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Kaduna State Scholarship 2022, Requirements and How to Apply

Would you love to apply for the Kaduna State Scholarship? If yes, then you are reading the best article for that. Though unknown to many, the Kaduna State Government runs a stable scholarship.

Having helped so many students, this scholarship has gained so much trust over the years. Thus, if you are looking for a perfect opportunity to tap into such offers, then today is your lucky day.

However, note that this opportunity is for indigenes of Kaduna State only. Alternatively, residents who have lived in this state for several years can also apply for this. Interestingly, the scholarship spans both O’ Level, A’ Level, and Undergraduate studies.

Important Facts about Kaduna State

As you may already know, Kaduna State is one of the most popular Northern states in Nigeria. It is located on the high plains of northern Nigeria. Also, this state is a home of cattle rearing and farming.

Deeply rooted in culture, this state is one of the most historical states in Nigeria. Without taking too much time, let us get down to the eligibility criteria of the Kaduna State Scholarship.

Kaduna State Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Kaduna State scholarship opportunity, note. All applying students must fulfil the following:

  • Applicants must be indigene of Kaduna State.
  • Also, you must have an O’Level certificate. And this is with a minimum of five credits.
  • Also, this should be achieved in not less than one sitting.
  • However, for undergraduate students, applicants must be 100 Level students of Kaduna State University.


Kaduna State Scholarship for Postgraduates

Applicants must have the following:

  • Masters merit for Post-Doctoral application.
  • Also, the applicant must have graduated with a CGPA of 3.5 of 4.0.

Kaduna State Scholarship Eligible Courses/Programs

There are courses eligible for the Kaduna State Scholarship. Alternatively, students who intend to study any of these courses also qualify for the O’Level application.

Below are the eligible courses for the Kaduna State Scholarship:

  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Elect/Elect Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Agricultural Science
  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Accounting
  • Surveying
  • Environmental Studies
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Law
  • Human Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Journalism
  • Mass Communication

Scholarship Type

Kaduna State Scholarship 2022

The Kaduna State Government offers two types of scholarships to students. They are:

  • Need-Based Scholarships
  • Merit-Based Scholarships

Just as the name applies, need-based scholarships are awarded to students whose families are unable to afford their education.

However, these students still need to display academic proficiency for selection. Whereas, merit-based scholarships are given based on academic performance. As a result, anyone can be selected for this scholarship regardless of their social status.

Scholarship Worth

The Kaduna State Scholarship Program is a fully-funded Program. As a result, students need not worry about tuition fees and extra expenses while in school.

Location to Be Taken

Fixed online, the application process for this scholarship is quite flexible. However, further screening tests are carried out for proceeding students.

Also, these students are often required to visit specified institutions for these tests. Being a state scholarship, Kaduna State University is the main institution for this scholarship.

How to Apply for the Kaduna State Scholarship

Applying for the Kaduna State Scholarship is actually easy. However, it needs to be done with utmost care. Below, you will see a detailed procedure on how to apply for this scholarship.

To apply for the Kaduna State Scholarship, one has to first visit their webpage. The application portal for this scholarship is Prior to applying, all students must create accounts on the platform.

Below are some details needed for the account creation.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password

Upon filling in the details, registration can then be completed for further processes. Verification emails are sent out to all newly registered accounts. Moreover, this is the trend in most online registration processes.

Additional Steps to Apply for the Kaduna State Scholarship

Upon successfully logging in to your dashboard, you can then apply. On hitting the button which says ‘Apply for Scholarship’, you gain access to available scholarships.

At this point, all candidates need to do is to make their choices. The actual registration and application are quite easy.

Application Documents for Kaduna State Scholarship

Application Documents for Kaduna State Scholarship

However, there are some required documents to apply for this scholarship. Below is a complete list of the required documents for this scholarship:

  • Scanned copy of SSCE certificate.
  • Also, scanned copy of admission letter issued by student’s University.
  • Copy of local government identification letter.
  • Additionally, scanned copy of international passport, National I.D card, driver’s license, voter’s card or even school id.

Upon providing these details accurately, students stand a chance of being selected for this offer.


If you actually found some useful information in this article, feel free to drop your comments below. In all, we do hope you share it with your friends and stay safe!

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