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Mavis Brown Scholarships Update 2022

Mavis Brown Scholarships: For its Mavis Brown Scholarships, Flinders University is currently accepting applications from students who meet the necessary qualifications. For all students, it is a fully financed scholarship.

Mavis Brown Scholarships

About Mavis Brown Scholarships

This scholarship has been created in Mavis Haydon’s memory. Mavis Haydon understood the value of education during her lifetime.

She was well aware that many gifted young people still lack the financial resources to get a degree at a university.

Mavis Haydon aimed to correct this inequity by establishing a perpetual charitable trust to support University scholarships in her will.

Benefits of Mavis Brown Scholarships

Each scholarship will be worth $5,000 per year, given out in equal installments following each semester’s census date.

The amount of scholarships will depend on the funds that is available. The maximum support for each student will depend on the typical course length, up to a maximum of six years.

Mavis Brown Scholarship Courses

  1. Medicine
  2. Law
  3. Engineering


Requirements for Mavis Brown Scholarships 

Scholarship applicants must be;

  1. Be citizens of Australia; and
  2. Be commencing coursework toward a degree in engineering, medicine, or law; and
  3. Be able to prove a need for money; and
  4. Typically call South Australia home; and
  5. Usually be a full-time student at Flinders University.

Selection Process

The scholarship will be given while taking into account:

1. how much the scholarship will help the student with their study;

2. According to established University protocols, academic excellence is determined by the applicant’s entry score into the course.

3. The trustees of the Mavis Brown Charitable Trust will appoint a member of the general public, as well as a representation from each of the colleges of business, government, and law, science, and medicine and public health.

Click here to apply

The deadline for this application is August, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions on Mavis Brown Scholarships

Below are the FAQs on Mavis Brown Scholarships

1. Can I get a scholarship for graduate study?

Yes! In fact, graduate scholarships to study abroad tend to be even more common than undergraduate scholarships.

This is due to the fact that universities and governments are often keen to attract highly skilled graduate students, often using graduate scholarships as an incentive.

2. What are my chances of gaining a scholarship?

Don’t be fooled, scholarships are highly competitive. After all, there are many students around the world trying to get funding for their studies.

Although some scholarships depend on outstanding academic records (‘merit-based scholarships’).

Your chances of success are often determined by the quality of your application, and whether or not you are in financial need. 

3. Where do I go to find scholarship opportunities?

To find scholarships you are eligible for, it is advised to first look at the information provided by your chosen university.

Funding information will be listed on the university’s website or in the prospectus, and this is also where you’ll find the relevant contact information should you have any questions about scholarship applications.

4. How do I apply for international scholarships?

In most cases, schools, governments and external organizations will list their scholarship opportunities online, with details of how to apply found alongside these listings.

Most will allow you to submit your application online, accompanied by any supporting documentation you are asked to provide 

5. How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

You will know if you are eligible to apply for a particular scholarship by reading the details on eligibility found on the provider’s website.

Eligibility may depend on nationality if the scholarship in question is targeted at students from specific regions.

For subject-specific scholarships, the program you are enrolling on will also affect your eligibility.

6. What should I include in my scholarship essay?

The simple answer would be: anything that makes you stand out. Anything relevant to your studies.

The majority of scholarship providers want to know why they should fund you rather than any other applicant, so use your essay as a chance to prove your worth.

Mention your academic achievements, your ambitions and your interests and how they relate to the program you are applying for.

7. What are scholarship scams and how do I avoid them?

A common way of determining scholarship scams is to ask yourself if the scholarship sounds simply too good to be true.

If the application process seems too easy, or if you have to pay to apply, you should be wary. If a website is offering a ‘guaranteed scholarship’, or you receive an unsolicited email, you should be very skeptical.

We believe this article on Mavis Brown Scholarships was helpful to you. Kindly share with friends and loved ones. Best regards!

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