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11 Phone Interview Tips to Help you Get Started

Phone Interview Tips: Learn how to connect with your interviewer even when you’re not in the same room with these phone interview techniques in this post from the Indeed Career Coach.Phone Interview Tips

What exactly is a phone interview, and how important is it in the hiring process? Many organizations conduct phone interviews with candidates who appear to be qualified on paper to see if they are ready for longer, more in-depth interviews.  

What to Expect During a Phone Interview

Occasionally, an interview will be conducted over the phone. Many businesses use a phone interview with a recruiter as the initial stage of the hiring procedure.

This stage of the job search process is critical. Your qualifications, abilities, and experience will be questioned by the recruiter to determine whether they align with the demands of the open position.

They may also determine if you will fit well with the company’s culture. The recruiter will move you on to the next round if all goes according to plan. However, things are unlikely to become better if people have a false or incomplete perception of you.

Phone Interview Tips for You

Phone interviews are just as significant as in-person interviews, therefore preparing well for them can significantly improve your performance.

If your interviewer starts with a phone interview, a successful conclusion here can guarantee that you move on to the next phase. When preparing for a phone interview, consider the following things:

1. Confirm the meeting time.

To make sure you are available when the call comes in, confirm the day and time of your interview before the actual day.

A good way to make sure you’re prepared for the interview is to write the scheduled time, add it to your calendar, or set up a phone alert.

Making a good first impression on an employer may be aided by timing.

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2. If Required, Reschedule

If you can’t meet at the specified time, suggest another time that’s more convenient for you.

Offer your interviewer a couple of days and times that are convenient for you, and then talk about a time that is convenient for both of you.

If you need more time or have a conflicting meeting, rescheduling guarantees you’re prepared for your interview and encourages honest communication, which is often a desirable trait among employers.

3. Do Some Research on the Company.

Learn more about the company’s principles, aims, and culture by looking at its website, social media, and recent activities. Knowing about the firm with which you’re interviewing gives you valuable information to use during the interview.

Make a list of specific facts about the company and bring them up if the occasion arises. If the company recently completed an acquisition, for example, you can highlight it when the interviewer asks what you know about it.

This stage can show the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about working there. It will also enable you to plan questions to ask at the conclusion of your interview.

4. Be Aware of who will Contact You.

Most likely, a recruiter, recruiting manager, or your immediate employer will interview you. On the company website, look up the position that your interviewer has.

More general questions about your background will be asked of you if you meet with a recruiter.

In contrast, they will ask you detailed questions about your field and job during an interview with your direct supervisor.

5. Look at the Job Description.

Knowing what the employer is looking for in a candidate and what your responsibilities will be will help you customize your responses to specific interview questions.

You should discuss this during your interview if they’re searching for someone with certain design software abilities and expertise in designing graphics for B2B organizations.

6. Be a Good Listener.

Pay attention, ask probing questions, and interact with the recruiter. This shows that you’re taking the interview seriously and are interested in what they have to say.

It may be good to practice with friends or relatives. Make sure you’re paying attention to every word they say and then follow up with questions that indicate you were paying attention.

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Best Phone Interview Tips

7. Be Professional at All Times.

It’s important to keep a polite and respectful attitude throughout the interview.

During your interview, using a professional demeanor might leave a good impression that will stick in their minds as they decide whether to hire you.

Be professional and persuasive in your tone and responses because the person you’re interviewing might end up working with you once you get the job.

8. Make a Happy Face

Even though you’ll be chatting on the phone, smiling during your interview might help you maintain a positive tone.

Your interviewer will hear your smile even if they can’t see it. Smile in the mirror or with family and friends to get in the habit.

9. Consider your Salary Expectations.

Your wage objectives may be questioned by numerous businesses. Consider the average salary in your industry when determining what you’d like to be paid, but be reasonable.

Offer them a salary range of $5,000 or less as well if you can. For instance, “I’m hoping to make between $60,000 and $65,000.” Your interviewer will see that you are adaptable if you do this.

10. Make Sure your Phone is Charged

Make sure your phone is charged and ready to go the day of the interview if you plan to use it. Another smart move is to make a test call.

Call yourself to verify that your line is clear and that your phone can accept calls. 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled interview time, make sure your phone is functional.

11. Make Sure your Résumé and Portfolio are in Order.

It’s probable that the interviewer will have inquiries about your résumé or portfolio. Make sure you have all the relevant reference materials.

You can either print them or open them on your computer.

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