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Google Scholarship 2022, Eligibility and Application Process

Have you heard about the Google scholarship? Would you love to learn about it or how to make the best use of this opportunity? If yes, then this article is for you. But then, what is the Google scholarship about?

Google Scholarship 2022, Eligibility and Application Process

What the Google Scholarship is about

Google scholarship is an initiative of Google Inc. It aims at providing financial support to students who aspire to pursue a career in technology.

Also, it is a broad term that comprises a number of scholarships and contests that are available for students worldwide.

Every year, Google offers opportunities that are for:

  • School students.
  • Women in technology.
  • Developers and individuals.

The opportunities are to create their mark in the technological world.

Furthermore, a Google scholarship provides the students with financial support. Also, it provides them with an opportunity to learn through workshops and training.

Though Google offers scholarships for students across the world, note. In this article, you will find some of the popular Google contests that are available for school students.

The article provides you with in-depth information about each Google scholarship and contest.

List of Scholarships Under Google 2022

Below is the list of Google scholarship:

1. Generation Scholarship

This is one amazing Google scholarship. The Generation Google Scholarship is for students of:

  • Computer science.
  • Engineering or a related technical field.

Selected students can get an award of $10,000. And this is for tuition and other college costs.

Students in underrepresented groups such as African American, Hispanic, American Indian or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander are encouraged to apply. However, you must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Successful applicants should demonstrate leadership. And they must have a passion for computer science and technology.

To apply for the Generation Google Scholarship, you’ll need to send your resume, transcript, one reference and four short essays.

2. SVA Scholarship

This is one amazing Google scholarship. Google partners with the Student Veterans of America (SVA) organization to provide the Google SVA Scholarship. And it is to help student veterans who are studying computer science.

To be eligible for this $10,000 scholarship, note. You must be a student veteran or student on active duty. Also, you must be either enrolled or about to enter college or graduate school.

However, to apply, you’ll respond to four essay questions and submit your resume, transcripts and a letter of reference.

3. Lime 

Google partners with nonprofit organization Lime Connect for the Google Lime Scholarship. It helps support students with disabilities as they pursue studies in the field of computer science.

The Google Lime Scholarship awards $10,000 for tuition and other educational expenses.

However, to apply, you must be planning to pursue or already studying for a degree in computer science.

Also, you must show leadership and passion for computer science and technology. Additionally, you’ll have to submit your resume, transcripts and a letter of reference, and responses to four essay questions. Interestingly, this is one amazing Google scholarship.

4. Google Europe Students with Disabilities 

This is one amazing Google scholarship. The Google Europe Students with Disabilities Scholarship awards 7,000 euros (about $7,800) to students with disabilities studying computer science in Europe.

Google partners with the nonprofit EmployAbility to bring students this scholarship. And they look for students with:

  • Leadership skills.
  • A strong academic record.
  • Also, a passion for computer science and technology.

But then, you must currently be enrolled at a university in Europe to apply. Also, you’ll need to submit your resume, transcripts and responses to essay questions.

5. Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial 

This is one amazing Google scholarship. The Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship honours Venkat Panchapakesan, a highly respected engineer. He taught people to be generous, and optimistic and to always look for the best in people.

Google invites applicants who are optimistic about making the world a more sustainable place. And it wants students who view challenges as opportunities for innovation.

However, to be eligible for this scholarship, note. You must be enrolled in a college or graduate school in India.

Besides a resume, essays and references, you need to create and upload a video on YouTube. In that video, you’ll explain why you should be awarded the scholarship.

Winners will receive $750. And this comes with a visit to the San Bruno, Calif., headquarters of YouTube, which is owned by Google.

6. Doodle 

List of Scholarships Under Google 2022

This is one amazing Google scholarship. The Doodle for Google contest awards scholarships to winners of its Google Doodle contest. Students in kindergarten through grade 12 are separated into groups by grade.

The public votes on their favourite doodles before the top finalists are submitted to a panel of judges. Entries will be judged on:

  • Artistic merit.
  • Creativity.
  • How well the contest theme is communicated in both the artwork and a written statement.

The national winner of the Doodle for Google contest gets:

  • $30,000 college scholarship.
  • $50,000 technology package for their school or nonprofit organization.

However, four national finalists each win a $5,000 scholarship for college.

How to win Google Scholarship and other Awards for College

If you’re a student of computer science and technology, then you might be eligible to win a Google scholarship.

To put your best foot forward and avoid mistakes in your essays or statements, note. Ensure you communicate your passion for computer science.

Also, show that you’re committed to your studies. And aspire to use technology to make the world a better place.

Google is always looking for future leaders in the fields of computer science, computer engineering and technology. And it provides scholarships to encourage learning.

A Google scholarship would grant you tuition money. Also, it gives access to an educational and professional community.

Ensure you make effective use of the information above. Also, feel free to share information with your friends and loved ones.

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