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Posse Scholarship, Eligibility and Application Guide

Posse Scholarship: As a high school student, you’ve probably been worried about which colleges and universities to apply for. And even at that, you’re probably worried about how to push college.

Posse Scholarship, Eligibility and Application Guide


If you’re like most high school students worried about funding your journey through, this article is for you. The goal is to provide you with clear steps to become one of many Posse scholars and succeed at college.

Through the next sections, we’ll teach you about the Posse Foundation. And you will learn how to become one of the elite Posse scholars. However, before we go forward, what do you know about Posse Scholarship?

What is the Posse Scholarship?

The Posse scholarship is an academic and merit-based prize. And it began in 1898. It is given by the Posse Foundation. In 2010, the organization was chosen as one of 10 nonprofits to earn a share of President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize money.

Also, the Posse Foundation was started to elevate learners that standard college and university testing and selection processes normally miss.

Additionally, the Posse scholarship and award recognize academic excellence. And this is in public high school students. Also, it recognizes the leadership ability of these students.

The Posse organization is recognized across the United States as a college and university access initiative. And the team works throughout ten cities. They include:

  • New York City.
  • Atlanta.
  • Boston and Houston.

The organization has helped numerous students attend and graduate from the college of their dreams.


Each group has 10 students. And each of whom gains access to the opportunity to pursue academic merit and personal achievements.

Also, the student teams are multicultural and highly collaborative, and the additional benefits of being Posse scholars are numerous.

What Does the Posse Scholarship Provide?

When you become one of the elite posse scholars, you gain access to one of the few four-year full-tuition leadership scholarships. The prize is specifically for high school students looking to start their academic journey.

Also, the Posse Foundation partners with colleges and universities around the United States. And the aim is to help you choose the program that most suits your student goals. You’ll go to colleges and universities with a team of nine other Posse scholars.

Though the benefits of the academic scholarship are numerous, the money does not cover everything. Students are still responsible for paying for:

  • Room.
  • Board.
  • Any potential meal plans.
  • Health insurance fees.
  • Also, other aspects of going to colleges and universities.

How to Know If you’re Eligible for the Posse Scholarship

How to Know If you’re Eligible for the Posse Scholarship

If you’re a high school student looking to figure out whether you’re eligible for the Posse scholarship and award or not, there are a few qualifications you must meet.

  • First, you must be nominated by yourself, a counsellor, a community foundation, or one of the Alumni posse scholars.
  • Plus, you must be a first-term senior high school student.
  • Also, you must clearly demonstrate student, community, or family-based leadership skills.
  • Ooze academic potential.
  • Follow the steps and meet the deadlines provided by the Posse Foundation in your specific city.

NOTE: You can come from any background to be eligible for the award. This is so long as you meet the above requirements.

Once you’ve determined that you’re a student eligible for the Posse scholarship, you can get down to applying. However, the process to become one of the Posse scholars is rigorous and will require your full attention.

Application Steps for the Posse Scholarship

After being nominated to join the ranks of the Posse scholars, you can take on the next steps of the application process.

Among four-year full-tuition leadership scholarships for students, the award takes dedication to apply for and win. The steps are as follows, and the timeline will vary depending on the city, in which you’re applying,

1. The Nomination

As previously stated, you must be nominated to begin the application process. If you’re interested in becoming one of the Posse scholars, you can speak to a teacher, community leader, or organizer to ask to be nominated. You can also nominate yourself.

2. The Dynamic Assessment Process


With the student nominations in hand, the Posse foundation conducts the dynamic assessment. The procedure uniquely evaluates young student leaders who don’t necessarily meet the traditional requirements of academic admissions.

Also, the Posse foundation uses forums that give students the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and cooperation skills as well as their motivation and passion to pursue higher education.

However, after the rigorous testing period, you find out whether you’ve been awarded the Posse scholarship or not.

3. The Posse Scholarship Annual Timeline

The Posse foundation follows a unique timeline. And this depends on which city you’re located and applying from. However, some basic times carry over no matter what, including,

Nominations occur between the fall of your junior year as a high school student and the summer before you become a senior.

The Dynamic Assessment process occurs between the months of September through December. This is when students are in their first term of senior year.

The Posse scholarship ceremony for students takes place at either the end of December or the beginning of January. But this depends on the city.

Afterwards, Posse scholars take part in 2-to-3-hour weekly sessions. And this is at the local organization office from January through August. These workshops focus on:

  • Succeeding in academics.
  • Cross-cultural teamwork.
  • Growing as a leader, and team building.

During these sessions, students choose their university, program, and major.

During their time in school, student award recipients gain access to a tutor and academic adviser with whom they meet individually once a week. As a team, the scholars meet with the tutor twice a week.

Tips and Strategies to Help Students Win the Posse Scholarship

Tips and Strategies to Help Students Win the Posse Scholarship

Are you excited at the opportunity to join your local Posse student group before college? Let’s go over tips and tricks to give you the leg up.

  • Volunteer

This is one way to win the Posse scholarship. Before you enter your senior year, participate in volunteer opportunities that inspire you.

You can choose between a variety of options including local homeless shelters, food banks, etc. Once you’ve found something you love, dedicate extra time there and seek leadership opportunities.


  • Practice Public Speaking

This is one way to win the Posse scholarship. An important part of being one of the Posse scholars is speaking to the public.

Gather some friends and loved ones who will give you constructive criticism and speak in front of them every other week. Choose various topics and have fun with them.

  • Join Multi-Cultural Clubs

While you’re in school, you can also join clubs that focus on multicultural collaboration. Choose an organization that’s both different to you and your upbringing and interests you. This is one way to win the Posse scholarship.

To become a part of an acclaimed network of learners dedicated to creating positive change in their environment, you’ll need determination, dedication, and heart.

For more information and to apply CLICK HERE

With the Posse scholarship, you’ll be able to complete the four-year undergraduate program. This will help you create your dream academic future.

This is a great opportunity. Ensure you make the best use of it. Also, do not keep this information to just yourself. Please share it with friends.

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