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Money Transfer from Gift Card to Bank Account

See how to make Money Transfer from Gift Card to Bank Account, and if you recently received one or were given one as a gift and are wondering how to easily transfer funds from a gift card to a bank account, we have the answers for you in this article.

Money Transfer from Gift Card to Bank Account

What is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a payment card that you can use to make a certain number of purchases of products or services from a specific company. Because they gave it as a gift, they know the card as a gift card. A few methods can move funds from a gift card to your bank account.

One of the many companies that provide gift cards to businesses is Visa. The others include American Express, MasterCard, and Discover.

A gift card normally has a single-use. You’re done with it after you’ve utilised it. A couple of them are reloadable, allowing you to replenish the balance and make additional purchases.

More Information

They can use reloadable gift cards without a bank account, just like prepaid cards. A gift card’s drawback is its lack of security. A gift card can be picked up and used by someone else for a range of transactions if you lose it while and route to the mall.

A gift card is not the same as a universally accepted credit, debit, or prepaid card. You cannot use them elsewhere because most of them are store-specific. money transfer from gift card to bank account.

A Visa Gift Card can be Used to:

1. Send money to family

2. Shopping spree

3. Purchase products and services both online and offline

4. Pay for trips

5. Control reckless spending

6. Help spend money on a budget

7. A perfect gift for friends

Can You Transfer a Visa Gift Card to a Bank Account?

Yes. A visa gift card can transfer funds to your bank account. It’s crucial to know what kind of prepaid card you have before transferring visa gift cards to bank accounts.

Although a visa gift card can be transferred to a bank account, it may not be possible to do so immediately

Money Transfer from Gift Card to Bank Account

Two Types of Card

Prepaid Debit Card: Therefore, they can use this flexible gift card wherever and whenever. They do not confine it to anyone’s place. Visa and Mastercard users can readily access it.

To make transferring Visa gift cards to a bank account simpler, they can connect it to one. You must add funds to your account in order to continue spending. No withdrawal rates or monthly fees will be applied to you. There are absolutely none.

Prepaid Credit Card: This is a plastic pre-paid card that has a spending cap. It made payments when the credit card’s spending limit has been reached. The timing of this payment is similarly predetermined.

Knowing the distinctions between the two prepaid card varieties will help you determine which one allows you to transfer Visa gift cards to a bank account.

You must first be aware of the conditions and restrictions associated with each Visa gift card in order to properly money transfer from gift card to bank account.

Terms of a Visa Gift Card for Successful Transfer to Bank account

Expiration Date- Examine your gift card’s expiration date carefully to make sure it hasn’t already passed. You won’t be able to transfer money if you don’t know when your card expires.

Not Transferrable– It is accurate to say that they cannot transfer some cards. Nobody else can utilize them. Be certain that yours is not one of them.

unused card

Dormant Card– You can incur an inactivity fee if they have not used your gift card in a while. Make sure they checked the option to avoid charges when transferring gift cards to your bank account.

Adequate Funds – When making a money transfer from gift card to bank account, most customers spend more money on fees and charges than the value of the gift card.

Make sure there is enough money on your gift cards before transferring to prevent losing money.

Transfer Money from Gift Card to Bank Account

Gift cards can be converted to cash in a variety of ways. Some of these methods allow you to receive cash at the end, while others may allow you to pay with cards in the same way that cash may be spent.

If your intent is to money transfer from gift card to bank account, try the following ways below:


Transfer Gift Card to Bank Account through MoneyGram

The second-largest supplier of money transfers in the US is MoneyGram. They are efficient, affordable, trustworthy, and safe.

To transfer funds from a Visa gift card to your bank account, go to the MoneyGram website and follow the instructions listed below. To make money transfer from gift card to bank account.

1. Sign up to create an account at MoneyGram

Click the ‘Sign up’ option on the MoneyGram website, enter your email address, create a strong password, and sign up.

Verify that you’ve successfully made an account by checking your email.

2. Click ‘Send Money’ on the MoneyGram website

Click the ‘Send money symbol on the website’s top navigation bar to be sent to a page where you must fill in your payment information. This includes:

1. Sending a Certain Amount

2. Choose either a debit or a credit card.

3. Choose between ‘Account Deposit’ and ‘Debit Card Deposit.’

4. Check to see if we link your visa gift card to the bank account to which you’re sending money. They are many ways to make money transfer from Gift Card to Bank account.

3. Fill in Bank Details

You’d be taken to a page where you’d fill in your bank details after sending the payment information. Here you’d enter;

1. Receiver’s Name

2. Address

3. Card information

Click ‘Next’ after providing this information, and they will execute your money transfer. Viola!

You could transfer money from your visa gift card to your bank account in a matter of minutes.

MoneyGram charges a fee based on the amount being sent. And, thankfully, their cost is incredibly little. For amounts under $200, it’s $1.99. It charges $1.99 + 1% of the deposited amount for quantities over $200.

When sending money using MoneyGram, there is also a limit. The maximum amount you can send online is $10,000 per transaction.

If you need to spend extra money, you’ll have to do so in person at a MoneyGram agent store close to your location.

Money Transfer from Visa Gift Card to Bank Account through Venmo

Also, we can send visa gift cards to a bank account using Venmo. Because it allows you to deposit the value of your card into your account. Venmo is comparable to PayPal.

The nicest thing about using Venmo to transfer money is that there are no costs involved when you move funds from your Venmo account to your bank account. Isn’t it awesome?

Unless you select “Instant transfer.” If not, the funds should be in your account in three business days. Ways to Money Transfer from Gift Card to Bank Account.

1. Get started by;

2. Downloading the Venmo app

3. Open a Venmo account for yourself

4. You’d see the ‘Add gift card’ option. Click on it.

5. Put in your payment and bank details and send. And your transfer would be done.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to money transfer from gift card to bank account. Please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter. Thanks for reading!

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