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High Paying Travel CNA jobs Update 2022

High paying travel CNA jobs: Convert your CNA job into a working holiday. Join Aureus Medical Group and take the plunge into travel nursing. All around the country, we provide rewarding travel nursing employment with excellent amenities.

High paying travel cna jobs

What Does a Traveling CNA Do?

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) provides direct patient care. Therefore, a travelling CNA visits a patient at home to monitor their health, give them medication, help with routine medical duties, and evaluate their status.

Documenting your visits to patients’ homes and reporting to a nurse or other healthcare provider may be among your responsibilities as a travelling CNA. Typically, you are employed by a home healthcare-focused organisation.

Along with being on call to assist customers or patients as needed, your duties may also include assisting patients with everyday tasks and chores.


How to Become a Traveling CAN

You require postsecondary education, certification, patient care expertise, and the capacity to travel in order to operate as a travelling CNA.

CNAs often completed a short-term health care program at a postsecondary institution before they register as nursing assistants and pass the required exam. Some CNAs hold this position while pursuing a nursing degree.

To become a CNA, you must get professional certification; however, the standards for certification differ from state to state. Since the job may entail a lot of local travel, employers also want a current driver’s license and a spotless driving record.

Duties and Responsibilities for CAN Jobs

High paying travel cna jobs

  • Help patients with their personal hygiene by bathing, grooming, brushing their teeth and using the restroom.
  • Plan, purchase, and cook meals under nutritional recommendations.
  • Organize medicine reminders
  • to track the overall health and vital signs of patients
  • Help with household chores like vacuuming, washing dishes, changing and laundering the bedding, and cleaning the bathroom.
  • Talk to people and offer emotional support
  • Uphold a pristine and healthy environment

Traveling CNA Job Description Sample

You may get a decent idea of what businesses are looking for when hiring for this position by using this sample job description for a traveling CNA.

Also, keep in mind that every business is different and will require various requirements while hiring for a Traveling CNA position.

How Much does a Work From Home International Travel CNA Make?

The average annual salary for a Work from Home International Travel CNA in the United States as of August 1, 2022, is $52,931.

In case you need a quick pay estimator, that comes out to about $25.45 per hour. This is equal to $4,411 every month or $1,018 per week. That’s the High paying travel CNA jobs.

Top 10 High paying travel CNA jobs  and Cities for Travel CNA Jobs

High paying travel cna jobs

The average pay for a Work from Home International Travel CNA job is higher than the national average in ten of the places we’ve discovered.

San Mateo, California, comes out on top, followed closely by Boston, Massachusetts, and Daly City, California, in the second and third spots. That’s the High paying travel CNA jobs

Daly City, California above the national average by $7,925 (15.0%), and San Mateo, California continues this trend by being $9,134 (17.3%) higher than the $52,931 average.

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
San Mateo, CA $62,066 $5,172 $1,194 $29.84
Boston, MA $61,540 $5,128 $1,183 $29.59
Daly City, CA $60,856 $5,071 $1,170 $29.26
Berkeley, CA $60,813 $5,068 $1,169 $29.24
Renton, WA $60,672 $5,056 $1,167 $29.17
Santa Monica, CA $60,661 $5,055 $1,167 $29.16
Juneau, AK $60,477 $5,040 $1,163 $29.08
Queens, NY $60,366 $5,030 $1,161 $29.02
Lowell, MA $59,918 $4,993 $1,152 $28.81
Green River, WY $59,775 $4,981 $1,150 $28.74

Frequently Asked Questions

See the question people ask about High paying travel CNA jobs.

1. What Qualifications are Needed for a Travel Assignment?

They must satisfy the following criteria in order for you to be hired as a travel CNA:

  • recent work experience of at least one year in that speciality.
  • possess a state-issued CNA license in the U.S. and the state in which you wish to work.

2. What Financial Factors Need to be Taken into Account?

Most CNA assignments pay between $15 and $20 per hour, which is above the federal minimum wage. Some crisis contracts pay up to $30 per hour.

Although it’s not always the case, many CNA employment don’t pay back the following costs. (As a result, it’s crucial to take these expenses into account while choosing an assignment.)

  • Travel expenses
  • Reliable transportation
  • Food and lodging expenses
  • Licenses, certifications and renewals
  • Scrubs

3. What Gives me an Advantage When Applying to CNA Jobs?

Maintaining your documentation provides your preference for job vacancies because of the significant number of interests.

Also, make sure Aya Healthcare has your full application on file so that a recruiter may get in touch with you if any suitable positions come up. A completed CNA application includes:

Healthcare-related work history that goes back 7 years (if applicable)

  • Education
  • State licenses
  • 2 nurse leadership references
  • Completed CNA skills checklist/self-assessment. (To access and complete, log in to your account.)

4. When Will I be contacted by a Recruiter?

Because of the large number of applicants, recruiters are contacting those who most closely match the job requirements. This depends on several things, such as background, location, recommendations, aptitude, and interest.

Therefore, continue to keep your application updated and show positions in your region that you are interested in.

Also, on the internet to give yourself the best chance of receiving an assignment and interacting with a recruiter. When there is a match, a recruiter will get in touch with you.

5. Is Traveling CNA Worth it?

According to many studies, travel nurses can make between $60,000 and $100,000 year, which is double the pay of many other nursing occupations.

Even while your base pay will already be above average, you also receive a ton of additional benefits that may not be available to CNAs in other jobs, such as Daily Stipends.

If you find this article informative about High paying travel CNA jobs., kindly share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section. Thanks.


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