master’s Degree and an invitation from one NIIED-designated Korean university.
  • Postdoctoral Program: Must have a doctoral or equivalent level of education.
  • Applicants without a degree may submit an Expected Graduation Certificate in the Application Form.


GKS Scholarships are awarded in different countries, depending on whether the Korean Embassy is located in your country or not. All applicants are advised to verify the deadlines for submission by contacting their respective embassy or university. Contact universities by email to receive information about the deadlines for scholarships.

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