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MTN Transfer Code Recent Update for 2022

MTN Transfer Code: You may wonder how to make use of the unstructured supplementary service data codes to make transfers and do transactions with your phone. You are at the right place because we shall discuss the details of the MTN transfer code for 2022.

MTN Transfer Code


MTN Transfer Code

Do you have unused airtime or data? Do you want to share additional data or airtime with your loved ones?

Do you know that MTN permits the sharing of airtime and data? If not, you have seriously been missing out.

Read this article attentively to learn the MTN Transfer Code for 2022 and how to check the various MTN Transfer Code types.

All MTN subscribers can, however, transfer or share credit or data with friends, family, and well-wishers thanks to the MTN Transfer codes.

Mostly, business centers sell their customer’s accessible credit by using the mtn transfer method.

The money you contribute to your account as airtime is used for mobile data and phone calls.

You may always take advantage of the quick MTN airtime transfer service and share your airtime with others.

Even if you ever want to “borrow” or “give” your airtime to another MTN line, it is possible.

Do you have an MTN sim and are unsure how to move airtime from one MTN line to another?

This post will show you how to accomplish it, so it’s not that tough.

MTN continues to be the biggest telecommunications network in Nigeria and Africa, with over 235 million subscribers and close to 60 million subscribers.

MTN Transfer Registration Code

You must have a sim card with credit in it to begin this MTN share transfer registration.

Use your mobile phone to file an MTN share transfer by dialing *0000*New Pin*New Pin#.

You can also send a text message to 777 with the message 0000 (space) your New Pin Number (space) Retype the PIN.

Send it to 777 after that.


Different Transfer Codes

Different Transfer Codes

  1. MTN Transfer USSD Code

Through the USSD code, you can also transfer credit to other people.

You are aware that this procedure is quick and simple; all you need to do is dial the shortcode.

To share airtime, simply dial *600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#.

As an illustration, enter *600*07012345678*1000*9153#.

  1. How to Transfer Airtime Using SMS

Send 777 an SMS message that includes the transfer, recipient’s number, amount, and PIN.

You may text the phrase “Transfer 08031234567 1500 1234” to the number 777, for instance.

After sending this message, you will receive an SMS requesting you to reply with the word “YES” to the number 777 to confirm that you want to make the transfer.

Very simple, right? not to forget!

Any transfer you make will be subject to a service fee.

You will pay N3 for a transfer of N1 to N100.

Your transfer will cost N5 for a transaction of N101 to N500.

It would cost you N10 to transfer N501 to N5000.

  1. Steps to Transfer Airtime Using USSD

On your phone, enter *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#, and then tap OK or send.

For instance, enter *777*08031234567*1500*1234# and press OK or transmit.

You will get a notification letting you know the transfer was successful after it has been finished.

  1. How to Use the Share n Sell Service

There are two methods to use the share n sell service.

  • This is through the USSD. You should enter the following codes: *600*Recipient’s number*Amount*PIN# [note: this PIN is your new PIN]. For instance, Miss P’s phone number is 08037654321, and I wish to send 2000 to her. I’ll call the number *600*08037654321*2000*2864#.
  • Send “Transfer Recipient’s number Amount Pin” to 777 through SMS. Transfer 08037654321 2000 2864, as an illustration.

Within fifteen minutes, you will receive an SMS asking you to confirm the transaction.

Make sure you approve the transaction after verifying that you entered the information correctly.

MTN Data Share Code

This was made available to individuals so they may provide information to friends and family.

If you have a surplus on your cell line, your buddies can require data.

Just sign up and start sharing with them.

But before you can share data, you need to have a data bundle.

Following your subscription, you can take the following actions:

  • Text “Reg” to 131 or call *131*2*1#. Your default pin, 0000, will be sent to you in the mail, and you will need to alter it.
  • Change the PIN. By phoning *131*2*5# or sending the SMS “change 0000 new pin new pin” to 131, they can change the pin. Send modification to 131 using the example 0000 2864 2864.

Code to Check MTN Shared Data Balance

Through the following channels, you can verify the remaining value of your data bundle:

Texting “2” to “131” is an example of an SMS.

We hope you’ve found this information about MTN Transfer Code 2021 and how to check various MTN Transfer Codes useful.

Why not click the share button on this page to send it to your online friends?

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Making use of the MTN transfer code can make your work a lot easier.

It saves you the stress of having to go to MTN offices near you, where you have to sit and wait until you are been attended to.

If you follow the processes as are in this article, MTN transfer code Update 2022, then the MTN experience will be a lot easy for you.

Kindly share with family and friends if this article has been interesting.


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