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JAMB Regularization Procedure and How to Check Status

The JAMB regularization procedure is designed to regulate ND, HND, OND, and NCE types of admission to the university. Also, it is to clear up the JAMB status of a prosperous student.

JAMB Regularization Procedure and How to Check Status

In this article, you get all the necessary information you need about JAMB regularization. Just pay attention and read to the end. First, what do know about JAMB regularization?

What is JAMB Regularization?

It’s the process of ensuring that the JAMB Board validates candidates’ current admission details with the school that offered admission to such candidates in their database.

The aim is to grant one gateway to securing admission. Also, it aims at granting an admission letter/registration Number.

Purpose of JAMB Regularization

The reasons for the JAMB regularization are:

  • To ensure that JAMB has your current admission detail.
  • Also, to make that this detail tally with the admission/registration record in the school that offered you admission.
  • Also, to help students who do not have an admission letter from JAMB but were offered admission in tertiary institutions.
  • Additionally, to assist students who did remedial/Pre-degree programmes like BASIC programme or CERTIFICATE programme or direct application.
  • Furthermore, to help students who did not register for JAMB during the year they were offered admission (i.e. from basic and certificate programmes).
  • Also, this allows candidates with admission but with no prior record with JAMB ability to register on the platform.

Requirements for JAMB Regularization 2022/2023

Below are some of the requirements for JAMB regularization for 2022/2023:

  • JAMB Result for an applicant who already has a valid JAMB registration number.
  • If you do not have a JAMB number you are also eligible to apply for regularization.
  • Also, O’level results are; WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB or combined results.
  • Additionally, passport photograph.
  • Also, the candidate’s personal details. That is; address, date of birth, email address, gender, GSM number, marital status, names, origin, previous jamb registration number, and year of enrollment.
  • Candidate’s institution details. That is; institution enrolled, the reason for not being on jamb list, matriculation number, matriculation year, year of graduation, serial no. on graduating list, head of an institution, registrar.
  • Also, a current course studying in the institution.

Now that you know what JAMB regularization is all about and the requirements let’s look at the procedure on how to apply for JAMB regularization in 2022/2023.


Necessary Information to be submitted during the Process

Necessary Information to be submitted during the Process

Below we have some necessary information to be submitted during this period:

  • Your JAMB registration number.
  • Also, the candidate’s name (full).
  • Additionally, the name of the initial institution. However, if you are being transferred from one institution to another as seen with direct entry students, note. You are to put the name of the school they transfer you from there. But if you are not filled in the name of your institution there.
  • Former course.
  • Also, provide the name of the new institution.
  • Also, provide the course you are being admitted to.

NOTE: The admission office / JAMB state office will complete the rest.

How to Do JAMB Regularization 2022/2023

Here is the Procedure:

  • Walk into the nearest JAMB accredited centre or cybercafé.
  • Go with all the requirements as listed above.
  • Make payment.
  • The JAMB official attending to you will process your JAMB regularization with ease.
  • Also, the JAMB official after confirming your information will proceed to complete the form.
  • Endeavour to get printout after completion of the form and upon submitting.
  • Submit the printed signed form to your school admission office (charges may apply).
  • Also, the admission officer will submit it to the JAMB office in your institution state.
  • Your institution will submit your form to the JAMB office in your state or Abuja.
  • Also, the JAMB officials will send a notification to your Email address.
  • All subsisting Covid-19 protocols must be fully observed.

Amazing right? Yeah! Now you know what JAMB regularization is all about. Also, you now know the requirements and how to apply. Won’t you like to look at how you can monitor or check your JAMB Regularization status?

 How to Check JAMB Regularization Status 2022/2023

  • Go to
  • Log in with your JAMB EMAIL and PASSWORD.
  • After successfully logging in, scroll down, then locate and click the ‘Check Admission Status’ tab or CAPS.
  • Furthermore, select your exam year. And enter your JAMB registration number in the required columns.
  • Finally, click on ‘Check Admission Status’ to access your admission status.
  • If approved, then proceed to print your admission letter.

FAQS about JAMB Regularization

FAQS about JAMB Regularization

Below are some frequently asked questions about JAMB regularization?

1. How Long Does JAMB Regularization Take?


Based on what you want. If you like you can deal with it for more than a year. But it shouldn’t take up to a month for me.

2. Is JAMB Regularization Compulsory?


Yes, it is. It was stated earlier however that it is not intended for all students. Only those who face the problem should do it, please, and also be quick to rectify it

3. How Do I Check My JAMB Regularization?


Following the above steps, an indemnity form will be provided that can be printed on your JAMB dashboard at any time

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Here is a warning! Please do not pay anyone money online for JAMB regularization. This is because there are many adverts on this and they are a bunch of complete scams.

If you found this article helpful, then do not forget to help us share it with your friends and loved ones who can be in want of this.

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