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How to Get Jamb Profile Code 2022/2023 – Updates

Let’s expose how to get JAMB Profile Code 2022/2023, JAMB Profile Code Issues and Solutions Online, how to create JAMB Profile Code With NIN, JAMB Profile Code Login Portal, JAMB Profile Code Confirmation, as well as how to find JAMB Profile Code.

How to Get Jamb Profile Code
How to Get Jamb Profile Code

You can’t apply for an exam like the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) or directly apply for admission without first establishing your JAMB profile number via SMS 2022.

Why Is Jamb Profile Code Necessary?

A JAMB Profile Code is a method the board has chosen to sign up students for their exams. To be able to take the JAMB exam, you’ll have to create an account code which can then be used to complete your JAMB registration. 

While we’re here, it’s crucial to remember that this profile code isn’t transferable and must be created using your sim card, not your dad’s or mum’s.

How to Get JAMB Profile Code 

Now that you understand what a JAMB profile codes is, let’s discover how to generate them:

You’ll require a sim card as well as a mobile phone to start the registration process. be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • i. One sim card can’t be used by more than two individuals, one candidate sim card
  • ii. The cell phone number used to generate the profile code is linked to the candidate’s name and is utilized in all communications relating to their JAMB-related problems. A good example is when you wish to change your course or school. You will need to supply the sim card utilized to generate the code.
  • ii. Don’t use someone else’s number or even your mother, father, or sister’s . Instead, use your SIM and ensure that you have access to this SIM card.

You have your SIM card and phone at hand,

  1. Write the word “NIN,” after which you should space it and then include your 11-digit NIN number. Send it an SMS to 55019
  2. – e.g [NIN 00123456789]
  3. There is an extra space between “NIN” and the 11-digit NIN.
  4. You will immediately receive a text message that contains the 10-digit code for your profile. Be assured that If the response takes a little longer to respond, it could be due to problems with your network.

Correction Of Mistake/Loss Of Jamb Profile Code

To rectify a mistake in the candidate’s name, you can send Correct Surname First-Name Middle-Name[CORRECT Surname First-Name Middle-Name] to 55019 in a text message to the same mobile number.

To recover the lost profile code, send [RESEND] to 55019. Send [RESEND] to 55019 in an SMS message to the same mobile number.

A Second Method to Retrieve The Jamb Profile Code

You can get your profile number from your profile dashboard on Jamb: This method is cost-free.

  1. Visit JAMB, the e-facility portal.
  2. Log into your candidate’s profile using your JAMB email address and password.
  3. This will bring users to the dashboard. You will notice on the right “Hello! Welcome Back, Joel Joe Joe… Registration Profile Code: 40241**931


How to Get Jamb Profile Code via Email

Another cost-free method on How to Get Jamb Profile Code:

How to Get Jamb Profile Code
How to Get Jamb Profile Code
  1. Log in with the email that you used to create your profile or to use to register for your JAMB registration.
  2. Find the message that was sent to you on that day.
  3. If you’ve already received lots of emails, make it challenging to find the ones that belong to JAMB. Make use of the search feature within your email dashboard. Enter “JAMB” and press”Enter” (search). The search will return just the messages you received from JAMB or have something to do with JAMB. After that, you can look for the correct one.
  4. The message that includes the profile code will appear like the image above.

Hope this explains all on How to Get Jamb Profile Code. The JAMB Profile code is used to verify your biometric and other data within the JAMB Database to verify registration, authentication, and verification.

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