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Why Public Schools are better than Private Schools in Nigeria

One of the hardest decisions parents can make is whether public schools are better than private schools. The government funds both public and charter schools. And you do not have to pay for your child to attend.

Why Public Schools are better than Private Schools in Nigeria

Public Schools are better than Private Schools: the Belief

Private schools are believed to have large price tags. And they can further create an economic struggle for a family. But then, which is better? Are public schools better than private schools? Does money play a major role?

No doubt, money is a significant factor when it comes to deciding to send your child to a private school.

Also, although the smaller class size and more individualized teaching may seem appealing, private schools are not always best for every student some people believe. But is this true?

Additionally, having a special needs child makes the decision even more crucial. And this is because you will have many issues that other parents may not have to consider.

In this article, you will learn about why some people believe that public schools are better than private schools in Nigeria. Let’s begin with the advantages of public schools in Nigeria.

Advantages of Public Schools in Nigeria

Below are reasons people believed that public schools are better than private schools:

  • There is no cost to attend a public school.
  • Also, your child will attend school with children living in the neighbourhood. Thus, making it easier to encourage friendships with classmates residing nearby. Also, you will meet local parents in your community.
  • Public schools often have more options for classes. They also have after-school activities. Also, there are more varied curriculums than many smaller, private schools.
  • Additionally, your child may be exposed to a greater diversity of cultures and ethnicities than in some private schools that may be religion-based.
  • Furthermore, public schools tend to offer more accommodations and services.
  • Some public schools have better facilities, such as sports fields.

Additional Advantages of Public Schools in Nigeria

  • Public schools have requirements in place to provide education options that meet the needs of all students. And this is as outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) of 2004.
  • Also, they may be better equipped to handle children with special needs and offer a 504 plan. Or, be able to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP).
  • Staffing for schools with special needs students is based on IEP service hours.
  • Also, public school teachers tend to have more experience and qualifications to serve special needs students than those at private schools.
  • Also, public schools offer specialized programs that speak to a child’s interests.

Disadvantages of Public Schools in Nigeria

As we look at why public schools are better than private schools, take note. The following are some disadvantages associated with public schools:

  • Overcrowding is often an issue. This is as communities grow faster than schools that were built for fewer students. Also, with funding cuts, class sizes increase. And some students may study in portable classrooms far from the main building. This could pose a problem for some children with limited mobility.
  • Larger class sizes mean less individualized attention. Your child may not get the one-on-one attention he or she might need.
  • Also, some public schools face increased discipline issues in certain neighbourhoods.
  • Furthermore, not all public schools are the same. The quality of education can differ significantly from one school to another – even in the same city.
  • Also, school budgets may limit access to quality learning materials.

Other Disadvantages of Public Schools in Nigeria

  • Students are required to take standardized tests, and teachers are pressured to spend a significant amount of time “teaching to the tests.
  • Also, although the school is bound by law to provide your child with individualized education, note. You may have to be more proactive to get your child what he or she needs to thrive in the educational system.
  • The school must work with you if your child is absent due to illness, treatments, or therapy. This is to prevent falling behind. You may have to intervene for your child to receive the necessary services.
  • Also, in the wake of recent tragedies, the safety of public schools is often questioned.

Advantages of Private Schools in Nigeria

Advantages of Private Schools in Nigeria

Below are reasons some people do not agree that public schools are better than private schools:

  • Smaller class sizes may be less overwhelming. And this means more individualized attention. The teacher can find a learning method best geared to your child.
  • Many private schools provide a more challenging curriculum. And students who are high achievers may thrive in this atmosphere.
  • Some private schools are religion-based. And they offer classes in religion as part of the curriculum.
  • Also, private schools may have better funding. This can be translated to better supplies of resources, and equipment.
  • Most importantly, discipline is often taken seriously at private schools.
  • Additionally, private schools typically do not tolerate bullying behaviours. Your child may feel more welcome and included in the private school.
  • Furthermore, private school teachers have more control over their curriculum and teaching methods. And they have less responsibility to teach standardized testing.

Additional Advantages of Private Schools in Nigeria

  • Smaller private schools can work closely with a child who is out of school frequently due to illness or therapy. However, this is not always the case. So make certain to inquire about worse case scenarios at your initial meeting with the school.
  • More parents tend to be active in school involvement since they are paying for their child’s education.
  • Also, some private schools offer significant scholarships to make education affordable for more students.
  • Additionally, students who go to private high schools tend to have higher standardized test scores.
  • Also, private schools tend to have better security and provide a safer learning environment.


Disadvantages of Private Schools in Nigeria

Below are reasons some people agree that public schools are better than private schools:

  • Private schools do not have to uphold the same regulations for teaching children with special needs. Your chosen school may not be able to provide your child with the services he or she requires.
  • The cost can be prohibitive and put a financial strain on the family.
  • Again, the student body will often be less diverse. And this is especially when looking at a religion-based school. There will likely be fewer students with special needs in a private school.
  • Also, you will have to apply and be selected by the school to attend. Thus, admission is not guaranteed.
  • Religion-based schools often reduce secular class hours to fit in religious subjects.
  • The school is not required by law to work with a child who is out sick.
  • Many students may come from wealthier backgrounds. Thus, sometimes making children from less affluent families feel “not as good” as their peers.

Additional Disadvantages of Private Schools in Nigeria

  • Curriculum options may be limited. And this is especially in high schools where public schools have varied offerings.
  • Private schools typically do not offer services such as speech therapy. Additional therapies are believed to be the parent’s responsibility.
  • Also, smaller private schools may not offer extensive opportunities for sports and extra-curricular activities.
  • If the school does not seek certification, then the teachers are not required to have a teaching degree.
  • Private schools do not have to accept students with special needs.
  • Also, your child may not be attending school with others from the neighbourhood, reducing the ability to make local friends.
  • Passing an entrance exam may be required.

Public Schools are better than Private Schools: The Bottom Line

Public Schools are better than Private Schools: The Bottom Line

While public schools are required by federal and state laws to provide services for students with special needs, note. It does not absolutely mean they will do the job well. As a parent, you must be prepared to fight for what your child needs.

Some parents seek other avenues when they feel that the public school system failed them. However, for every negative story, there are those where the student thrives in this setting.

No one knows your child better than you do. Thus, be watchful of specific signs and behaviours after a day at school. Does your child seem calm or agitated? Is he or she happy or acting out? The answers can signal whether everything is going right or not.

We believe you have learnt a lot from this page. Do you have or know someone out there contemplating whether public schools are better than private schools? If yes, then please do not hesitate to share this information with him or her.

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