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Requirements for Belgium Visa Application in Nigeria

Belgium Visa Application: For a very long time, especially for citizens of underdeveloped nations like Nigeria, the fascination with visiting Europe has been a significant gift. Here are some guidelines and requirements for the Belgium Visa application.

Belgium Visa Application


Guidelines and Requirements for Belgium Visa Application

Because it is multicultural and has a diverse population in terms of religion and ethnicity, Belgium itself is even more alluring as a travel destination.

For information on “How to Apply for Belgium VISA in Nigeria,” click here. It’s all on this page. Explore

Visa Type

Belgium handles visa requests for locations or nations like Luxemburg, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and the Baltic Republic.

The Netherlands, the Baltic Republic, and Lithuania are the only nations for which the Belgian Embassy can issue visas.

Applications for visas to Belgium, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and the Baltic Republic can be submitted at the Abuja Visa Application Centre.

Through the France Visa Application Center, the French diplomatic mission in a major city

The urban center handles the processing of all visa applications for residents of the urban center and its surrounding area who wish to enter the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

here is a list of Short Term Visa:

1. Tourist visa

2. Business visa

3. Transit visa

4. Friends and family visa

5. Visa to urge married in the European nation

6. Medical visa

7. Sports and cultural visa

8. Cohabitation Visa

Also here is a list of Long Term Visa:

1. Work Permit visa

2. Professional visa

3. Study visa

4. Family Visa with EU subject

5. Family Visa with Non- EU subject

Cost for Belgium Visa Application Processes

They pay physically the handling fee at the bank teller counter at the Belgium Visa Application Center.

Short-Term Visa Handling Fee (C): Is the equivalent of sixty euros to be paid physically in the naira equivalent

The Handling Fee for a Long-Term Visa (D): Is the equivalent of a hundred and eighty euros to be paid physically in naira

It may be necessary to pay an additional cost for the processing of some visa (D) applications, and you may be required to include proof of payment with your visa application.

If you are unable to do this at the time they submitted your application, your candidacy is void, and they will not admit you.

Please be aware that you must pay the handling fee when you submit your application.


How to Apply for a Belgium Visa in Nigeria

1. Observe that you must submit your visa application up to three months before your intended departure date.

2. Candidates should submit their entire files at least three working weeks before the anticipated departure date to avoid any disappointment.

With the following exceptions, any candidate may apply to the VFS Application Center.

  • Holders of Diplomatic Passports
  •  Wives/husbands of EU voters. Offsprings of EU voters.

Any candidate may apply to the VFS Application Center, with the following limitations.

With the following exceptions, any candidate may apply to the VFS Application Center.

Except for the “Belgium VISA Application”

If they voluntarily choose or favor submitting at the Visa Application Centre, during which case service charges should be borne by the applier and paid at the Centre solely.

3. Interviews for “Belgium VISA Application”

4. Submission Visa Application Centres of choice don’t foreclose the likelihood of an interview.

The Embassy could also invite visa seekers if the necessity arises to invite them.

Interviews are mandatory for Student Visas and Family Réunion.

Candidates in this group should keep this in mind because their presence may be required for the Abuja interview.

Before applying at the Visa Application Center for Belgium, the urban area, and Abuja, candidates must carefully review the following steps.

Referring they advised the attached PDF file to understand the Visa application center’s technique flow.

STEP 1: they need The applicant to apply in person at the application center.

With a minor, the parent or guardian should accompany them on the day of submission.

STEP 2: Make a transparent copy of all the first documents, 3 clear copies of passport information pages, and applicants’ any previous visas.

STEP 3: Please visit this site to fill out the online form: https://visaonweb.diplomatie.be/

Step 4: they should pay physically The visa processing fee and transaction fee at the bank teller counter at the Visa Application Centers (Lagos & Abuja).

Step 5: Along with the form and documents mentioned on this website, the applier will return to the VFS application center between 08.00 AM to 2.00 PM

(Monday – weekday, except the vacations discovered by the European nation Embassy and federal of Nigeria)

After Submission “Belgium VISA Application”

By entering your Reference Digits or Number and your Date of Birth, you may follow your application.

Please be aware that because of the Schengen consultation procedure, the period after the candidate’s completion of the personal information may be at least fifteen operational days.

Please be aware that VFS’s work is purely physical; we have no control over whether they will grant you a visa because Belgian embassies frequently decide whether to grant visas.

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